[Flash/Browser] Vel and Shag - The Night the Van Broke Down - a visual novel


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Apr 16, 2012
This is a very short (15 minutes) visual novel based on characters from Scooby-Doo, a cartoon series I watched a long time ago.
Vel and Shag are driving back to their hometown when the check engine on the van comes on. As it is late and no auto repair shop would be open,they decide to get separate rooms at a creepy looking hotel.

HTML conversion used techniques described by kexter.

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System requirements: A web browser that is capable of playing HTML 5. This has been tested using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, on a PC running Windows 7. It should run on a MAC system using Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. It might not work on a MAC running Safari 11.1.2. While it was not tested on a computer running Linux, it should run on a Linux system using Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome browsers. If it doesn't work, try using a different web brwoser

Uncompress the compressed file using 7zip, winzip, winrar, or your favorite archiver. You may install the game in any folder on your hard drive.
To run the game, open the index.html file in any web browser.
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