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Yuki and Mistress: A Shocking Bath Time

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Yuki, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Exhausted from a night of torture and being violated Yuki was passed out not aware that Mistress had re-entered that dark room. Sploosh! Water cascades over Yuki's face startling her awake making her swing back and forth expelling the beads on the floor.

    "Well my little fox, I do hope you enjoyed last night." Mistress said from somewhere in the dark.

    The sound of her pacing around causes Yuki to panic and pull and struggle making her swing back and forth. The gag still smothering all her screams and moans. The chains cutting into her flesh as a slight trickle of blood flows from her wrists and tails. The pacing stops and a metal grinding is heard. Slowly Yuki collapses to the floor.

    The moment her naked body touched the cold hard stone she fidgeted and squirmed but exhaustion has taken its toll. She no longer had the strength to struggle.
    With a sigh she gives into the stones embrace. The moment her muscles ease her gut is met with Mistress' hard leather boots. Smack! Oomph! Smack!

    "Who said you could relax?!" Screamed Mistress as she continually kicked Yuki in the gut. The sounds of Yuki's muffled screams exciting and enraging her.

    With each blow Yuki curls inwards to protect her exposed naked flesh. The wax from last night breaking and revealing the tender raw skin of her breasts and nipples. With one final blow to the gut, Mistress pants and laughs.

    "Now, I do believe this dirty skank needs a bath." Mistress laughs and kneels down and grabs Yuki by the hair raising her face inches from hers.

    Yuki's tear filled eyes could barely make out the blonde hair and blue eyes as Mistress ripped the gag from her mouth and forced her tongue deep inside her throat. Their tongues wrestling as Mistress yanked on Yuki's hair with one hand and twisted a nipple with the other.

    Without warning Mistress pulls back and smacks Yuki across the face, flinging her against the floor. The impact causing Yuki to faint.

    "Such a sweet taste, I will savor each moment with you my pretty little fox." Mistress whispered as she stood up over Yuki's passed out form.

    With a chuckle she removes a key from her red leotard and unlocks the shackles around Yuki's arms and tails. Throwing them aside she grabs her arms and drags her out of the room and down a long corridor. Yuki's legs and torso being rubbed raw from the stone as Mistress dragged her forcibly down the corridor and into a new larger room.

    Mistress tosses Yuki into the center of the room next to a large tank filled with water. A loud thud echoes softly in the room as her unconscious body impacts the floor and slides a few inches. Mistress paying no mind walks over to a table. One covered with electrodes, vibrators, dildos, and many more toys and devices. She grabs several feet of rope and the electrodes. With a rising laugh she turns and approaches Yuki.

    "Wakey wakey bitch!" Mistress screamed as she kicks Yuki in the stomach jostling her to consciousness. Yuki out of instinct tries to crawl away.

    "Oh no you don't. You still need to take your bath you dirty whore!" Mistress yelled as she mounted Yuki from behind forcing her crotch into Yuki's ass. Mistress begins to dry hump Yuki's ass as she grabs her arms and binds them behind her back. She grabs Yuki by the throat and wraps the rope three times around and ties it to Yuki's bound arms.

    Yuki begins to gag as she tries to struggle causing the rope to dig into her throat. The ropes on her wrists causing the already raw flesh to bleed once more soaking the rope red. As she struggles Mistress binds her ankles together and proceeds to tie them to the wrist bindings as well. Yuki's hands touching her feet as her throat is one wrong movement away from severe pain. Yuki does all she can to keep the ropes from moving.

    "Now that is a thing of beauty." Mistress chuckles as she flips Yuki around exposing her supple raw breasts and wet cunt.

    Mistress twists Yuki's nipples causing her to scream but the ropes begin to choke her and gag the scream down. Mistress laughs as she begins to knee Yuki's pussy causing her to move her head on reflex causing the ropes to pull and choke her.

    Mistress laughs as she grabs the electrodes and clamps them on Yuki's now raw nipples. Yuki muffles a scream as she tries to stop the ropes from choking her again. Mistress forces three fingers deep inside of Yuki, Yuki moans in pleasure. As she furiously fingers that dripping wet pussy her free hand finds a spare electrode and clamps it on Yuki's clitoris. Unable to hold back Yuki convulses as the pain and pleasure is too much to bear, the ropes dig deeper into the wrists and chokes her. Mistress stands and watches the scene.

