Alternative Short Hoodie

Alternative Short Hoodie 1.0

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In order to use this mod you need the Loader V5.41 or better.
This mod is an "Overtop". It's designed to allow combinations with normal tops without the need of using the same color for both, sacrificing instead the collar slot.
This mod uses the first Collar RGB Slider (leaving the Top RGB Slider free for another top).
This mod includes a collar part (even if it is invisible), so you need to include it if you are using Moreclothing.
The modtype for Moreclothing (V4 or better) is CostumeOverTop.
The hood parts covering the head are Headwear and should be treated accordingly in the MoreClothing.
The hood doesn't work well with some hairs.

Credits: This mod was made using sby alternate loader template (no, you don't need it to make it work).
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Hi Iago. I'd need a Little Red Riding Hood cape for a dialogue I'm currently writing. Do you think you could take some time to just slightly modify this hoodie ? I think that removing the arm parts, the zip and quickly reworking the bottom could do something great ! (Have you seen how I used your Ghostbuster Costume by the way ? Hope you like it ;) ).

And yes, 5 stars because I did download and do use a lot of your work so I can at least come here and randomly throw some stars at your face :D
I must say that I'm not quite sure of what you have in mind. If I remove the sleeves then the arms will show over the "cape" so I would have to move it completely to the back. How long do you wanted it to be? Like the negligee? Shorter? Let me give it a thought. I have very little time these days (I didn't even know you had already released the Ghostbusters dialogue) but I'll try to come up with something in the next days.

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