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Tenjho Terror

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by aikoinazuma, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Tenjho Terror
    An Anime horror fanfic
    "Give it back, sis!" Aya Natsume yelled as Maya, her older sister, was taunting her by swinging her swimsuit around. It was a rather skimpy and revealing swimsuit, and Aya, usually modest by most schoolgirl standards, decided to get it to show how 'bad' she was. However, Maya got a hold of it and began to parade around the house swinging it around as a means of embarrassing her younger sibling. Aya was getting angrier as Maya taunted her more.
    "Look who's naughty and daring! Come on little girl, don't think you'll ever match up to me!" Maya laughed as she ran past Souichiro and Bob who were busy watching TV in the living room of the Natsume residence.
    "Whoa!!! Talk about skimpy, Maya! Geez..." Souichiro stared at Aya's swimsuit thinking it belonged to the violet haired Maya.
    "No...it's not mine, it's your 'wife's' swimsuit. Hahaha!!" She raced past them and into the next room. She crashed through the door and ran into Chiaki napping on the bed. She went out and crashed into Aya. Aya grabbed the swimsuit and tried to yank it from Maya.
    "I can't believe you would do this! Give it back!" Aya shrieked.
    The tug of war continued for a few seconds until the swimsuit ripped in half. Aya sat there and then began to cry, angry at her suit being ruined and at being embarrassed by her older sister.
    "WHY!!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!!" Aya sobbed as Maya dropped her half of the suit.
    "Big deal, I can get you a new one. That was just too fun though." Maya brushed her off and walked away from Aya as she stood there, crying and holding her ripped swimsuit.
    That Maya...I can't believe her, even this time. I'll show her, Aya thought as she walked out of the living room and into her room. She threw the suit into the trash and laid on her bed for a moment, then a sinister idea floated through her head.
    "Tee hee...I got the perfect plan to get back at Sis. She's never going to bully me again." Aya giggled as she thought out her plan.

    "Hey guys, I'm taking a nap." Maya called out to Souichiro and Bob as they continued to watch TV. Masataka joined them as she went to her room and laid down on her bed. She felt some remorse for what she did to Aya but wasn't too concerned about her actions. Aya is such a big baby. Can't she lighten up? Maya daydreamed as she thought about how Aya tended to overreact to things. Aya was still a bit of a crybaby in her opinion. She barely noticed Aya walking past her door and towards the storage shed where the Reiki blade was kept. At first Maya thought of following Aya to make sure she didn't grab the cursed blade but realized that Aya probably didn't even know where the blade exactly was in the house. As she nodded off, she noticed Aya sneak past her door again, this time carrying what appeared to be a sword in her hand. Could that be the Reiki? No way, Aya wouldn't dare disobey my orders on that, Maya thought as she fell asleep.

    "What?" Maya awoke to find herself sitting in the classroom in her school uniform at a desk. She was alone in the school and she had apparently drooled a bit on her blue jacket.
    "How did I get here?" She got up and walked out of the classroom into a hallway. No one was around, and Maya walked past empty room after empty room until she came to the doorway leading outside. As she opened the door, she heard laughter behind her. She turned around.
    No one was there.
    Thinking it was a figment of her imagination, Maya walked outside and into a beautiful sunny day. She saw the cherry trees blossoming around her like never before, almost like she was in heaven. She saw a blur run past her as she walked in the courtyard. It looked almost like Mitsuomi except before he was transformed by her brother Shin's blast of Chi. She followed where the blur went and she found herself running into the woods outside her high school. She ran along a path into the woods and eventually came into a clearing where the moving blur stood. It looked like a silhouette of Mitsuomi carrying the Reiki in it's hand. "Mitsuomi?" Maya said as she went up to the shadow. She all of a sudden found her left foot unable to step forward.

