AnimTools Sex Position: missionary tied table wood

AnimTools Sex Position: missionary tied table wood 2017-01-15

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This is one of my very first AnimTools Position and I'm proud and happy as a Schnitzel can be! ;)

For those who don't know how to make such positions work on SDT: just put the text file into the sub folder "animtools_positions" within your loader's folder "Settings" and use the Loader to load it then from there. This implies that you have to use a loader and @sby's mod AnimTools. Don't hesitate to consult the FAQ for further technical support.

Help me increasing my work's quality by supporting me with your constructive feedback (likes are welcome! :wink: )
Regards, Me
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look so good but can i ask how i install it? im so noob and need some help for moding on spdt i dont know how intall hope you show me how do it
Ahoy! Thank you for reminding me that I forgot to add the FAQs to this download. There you'll find everything you want to know - hopefully. Regards, Me

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