[Flash/Browser] Vera Blanc and the Cursed Mummy


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Apr 16, 2012
Paranormal private investigators Vera Blanc and Brandon Mackey are in Colorado, where they are asked by local law enforcement to assist in investigating a murder. In the course of the investigation, Brandon encounters a mummy/priestess who had been removed from her temple in Africa. The mummy asks Brandon to return her to her temple. After investigating the murder, Vera and Brandon travel to England, where they learn the location of the mummy's temple. From there they travel to Africa in an attempt to return the mummy.
There are three major endings; the ending you get depends on choices you make.
Playing time to see all endings is about 90 minutes (depending on reading speed and whether the save/load features are used.

You may NOT upload this anywhere without my permission

Link to Undertow download ->Vera Blanc and the Cursed Mummy

When this gets 50 downloads I'll post another of my visual novels.
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