    "My foot," she said as she tried to pull it up. She looked down and saw that a vine had wrapped around her left foot and lower calf. She tried to pull it off but it was like trying to rip a garden hose. Another vine broke out of the ground and wrapped around her right foot and calf. The silhouette disappeared, dropping the Reiki on the ground. She tugged and pulled on the vines with no success. As she moaned and grunted while struggling with the vines Maya failed to notice several more vines descend from the trees above and make their way to her. She felt them wrap around her arms and wrists, pulling them back up, and a couple of vines wrap around her waist and tummy, lifting her off the ground. Two more vines burst from the ground and wrapped around her thighs as she hung in midair in a spread eagle position. Maya was now helplessly trapped by the vines in the forest. She struggled to free herself but with no success.
    "What is this?" Maya said in shock as she felt the vines rub against her soft skin. She tugged on the vines holding her forearms with no luck as she saw the forest around her darken. She saw Mitsuomi step out of the trees again in front of her, this time in his bulked up form. He picked up the Reiki from the ground.
    "Maya...I told you that this blade had to be destroyed. I am the one who will do it. Don't even think of stopping me. I know Big Brother will be upset, but I guess you'll have to deal with him." He laughed as he held the katana in his hand. He began to charge up his Chi for his ultimate attack.
    "Ryukei Qigong Tashinkou Shinden Gaō Sōryu Enrenshō!" he shouted as the blade in his hands began to glow and shake violently, then it exploded into shards of metal before Maya.
    "Mitsuomi, no! Why did you do that?" she yelled at him as he walked up to her. Maya continued to struggle against the vines as he held her face with his hand.
    "You know, Maya...a lot of people are pretty angry with you now. I'd be careful if I were you!" Mitsuomi laughed as he walked away from her and back into the forest.
    "All right, I've had enough of this crap!" Maya was getting mad and a little scared now. She tried to use her own Chi to try to blast out of the vines. However, she couldn't build up any Chi.
    "What? Why can't I build up any Chi?" she said.

    "That's because we sucked it all away from you." Aya Natsume had walked out of the trees and came up to her older sister.
    "Aya? Why are you doing this? Stop it right now!" Maya shouted in anger.
    "Oh, come on, sis." Aya giggled as she began to unbutton Maya's schoolgirl jacket. She then tore it off Maya entirely. Aya looked down at Maya's breasts underneath her shirt.
    "Aya, don't even think that I'll go easy on you next time we train!" Maya struggled again as Aya reached for her shirt. Then Aya grabbed Maya's nipples through her shirt and began to pull and twist them.
    "AAHHHHH!!! STOP THAT HURTS!!!" Maya squealed as Aya giggled and tugged on her breasts gleefully.
    "Since you ripped up my new suit I'm going to teach you a lesson." Aya said as she continued to torment her older sister. Maya briefly was able to jerk her leg around and rammed her knee into Aya's stomach. Aya gave a squeak as she was forced back by the blow. Maya's leg was held back by the vine again as Aya's expression went from happy to evil in an instant. Her Dragon Eye activated.
    "You...BITCH!" Aya shrieked as she slapped Maya across the face. Maya saw stars and she was dizzy for a moment before she awoke to Aya's Dragon Eye right in her face.
    "I hope you're strong, sis, because I don't think you're very brave!" She stormed off as Shin Natsume came out of the trees. He watched Aya go off into the woods, then looked Maya in the eye.
    "Maya...what happened?" Shin stared her in the eye.
    "Big Brother..." Maya said as she cowered before him in the web of vines.
    "You can tell me...I'm your big brother - "he stepped on a shard of the Reiki. He stopped, and picked it up.
    "What is this? The Reiki? Maya, I thought your parents trusted you with that blade!" Shin said, his tone changing from concerned to angry.
    "But, Mitsuomi, he broke the Reiki - "
    "I don't care who broke it, DAMMIT! We trusted you with that Katana!" Shin raged as his Dragon Eye activated. "How could you betray us!? Me and your parents! You stupid little brat! You weakling!"
    He then took the shard of the Reiki and plunged it into Maya's thigh.
    "OWWWWW!!!!!" Maya shrieked in pain as he twisted it around in the wound.
    "How could you...Maya! I trusted you! And you're bullying your little sister too!" He then walked back from Maya, the shard of the Reiki tumbling to the ground covered in Maya's blood. Maya whimpered and began to cry from both the wound and Shin's rage.
    "No...what is happening to me? Maya, what have you done?" Shin began to break apart himself. His body began to dissolve as he stared Maya in the eye.
    "NOO!!!!" he howled as he disintegrated completely.

