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The End in Lower Norfair (Super Metroid)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Cloister, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Cloister

    Cloister Guest

    Author's Note: The punishment series challenge (found in this same forum) got me going again. I've been playing some Metroid lately, so I couldn't help but write a story about Samus meeting her end. If you haven't played Super Metroid, there's an inexplicable room where you find Space Pirates that fight with flying kicks and melee attacks. They're nearly invulnerable except for a move where they turn gold and you can shoot them.

    Not to mention, I love game over screens in Metroid games where Samus' suit explodes, leaving her at the mercy of whoever or whatever defeated her. Assuming the vacuum of space or hostile environments don't finish her off first. Enjoy.


    The End in Lower Norfair

    The depths of Norfair met Samus Aran with her hardest challenge yet. Fighting through the planet of Zebes and the countless Space Pirate forces, including several of their generals and secret weapons, she was reminded not to drop her guard. In a rectangular room adorned with hanging monitors she found two space pirates in jet black armor. They did not open fire when she entered the room and leveled her ice beam at them. They showed a patience uncommon with most of the Space Pirate forces.

    The doors shut along with an indestructible shield, locking her in with the two pirates. Samus wasted no time and opened fire with her ice beam. The blue colored energy blasts sailed across the room and made their mark. But she was taken aback as the beams harmlessly bounced off the pirates in the jet black armor. The two of them closed in with incredibly agile movements, no strangers to flips and fast evasive leaps. Samus continued to fire finding her beam weapon useless. She tried her Screw Attack. Nothing.

    Neither of them used projectile weapons as Samus soon discovered. Despite the popular tactics of Space Pirates to fire at will, they used close quarters melee attacks much to her surprise. A fury of swipes from their long limbs had enough force to stress her armor. Her Gravity Suit flashed warnings. They were doing damage. Serious damage. As much as any blaster weapon she had been shot with before. A high roundhouse connected with her head and had enough force to knock her across the room.

    “Augh!” Samus grunted.

    The Hunter plowed into the wall with her back, sending her visor into a momentary spasm of static. She climbed to her feet, realizing that her body had felt it too. It wasn’t brute force. These pirates, possibly their jet black armor, was enhancing their agility and fighting style. This armor also protected them well. Even as she switched to missiles and fired away, the pirates shrugged it off. One of them even had the speed and coordination to swat the missile right back at Samus.

    Even she had to admit surprise as they turned her weapon against her with a swipe of their arm.

    The missile blew up in her face, sending her across the room again. This time she hit the floor and rolled to a stop. The two pirates must have sensed her vulnerability and moved in. She used her morph ball to roll away while they brought down axe kicks where she used to be. Back on her feet, Samus moved up to Super Missiles. Clearly there was no time to mess around with these pirates. She had never dealt with a threat like this before.

    Before her suit switched her weapons system over to Super Missiles, the pirate launched into a flip and threw a pair of spears. The surprises never stopped coming. The spears acted much like any throwing knife or shuriken, only packed with extreme speed and force. Samus had no chance to dodge the incoming projectiles and could feel her suit struggle to repel it. It kept her from being impaled, but it was enough to make her stagger. The first shot of her Super Missiles went wide and crashed into the wall.

    The room shook from the explosion while the two pirates rolled in and tore into Samus with rapid fire punches. Even with a layer of Chozo armor between her body and her attackers, she could feel the incoming barrage.

    “Aaaah! Ouuuh! Aaahhhh!”

    One of the pirates gave her a drop kick. They kicked her up and down the room, gradually wearing down her energy and bringing her Gravity Suit close to meltdown. Samus had no choice as she switched to her Power Bomb. Maybe it would destroy the room, but it was better than letting the two Space Pirates whittle her down to nothing. Narrowly avoiding their spears, she used the Morph Ball and dropped one of her most powerful weapons.

    The room lit up with a flash and the overwhelming heat and force from the Power Bomb. Samus’ suit did its best to filter the deafening sound as the dust cleared. The room was still intact. The indestructible gray shields still had her locked in. But worst of all, the two Space Pirates were still alive. Whatever their armor consisted of, it seemingly shrugged off the crushing blast of the Power Bomb with ease. The two pirates didn’t even seem winded. They moved just as fast as before.

    Samus had faced a lot of challenges in her bounty hunting career. She was not discouraged easily. But the sight of her two targets ignoring a direct blast from a Power Bomb left her speechless. The two pirates were more than happy to use this moment to their advantage and put Samus between them. Before she could recover, a powerful kick knocked her forward into a spinning kick aimed right at her head.


    Her Gravity Suit took the punishment but held form as she flew across the room and crashed into the floor. The pirates were giving her such a beating that she felt short of breath even with all her systems still functioning. Her energy was dangerously low, but that didn’t surprise her. If these two Space Pirates managed to breach her suit and destroy it, she would be left to the lethal heat and poisonous gases of Lower Norfair. The unforgiving planet of Zebes would take care of the rest.

    Unfortunately, she was out of ideas. The pirates came at her fast and furious intent on riding their momentum to victory against her. She was on the defensive, losing ground fast, with hardly any time to retreat and come up with a plan. Dodging the two Space Pirates and their dangerous suits took all of her agility and focus. The Morph Ball helped tremendously making room when they almost had her cornered. But even with the blood of the Chozo, she was still human. Now it was a question of who would tire out first.

    Considering the beating she had already taken, she knew it wouldn’t be the pirates attacking her.