    As Yuki struggles to get the convulsions under control Mistress wanders to the table and grabs a hook. Yuki in a moment of clarity sees this and begins to struggle causing Mistress to laugh as she places the hook under the bindings.

    "Up we go" Mistress chuckles as she hits a button causing a winch to raise Yuki and moves her above the tank.

    Mistress hits a button and drops Yuki into the icy depths. As the cold water rushes around her Yuki begins to struggle. The water stinging her wounds and raw flesh. A little rushes into her mouth before she can close it. Her natural reactions acting against her as she struggles to reach air, the ropes chocking her. Mistress rubs her crotch as she watches the scene. The red leather rubbing against her clit making her moan. Sensing it was time for a little more fun she raises Yuki above the water.

    As the water recedes she gasps for breath, unable to speak and glad for the fresh air. Wet, cold, raw, bleeding, and bound; Yuki was glad for a moments reprieve. Even knowing something worse waits around the corner.

    "How's about a little shock and awe?" Mistress asks as she twists a knob. The electricity rushes through Yuki's soaked naked form. Her nipples becoming erect as the current moves inward, her labia's lips begin to open on its own as if it had a mind of its own. Yuki begins to arch her back and swing back and forth. Her ropes chocking and gaging her. The sounds of her choking and chains swaying excite Mistress as she has now removed her leotard and has begun rubbing her wet snatch at the scene before her.

    As the current continues, Mistress dunks Yuki once again. The cold water amplifying the electricity causing Yuki to struggle just to maintain her oxygen supply as the ropes choke her and the pleasure washes over her in waves. Her exposed cunt leaking into the surrounding waters.

    Meanwhile Mistress witnessing such a sight has let go of all inhibitions and has begun masturbating with a 6" Dildo. She moans in pleasure as her little pet suffers and the latex cock rapidly enters her dripping pussy causing waves of pleasure to wash over her as she rubs her breasts.

    Yuki having struggled as much as she can bears it no longer. She begins to shake as her body is over come with intense pleasure as she orgasms. Then all is still. Yuki passes out underwater from such an intense orgasm. Mistress seeing this raises her from the water and cuts the current. Without lowering the hook she releases the wench causing Yuki to smash into the ground.

    Mistress grabs a double sided 10" Vibrator and walks over to Yuki's cold wet bound form. Her nipples fully erect and pussy still wide open. She forces the vibrator deep into Yuki, causing her to jerk with a start as her cunt having been ravaged with such an orgasm is sore.

    "Now it is my turn to have some fun" Mistress says with a grin and she forces the other side of the vibrator into her dripping crotch. Their crotches meet as they both moan in pleasure. The ropes cutting into Yuki making her gag more than groan. With a smile Mistress turns on the vibrator, their clits begin vibrating with such intensity they begin to scream.

    Mistress moves back and forth as she begins to punch Yuki in the stomach. The choking gags of pain exciting her as she fucks Yuki harder and harder. The sounds of wet pussy smacking against wet pussy echo off the walls with moans of pain and pleasure as well.

    "I am almost there, don't pass out on me." Mistress explains as she continues wailing on Yuki's stomach. She begins to hump faster and faster panting as she runs out of breath. Before she climaxes she turns on the electrodes one last time. The current rushing from Yuki's body, through the vibrator, and into Mistress' clit. She screams as the orgasm is so intense her insides close onto the vibrator causing intense muscle pain. Unable to continue wailing on Yuki, Mistress falls on her back exhausted but fulfilled. Her winded gasps fill the now silent room, Yuki having passed out once more.

    Mistress having finally recovered from such an intense orgasm, though her cunt still leaking. Cuts the rope from Yuki's neck leaving her hands and legs bound.

    "I have never had so much fun with a pet before. I am glad I caught you my little fox." Mistress whispers into Yuki's ear and then kisses her upon her lips. She stands and leaves the room, her leaking cunt leaving a trail to the door. Yuki left wet, bound, and clamped with electrodes upon the floor of the water tank room. Her dreams filled with what awaits her the next time.
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