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Yuki and Mistress

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Yuki, Jun 1, 2015.

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    May 31, 2015
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    Drip, drip, drip. The sound of water echoes in the dark room causing Yuki to stir. "Where am I? Why can't I see?" She whimpers as she tries to move, causing the shackles to rattle. "Rrrrrr. Why have you bound me!?!" She screams as she pulls and yanks foolishly at the iron bands that now dig into her wrists. A small grin appears upon her lips, "Bet you forgot one thing...." Her tails begin to stir to life and move only to be halted by yet another pair of chains binding them. "NOOoooo!!!" In a fury she thrashes, blinded by the dark, bound by iron, no escape.

    In her rage she never noticed a fist moving quickly for her gut. "OOoooofff! AAaaack!" Two quick strikes and she grows limp. The pain wracking her body. "Who......who are you?" She whimpers as her stomach reels from the impact. Footsteps echo around and then halt, no idea where the person is. "Why have you bound me and assaulted me?" She asks in hopes of appeasing her assailant. Only to be greeted by a whip across her ass causing her to yelp and jump forward, the chains digging into her tails. "YAAAaaa." She squalled. Her ass now throbbing with pain and heat from the solid impact. Her breathing begins to deepen and hasten as she realizes this was only the beginning.

    A light breaks the darkness and blinds her. "My dear foolish fox. You think you can break into my home and steal my things." Yuki looks forward the momentary blindness beginning to fade. "Tsk, Tsk." The mysterious voice approached and a hand grabbed Yuki by her chin violently jerking her face upward. "I am going to have my fun with you, you are after all deserving of punishment." The blindness now clear Yuki stares into the woman's face or the fox mask that the woman wears to be exact. She smacks Yuki with her free hand and walks away revealing her to be dressed in a red leotard and black leather boots.

    "Now my pet, you shall call me Mistress. And I shall teach you respect." Mistress walks over to a table in the now brightened room. Yuki begins to take in her surroundings, a small room with one door, she is bound and wearing only her kimono, realizing this she prepares for what lies ahead. "Ah, I know where to begin." Mistress exclaims as she grabs a small red candle and lights it. Yuki's eyes widen as she slowly approaches. "You see my little fox; a small candle will do wonders for the skin." She whispers and she unstraps Yuki's kimono to reveal her breasts and white panties.

    A small smile crosses Mistress' face as she tilts the candle allowing the hot wax to drip upon Yuki's right breast. The hot wax reddening and heating the skin as it flows to the nipple and begins to harden as it pools. Yuki screams and thrashes as the wax falls in a steady stream coating her breast in a waxy seal. Mistress tilts the candle up right, "See that wasn't too bad now was it?" She calmly says as she walks back to the table. Yuki now panting as the pain in her breast abates as the wax cools and hardens. "Why are you torturing me?" Yuki weakly asks infuriating her new master. Mistress throws the candle to the floor squelching the flame and grabs the whip from the table. "That is Mistress, you cunt!" She screams as she strikes Yuki's waxy breast causing pain to rocket through her body. "AAaaaaaayaaaaaaa!!" Yuki screams as she thrashes as the whip strikes again, and again, and again. The red wax falling to the ground as the welts rise to the surface. Yuki sobs as the assault ends and Mistress pants through her mask. "Now you will call me Mistress or else you understand?" Mistress angrily questions as the leather of the whip moans in her tightening grip. Yuki sobbingly nods her head, the pain having silenced her.
    "Now onto the next," Mistress turns towards the table and lays down the whip. On the table sits various toys, whips, and an assortment of other devices. She grabs a gag, a string of beads, and scissors.Yuki still reeling from the beating never noticed as Mistress approached. Her hands yanking Yuki's head up and shoving the gag in her mouth and tying it tightly around her head. Yuki's eye tear up as Mistress yanks on her hair, her voice now muffled as the gag intended.

    Mistress shows her the scissors quickly stopping all fighting from Yuki as she fears what she will do with them. Lowering them closer and closer to her panties and with two quick snips revealing her now wet pussy to the world. "Oh, I do believe someone is excited." Mistress smiles as she tosses the scissors aside and knees Yuki in her cunt not once but three times. Each time causing Yuki to gag as her screams are choked down. Quickly switching from the groin assault, Mistress begins punching Yuki in the gut. Her gurgled cries and sobs exciting Mistress as she wails into her. The sound of the impact reverberating off the walls. Mistress suddenly stops and holds the beads in front of Yuki's tear covered face.

    Mistress smiles as she goes behind Yuki, who is now struggling to free herself and remain, composed as the pain from her pussy and stomach wrack her body. Suddenly, her tails begin to rise, then her hips, ending with Yuki now suspended in air by her tails. Their shackles having been attached to a wench allowing Mistress full control over her body. Yuki begins to struggle causing her to rock back and forth, causing Mistress to laugh. Yuki suddenly stops as two hands grab firm onto her ass. Smack, smack, smack!! The pain of the slaps cause Yuki to thrash and choke on her screams.

    "Now for my surprise." Mistress whispered as she begins to rub Yuki's sore pussy. The pain and pleasure washing over her in waves. Yuki groans as Mistress rubs quicker and quicker, until she suddenly stops. Yuki a little saddened whimpers. Mistress grabs the string of beads, and places one on Yuki's wet red lips the sudden cold startling her. "Now my pet, for a special treat, I am going to give you the beads you wanted so badly." Mistress says with a smile as she begins to shove the beads one by one into Yuki's cunt, Yuki now moaning as the pain and pleasure intensifies with each bead. "I think that is enough beads for now," Mistress says stepping away leaving half of the beads to hang dripping with fluid. "I think I shall retire for now my little fox, I will let you enjoy my beads until morning." With that Mistress walked out the door and the room went dark. Yuki left alone, violated, covered in welts and wax, and a string of beads massaging her insides fills the room with moans of pain and pleasure.
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    Amazing, loved it!