Tekken 7 Ryona Tournament リョナ - Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament

Who should win the next fight?

  • Lili

  • Josie

  • Nina

  • Asuka

  • Alisa

  • Katrina

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Nov 26, 2016
A Tekken 7 ryona video series in the format of a tournament, and the losers get varying degree of punishments depending on the results. To avoid bias, the bracket placements and the winners and losers of the first bracket are decided through coin-flips. Because the game isn't out in the West I had to use pre-existing footage to make the ryonas, so disclaimer: I did not pull off these badass combos.

If I can get 10 or more votes on this thread, then I'll use the results of the poll to determine the results of the next fight. I upload on Saturdays, so hopefully I can reach that amount in the next 5 days so I can finish up the video. Remember, the loser doesn't get sent away from the tournament, but instead gets sent into the losers bracket, where she will have to continue and fight, with punishments getting worse the deeper into the losers bracket she gets.

-Whoever hits 20 stocks first wins
-The less stocks the loser gets the worse she loses

Pools Bracket Result:
Xiaoyu vs Lucky Chloe - Lucky Chloe (Winner)
Josie vs Llili -
Nina vs Asuka -
Alisa vs Katrina -

After winning the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, Kazumi Mishima was Corrupted by the Devil Gene inside of Her. As a result, she went mad with her near limitless power, and with it, she started a dictatorship, far viler than that of Heihachi's. With her new found power, She changed the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, into the Queen of Iron Fist Tournament, to avoid another Mishima from taking her place.

In her version of the tournament, She forcefully gathers the strongest the strongest women in the world, only to force them to fight against each other, with only one having the chance of fighting Kazumi .If Kazumi loses, she has to surrender her powers to the new Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament, and she will have to endure the same punishments as the rest of the losers, to a lighter extent.

The rest of the losers will be forced to endure much worse, depending on how thay fared in such tournament. with the ultimate loser being sent to Eternal Torture.

First Video:

Fight Story:
After being forced into the tournament, Ling Xiaoyu thought she had gotten lucky. There was no way that this cat loving Otaku had a chance against her chinese martial arts. She thought that the fight would be over in seconds, and it did... But she wasn't the victor.

After largely underestimating the opponent, she had tried her first 3 rounds without giving any fight, however that proved to be a mistake. Her chinese martial arts stood no chance against the brutal dance freestyle fighting style of her opponent, and her wounds after the first three rounds caused her to lose her focus.

Humiliated and Wallowing in her defeat, she advances up the losers bracket, after losing to a girl in a cat jacket. In the meanwhile, Lucky Chloe simply smiled, keeping her dark secrets to herself, as she taunted the humiliated loser.

Video 2# - Lili vs Josie

Hopefully you guys can enjoy these videos as much as I enjoyed making them :)
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