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What If? - Brittany P vs Pumola (Bloodsport)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Pitwar, Aug 22, 2016.

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    Sitting on the plane, Brittany P looked like any regular teenage girl. She stared out the window as she listened to music, imagining the bright future of her dream career. Like many girls, she had been a dancer, athlete, and cheerleader in high school. Unlike many girls, she went on to start an MMA career as soon as she graduated. Her record was unimpressive, with zero wins and a line of knock-out losses, but she simply thought it was the hard-working road she had to travel to become a better fighter. Refusing to give up, her trainers had her in the gym 7 days a week, until the day they told her that she was going to step things up and spend a week in Hong Kong.

    Leaping at the opportunity, Brittany was on a plane within the month. She wasn’t just going to train in Hong Kong, either. Her trainers had a connection that got her entry to a local tournament, so that she would come home as a truly changed fighter.


    It was a different experience, sitting amongst other fighters at ringside rather than receiving an entrance of her own, and Brittany noticed an absence of weight classes or gender divisions as she looked at the other combatants around her. She was in a legitimate underground competition, held in a dockside warehouse with a simple ropeless ring surrounded by betting onlookers. The teenaged fighter mostly felt at ease due to the presence of one of her trainers near one corner of the ring, who had come with her to help her prepare. Brittany witnessed a pair of matches as she sat in waiting, wincing at the brutality that simultaneously pumped her up with a fresh and thrilled adrenaline. The winners returned to their seats, while the losers were dragged off the mat and dumped onto the warehouse floor near the walls of the venue, where they were quickly forgotten by the crowd.


    Hopping to her feet, Brittany sped down to the ring and stepped up onto the mat. The american girl’s dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a messy bun, and she wore a light blue top with small white shorts. She crossed the ring, smiling at the loud cheers, until she turned around and realized that they were mostly for her opponent. Pumola was taller, thicker, and wider than she was, wearing a red belt and brown loincloth around his meaty waist. His stance was naturally looming, with his arms at his sides and his posture slightly hunched. Brittany could not help but stare, looking a little lost until the bell rang to wake her up from her haze.

    Closing in on her opponent quickly, the teen MMA fighter threw a punch combination into Pumola’s chest and cheeks. Brittany continued into a kick, which Pumola turned to take on the bulk of his shoulder. Then, the grappler shoved his opponent hard with both hands, sending Brittany stumbling back before she fell head over heels. She gave him an angry look as she got to her feet, moving in to wipe the smile off his face with a hard right hook. Pumola caught her wrist before the punch connected, but then was taken off-guard by a left kick to the side of his head. Pulling her captured arm away, Brittany threw a right kick that Pumola quickly turned to block with his shoulder. He clubbed an arm against her jaw in return, and then grabbed hold of the teen fighter’s head with both hands. Brittany was briefly stunned by the sudden pain as Pumola began to squeeze her skull, grabbing the grappler’s wrists and trying to pry his hands apart. Unable to get free, Brittany sank to her knees before her opponent threw her to one side.

    Rolling and crawling to put some distance between herself and Pumola, Brittany got up and rubbed the side of her head as she circled around the incoming grappler. There were no round breaks for coaching or recovery, and the last exchange made it clear to the teenager that she was up against something she had never fought before. Deciding to change her game plan, Brittany rushed in low to grapple with her opponent. After a few moments of struggle, Brittany regretted her decision as Pumola easily overpowered her and lifted her off her feet as she tried to wrestle him to the ground. Getting an arm under one of her legs and another around her shoulders, Pumola squeezed her body and folded her slightly at the waist, forcing a frustrated cry out of his younger opponent as she threw awkward knees and elbows against his sturdy form. The grappler tossed Brittany up and over his head, raising his arms to the crowd as he heard her body land heavily on the canvas behind him.