    Sweep kicks and roundhouses, uppercuts and blinding swings. Samus couldn’t avoid it all. Her suit started to flash a warning. A beeping sound reserved for the most dire of circumstances. They were close to breaching her suit, and she still didn’t know how to attack them. Their armor deflected everything.

    “Unnnggghhh!” Samus cried as she took a punch to her gut. It was like her suit could no longer absorb the blows.

    The hunter had become the hunted as she dropped to one knee. The struggle to catch her breath was audible as she checked her reserve energy and found it empty. And she was so close to Ridley and the missing Metroid. Mission failure was something she always kept in the back of her mind. As powerful as she was, the Space Pirates were just as deadly and numerous. Her time could come at any moment. Maybe the end was here in Lower Norfair... If so, she would fight to her last.

    Samus looked up as one of the Space Pirates leaped high into the air and launched into a flying kick. Right then she noticed their weakness. Whatever energy kept the pirates protected spiked as their jet black armor changed into a gold color. Vulnerable at last, she realized. Unfortunately, that meant their armor had redirected the majority of its energy into one function. A devastating flying kick.

    Samus Aran could barely get on her feet again before it connected with her struggling Gravity Suit.

    The flying kick was more like a blast. Samus went flying backward once again, impacting the stone wall of the chamber with enough force to leave a sizable crater in her shape. It happened so fast that she couldn’t even scream until her suit’s systems bottomed out. No more energy. The Varia Suit she had modified over the course of her mission went critical. She had no time to panic as it began to break away.

    The suit, her only defense, began to fragment. Her visor shattered outward. Pieces rapidly shed and exploded away from her body as she arched her back and shut her eyes in a painful grimace. White light shot out from the cracks until the entire room was covered in the death throes of her suit.

    “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!” She shrieked in a mixture of shame and terror.

    When the violent explosion passed, Samus fell to the floor. She was left with nothing but a black two piece suit that only protected her modesty. Her long blond hair clung to her body as the whole fight had left her covered in sweat. The heat of Norfair didn’t help either. But despite her fears, she was not dead yet. The room was apparently sealed against the poison gasses and somewhat habitable. For how long, it wouldn’t matter. She was left defenseless before the two Space Pirates that overwhelmed her only line of defense and offense.

    Samus pushed herself off the ground, panting for breath. The only thing worse than losing to the Space Pirates was being at their mercy. They weren’t in the habit of taking prisoners, but when they did only cruel experimentation or sadistic execution quickly followed. Even as a warrior, she knew no one could be prepared something like that. Her hands trembled as she looked up to face her demise.

    The two pirates that defeated her retreated. The gray shields locking the room went down as they quickly left. Samus didn’t have to wait long to figure out what was going on until a pathetic screech sounded in the distance. Her eyes widened as Mochtroids were sent into the room. Normally the flawed copies of Metroids were no threat, but without her suit it was a different story. They still hungered for energy. They still attacked anything that moved. Samus was ripe for feeding.

    It felt like a sting as one of the mochtroids clung to her arm. She managed to wrench it free even with the long teeth stuck deep in her skin. Another clung to her leg. She yanked that one free too. Then she felt the teeth sink deep into her back. Even with her training and flexibility, she had no easy way to grasp that spot. By then she could already feel her strength- her life energy fade.

    “Ungh! Aaahhh!"

    The Mochtroids clung to her arm and leg again. This time she was too weak to get them loose. Her hands slid across their membrane as she tried to get a grip. The audible sound of the energy leeches stealing her life filled the room. She couldn’t decide if the Space Pirates were trying to send a message by using their failed experiments to kill her. It proved effective so far. Now she was too weak to do anything.

    Samus collapsed to the ground face first. Her arms and legs were spread wide as the mochtroids slowly finished her off. Teeth sunk deep. Sucking every ounce of strength from her being. Her eyelids felt heavy. The siphoning sound filled her ears as she reluctantly closed her eyes. Samus’ fight was over. Her blond hair turned an emaciated gray. Her body followed and the Space Pirates claimed the life of their greatest enemy.
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  2. TheCrimsonRisk

    TheCrimsonRisk Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 10, 2010
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    Cloister, I love that you were able to extrapolate such a detailed story from that memorable game over sequence. It's amazing how such a simple animation can make your mind wander to such sinister places, isn't it? The action sequence was well done and the ending with the Mochtroids was chilling. I've never even seen a Mochtroid before but your description made them sound really nasty.
  3. monstarkook

    monstarkook Ryonani Teamster

    Mar 15, 2012
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    This was really well done and very great with your descriptions! It was very easy to picture everything going on, especially having played Super Metroid so many times.

    Shame they didn't keep her for some of that "cruel experimentation." Would've loved to hear that.
  4. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    I've never played the game, but just from the screenshot you posted and your descriptions, I could imagine the whole thing playing out. Just incredible.
  5. Cloister

    Cloister Guest

    Thanks for the positive comments everyone. I'm glad it went over so well.

    I considered it for a moment, but I didn't have anything quick for it. Mochtroid feeding is an experiment in itself I guess, abet without that personal touch.
  6. meepmeep

    meepmeep Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 26, 2011
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    This was beautiful. I myself have often fantasized about what would happen to Samus after the old Super Metroid "game over" sequence and outside the protection of her suit. Not only did you give her a heroic defeat, but you did an excellent job of underscoring just how utterly helpless she is without her suit.
  7. xzxw

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    Feb 17, 2012
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    I just started playing Metroid Prime 3 again and have been wanting to do the same thing that you have.