    "BIG BROTHER!!!" Maya screamed back as the place went quiet. She sobbed as she was still trapped in the vines, her left thigh throbbing in pain from the Reiki shard. It was a minute or so before she heard someone in the bushes again.
    "Well, well well...Ms Natsume, I see!" Emi Isuzu came out of the bushes and walked towards Maya. She looked at the mess of the Reiki and smirked at Maya.
    "I heard everything that transpired here. I guess Shin was right; you are a little girl pretending to be some mighty warrior. Quit it with the charade, Ms Natsume. You're not scary or strong or powerful like you think. And you definitely aren't in charge of this school like you think!" She threw a handful of dirt at Maya's shirt.
    "But...I do want to confess something to you. Something no one at Todo Academy knows...yet. People think that my true form is a big fat slob. Well..."
    Emi began to turn a greenish tinge like the vines and her entire lower half of her body turned into a mess of vines like the ones holding Maya.
    "I'm actually a monster. Plant girl, whatever you want to call me. But enough with the formalities. I want...you." Emi walked on her vines right in front of Maya. Her vines mixed with the others and wrapped around Maya's legs and arms instead. Maya tried to pull away but Emi put her arms around Maya's waist.
    "I've never said this before, but I find you irresistible, Ms. Natsume. I want to hear you scream for me, like the little bitch you are. That's what turns me on." She began to run her tongue along Maya's collarbone, moaning and giggling manically.
    "No, stop, please!" Maya struggled and squirmed as Emi stared her back in the face, smiling.
    "You are sexy, though, Ms Natsume. That heart shaped face." She looked down at Maya's breasts. "Those huge breasts. Your flat sexy tummy, and those legs that go on forever. How irresistible and delicious. You taste so delicious. I lost to you in that fight at the bowling alley, but I win here." She laughed as Maya cowered back again, humiliated and scared. Then, Emi looked back at Maya's face.
    "You know, I always French Kiss the first time." Emi stuck her tongue out again and it was longer and forked like a snake. She laughed as she pulled Maya closer to kiss her.
    "NOOOO!!!!!!" Maya screamed as Emi pulled her closer and closer until Emi stuck her tongue down Maya's throat and kissed her. Maya felt the vines constrict her tummy and began to twist her nipples. She felt a vine or vines going up her ass and her girlhood, boring around her insides like a drill. Emi moaned and heaved as if to humiliate Maya as she violated her. Maya tried to scream like a banshee but couldn't even breathe let alone scream. She groaned in terror as Emi began to suffocate her with her tongue sloshing around in Maya's throat and mouth. Maya felt Emi embrace and fuck her tighter and tighter and tighter...

    "NOOOO!!!!" Maya wailed as she shot straight up from her bed. She gagged and threw up a bit on the floor, then she fell out of the bed onto her vomit. She was in her old jeans and tank top she usually wore. She got up and moaned in disgust.
    "It was just a dream." She finally said. Maya got up and went to take a shower.
    Meanwhile, Aya had heard her sister wake up. She giggled as Souichiro came up to her.
    "What's up, Aya? Did you do what you said you would do?" Souichiro said as Aya turned to face him.
    "Yes, Souichiro-sama! The Dragon's Eye combined with that Reiki is good for more than just combat!" Aya giggled at watching her sister being humiliated by her worst enemy in a dream. "I think I'll do this more often, it's so fun!"
    "Yeah, I'll bet. I never thought you had a dark side, Aya!" Souichiro laughed. Then he looked her in the eye.
    "Say...there's that one chick in Class 5A that was giving me a bit of a hard time...could you give her the same treatment as Maya?"
    Aya smiled with a dark look in her eye. "Oh yes, Souichiro-sama. Anything for you!"
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