    Seeing her opponent turned away from her as he celebrated, Brittany bared her teeth and pushed through the pain to run up and jump onto his back. The teen fighter locked in a chokehold around his neck as she wrapped her legs around his body, unable to weave her ankles together due to his girth. Pumola stumbled forward, immediately trying to pull his opponent loose. However, he was unable to get his fingers underneath Brittany’s arms. After a few attempts to reach up and over his shoulders to grab her body, the grapper took hold of her ankles and pulled her legs forward. Brittany’s hips began to ache tremendously as her legs were held in an outstretched position, but she refused to let go of the choke hold. Pumola’s eyes fluttered as he sank to one knee, keeping hold of his opponent’s ankles but no longer able to pull forward on them. Then, with a pained shout of effort, the grappler stood back up and threw himself backwards. Brittany made a loud noise as she was squashed against the mat beneath him, her arms and legs flopping against the canvas as the air was smashed out of her body. Pumola rolled off of her and onto his stomach, lying on the ground for a moment to catch his breath before getting back to his feet.

    Brittany slowly rolled over onto one shoulder before she realized that her opponent had recovered first, as he grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and raised her upright. The teen fighter looked very weary as she threw a desperate punch, which Pumola immediately caught by the wrist. She tried again with her other arm, and that resulted in her opponent having a grip around both of her wrists. Pumola twisted her arms down and pulled her forward, wrapping her up in an arm-trapping bearhug. The sudden pressure around her body and shoulders was immense, causing Brittany to moan and briefly lose her footing on the mat. Trying madly to get loose, she threw wild short-range knees into Pumola’s sides, though she had no room to wind up and make their impacts count for much. The grappler eventually reached down to catch her leg as it came in for another knee shot, pulling the limb up as he swept her into the air. Brittany’s body floated horizontally for a moment, before she was snapped back to her senses by a sharp, crippling pain. Pumola slammed her body down into his knee, giving his younger opponent the first backbreaker of her fighting career. Brittany spasmed in mid-air with a loud squawk before she crashed to the mat, laying facedown and shuddering as she clutched at the small of her back.

    Reaching down to finish his opponent off, Pumola forced Brittany to stand back up before lifting her into the air with a monstrous bearhug. The teen fighter punched at her opponent a few times as he shook and squeezed her, before the increasing pressure of the agonizing hold overcame her willpower. Brittany’s arms and legs flailed wildly as she screamed in pain, slapping her hands at Pumola in a panicked attempt to submit. There was a soft spinal crunch as her upper body suddenly bent farther back, a sharp shriek escaping her lips as she stared gaping up at the ceiling. Brittany’s arms and legs spasmed softly, growing limp as Pumola shifted his arms from the small of her back to wrap around her upper body. The teen fighter’s bare soles returned to the mat as she stood rubber-legged, held upright only by her opponent’s arms. She blinked rapidly, looking around in dazed confusion as her spine continued to burn within her body. Brittany’s thoughts, once full with the thrill of combat, had become nothing but surrendering wishes to give up her fighting career and return to the safety of dance and cheerleading.

    Pumola then began to renew crushing Brittany in the bearhug, forcing her cheeks to puff with air as her breath was viced out of her lungs Half-consciously staring into space with glazed eyes, Brittany weakly reached an arm towards her trainer at ringside, seeking some kind of help as she shook her head and tried to verbally submit. Instead, her eyes rolled back as she jerked violently in place, coughing up foamy spittle while Pumola’s bearhug audibly snapped several of her ribs. She threw her shivering arms out to her sides, making a long and guttural moan as she began to black out. With another crunch, Brittany’s spasming body went limp again, her tongue hanging over her lower lip and her face frozen in an agonized gaping expression. Tears and saliva ran from her eyes and mouth, mixing with the sweat that coated her skin. Pumola gave her a headbutt for good measure, causing a small spray of fluids to erupt off her face with a sharp crack, before throwing his beaten opponent to one side and celebrating his victory. The teen fighter lay facedown in a heap, before she was dragged off the mat and dumped on the floor behind part of the crowd. Several angry audience members pushed her concerned trainer aside to throw their wasted betting stubs onto her unconscious body before returning to watch the next fight, leaving her discarded and forgotten as her trainer began to collect her in his arms to carry away and try to revive.
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    Nicely done Pitwar, not as brutal as I usually like my fight stories but you captured just how outclassed Brittany was in this fight quite nicely.

    Well done.