UPDATE: I made a dynamic version of this found here. I updated this resource since I wanted to notify people who downloaded it that there's a dynamic one now. I didn't think it'd get bumped up the RM since I didn't release a new version of this resource. I apologize for that.

I made another hair which was really just cropped and edited from an image I found. This was made from scratch. I really do hope you enjoy it! The background used is found here.

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  1. Now as dynamic

    A dynamic version of this can now be found here.
  2. Version 2.0

    The lock of hair now goes behind her shoulders.

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I LOVE it!! Thank you so much for sharing this! Please continue your work on stuff like this!
Really nice original idea! Would you mind telling me which background you used? BTW There appear to be 2 downloads for what looks like the same hair with slightly different names.
Thanks, glad to hear it! I really liked the idea of doing something different. The background is made by me and hasn't been uploaded because it's not finished yet. I upload them in batches and this particular background will be in the next one. See my sig for the thread and of course the resource manager. About the files - I uploaded an updated version a few hours after the first one after I discovered some stray pixels that must've been the result of a misclick. I thought when you updated the original was deleted. I'll delete it manually. The version you want is the one with 1.1 in the name.
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