Updated Free Demo: Escape From Booty Island - 18+ RPG

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Mar 28, 2016
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Meet Sirus, a young incorrigible pirate who is happily sailing the seas, completely and secretly in love with his beautiful captain. Disaster strikes when Captain Asya is spirited away and Sirus manfully steps up to find his beloved Captain. His journey finds him carefully navigating dangerous territory filled with hideous creatures, magical beings, one mysterious hag and several lusty ladies! All of this made with RPG Maker MV to give you the largest screen size and quality images to watch this story come alive right before your eyes with cutting edge 3D renders to give you a full gaming experience. (For everyone who has already enjoyed my first demo – I encourage you to download the newest version as I have made several fixes and added new content and two new missions. Also I have Escape From Booty Island Version 0.01 so make sure to keep a watch out so you can continue the story)!
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