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This is the first "4XL" Background (4 HD backgrounds put together where you can move and change time of day).

Notes & issues:
  • To use, open like a normal SWF mod (in Modding tab).
  • This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader.
  • This mod needs the Flash player to be put in full screen mode to see its sides.
  • Precum flashing extension to 16/9 is due to sby's modding skills.
  • The bottom part will be shown ingame when zoomed out and the top part when zoomed in.
  • Change position with the left/right arrow keys.
  • Change time of day with the up/down arrow keys.
  • Zooming in too much will cut the sides of the girl and the guy if fulll screen is used in Vanilla.
  • If the Loader is used with shortcuts involving arrows (eg. right arrow to clear strands), there will be a small conflict. The shortcuts keyCodes can be changed in the corresponding TXT files (list of keyCodes).
Simpler HD backgrounds of the same scenes are also available in the RAR archive:

02.a.1 — 02.a.2 — 02.a.3
bedroom (2a1).jpg bedroom (2a2).jpg bedroom (2a3).jpg

02.b.1 — 02.b.2 — 02.b.3
bedroom (2b1).jpg bedroom (2b2).jpg bedroom (2b3).jpg

02.c.1 — 02.c.2 — 02.c.3
bedroom (2c1).jpg bedroom (2c2).jpg bedroom (2c3).jpg

02.d.1 — 02.d.2 — 02.d.3
bedroom (2d1).jpg bedroom (2d2).jpg bedroom (2d3).jpg
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Latest updates

  1. 2.0

    Precum flashing extended to 16/9.

Latest reviews

This is like the new black!
I feel like a bit of a douche not giving this a 5, but the precum flashing not covering the entire screen is a non-negligible issue. Promise to change my rating if you figure that out.
Much respect!
Finally, sby has found a solution (see https://www.undertow.club/threads/xl-background-compatible-precum-flashing.13624 )
His new mod solves the problem for the Loader: https://www.undertow.club/downloads/whiteflashxl.5995/
I edited his code and I'm now be able to make it work for Vanilla too. I'll upload a new version when I'll know if I can make it work also for the Loader without having to use an outisde mod.
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