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Tales of Kriegmar: Darkness falls

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Raden

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Tylissa and the rest of the adventurers she was traveling with had just come across a couple of dark elves in the forest. They were dragging what looked to be a dead body. Alchana had got the drop on them and the rest of the group had moved into battle positions. The fight was swift and definitely conclusive. One lay dead, the warrior of the two, stabbed through the stomach and bleeding out. The other, the sorceress, had been cleft directly in half! It was a sick sight. Blood sloshed all over. It was gruesome to say the least.

    The group had disposed of the trash and set up a campfire. A little downtime after the day's activity was welcome.The group chatted and played word games, while Linara had gone into the forest a short ways.

    Tylissa had been doing a lot of thinking lately. She wandered off a short ways by herself, lost in thought. The short distance became longer, and longer, until she could no longer see the light of the campfire down the path.

    "Huh, I must have wandered farther than I thought..."

    As she started back up the pathway, she heard a rustle. She froze, trying to hear more... but then the hilt of a sword forcefully slammed into the back of her head.

    "Unnnhh..." Tylissa moaned, and fell to the ground.

    When she woke up, she was in some sort of dungeon somewhere. She had no idea how long she'd been out or where she was taken. She looked around, eyes trying to focus, and eventually, they did. Then she noticed her location.

    "Uh, wha.. what? Where am I?"

    Immediately, a fist struck her in the jaw, whipping her head to the side. "Shut up, you. We ask the questions here."

    "Ow!" Tylissa looked back to the figure. It was a dark elf, like the ones that had been killed earlier. "What.. what are you?"

    WHACK. Another shot. "I just told you, we ask the questions. You don't listen too well, do you?"

    THUMP. The fighter drove a kick into Tylissa's stomach, using her shin and sandwiching her against the concrete wall she was shackled to. "HURGGG.." Tylissa groaned.

    "D'amiel, remember, the healer isn't here yet. Don't mess her up too badly." A voice said. A second dark elf stepped out of the shadows.

    "Elaneth, you don't have to tell me that. I haven't done that much to her... for now.." D'amiel spun and caught Tylissa with a backfist, splitting her lip. Tylissa's head was knocked to the side again, and she spat a little blood.

    "Okay D'amiel, okay.... now it's my turn." Elaneth took a position in front of Tylissa and drove her knee onto her stomach. Tylissa exhaled sharply and retched once, threatening to vomit from the blow. Her body slackened a little. Elaneth lined up an elbow and plowed it into Tylissa's jaw, knocking her loopy.

    "Ha! What a pitiful excuse for an elf! Can't even take a couple hits."

    "You haven't killed her yet, have you?" a third voice called out.

    "No, Espelth, you're a little early."

    The healer stepped out into the open. "Hmm. You don't look like any Undark I've seen around here. Where are you from?"

    Tylissa looked up to meet her gaze, clearly expending effort to do so. She whispered something.

    Espelth leaned in to hear. "I didn't catch that."

    Tylissa grinned, then spat in Espelth's face, a mixture of blood and saliva colliding with the dark elf's cheek.

    Espelth recoiled, then wiped the sputum off her cheek. "You've just sealed your fate. Girls... have at her."

    The two fighters began to pummel Tylissa with punches and kicks, one painful blow after another. Tylissa cried out with each one, her yells getting weaker and weaker as the beating continued. Finally, the whirlwind of punishment abated, and she hung limp in her chains, bruising already beginning to show all over the small elf girl.

    "Good, she's still alive..." D'amiel fired another punch into Tylissa's face. Tylissa barely reacted to it.

    Espelth stepped in. "Just a moment, girls." Espelth laid her hands on Tylissa's shoulders and neck, and began to infuse a warm, soft, calming energy into her. Her cuts and bruises began to fade and disappear, and soon she was physically restored.

    "What?" Tylissa asked. "Why are you he-OOMPH!" she yelped as a fist cracked her in the jaw again.

    "And it begins again..." said the healer ominously.

    Tylissa finally realized why the healer was there. Her torment would last as long as they wanted... but the thought was soon knocked out of her mind as she took another punch in the jaw... and another... and another...
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  2. TheCrimsonRisk

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    Nice story, Raden! It was short and brutal. The brevity actually makes it more effective as we barely get to catch up with Tylissa before she's captured. Also, the beating wouldn't work if it was drawn out. This was a good example of letting us use our imaginations.

    This came off as a "bad ending" in a video game. Like, the player made the wrong choice between staying with the group or wandering into the forest so they get the "Tylissa tortured" kill screen. We might have to do more of these...