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Taki's Thrashing: the director's cut

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Mar 11, 2013.

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    This is an update to Taki's Thrashing, which I'd written a while ago. I had thought to add in some pieces, but I was still sort of finding my comfort zone, and so I did not add them at the time. Then I had received a couple of requests from pirajacinto for stuff, and while I was not 100% comfortable with it, I wrote them anyway. He liked them, and over time I grew to get more comfortable with it to the point it's featured semi-regularly in RPs.

    Well, I decided to come back to this story and update it, so here is the version I would originally have put out. If you liked it the first time, I hope you like it even more now!


    Taki glanced around the courtyard. She had felt that disturbance that told her of the presence of a demon... and it was never wrong. And yet, there was nothing here. This can't be right, thought Taki. There simply has to be something here. There must. I am never wrong about these things...

    Continuing her search, her trusty swords Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru at the ready, she turned off in one direction. Mekki-Maru's glowing enchantment dimmed. No, that was the wrong way. She turned back the way she had come, and Mekki-Maru glowed brighter again. "But I just came from that way" she said to herself. "How can this be saying there is something this way?" She walked back, and the glowing blue dimmed again. "Is this place throwing off the enchantment?"

    From the shadows, the insidious demon watched watched Taki meander around. "Oh, Taki... you silly thing you..." she said to herself. "I suppose I should go introduce myself..."

    She crept out of the shadows and silently stalked up behind Taki. Mekki-Maru grew to an intense blue shine. Taki barely had time to register it before she was grabbed by the shoulder, spun around, and kicked in the wrist, sending Mekki-Maru skittering and clattering across the courtyard walkway.

    Having caught Taki off-guard, the demon quickly delivered a flurry of strikes, catching Taki in the face with a right hook, then a left body blow. Taki doubled over, unprepared for the attack, and she took a hammer blow to the back, knocking her to her hands and knees. The demon then put her leg straight up and brought it down hard across Taki's back in an axe kick. Grunting with pain, Taki hit the floor. Before she could recover, the demon stomped hard on her upper back. Taki yelled out in pain and then wheezed, the air being driven out of her. She'd never met a demon that had been any match for her before, how was this one different? Attempting to get back up only earned her another axe kick to the back, driving her forcefully back down to the floor. She lay there stunned for a moment, face having bounced off the floor. The demon then kneeled over Taki's back, and grabbed a handful of her hair. "So, you're a pretty good demon hunter... but you have never met one that can shapeshift, have you? You see, a while ago, you fought and killed my brother. But he injured you, and I tasted your spilled blood after the battle. I was then able to analyze it and can now shapeshift... into you. If you're wondering, or just simple and haven't quite got the picture yet, yes, this does mean I possess your fighting skills when I am in your form..."

    "What? What do you- HAGH!" Taki was cut off when the demon slammed her face into the concrete. Taki groaned in pain. "Hmm. That had to hurt... let's just make sure," the evil creature said to her, in a playful manner. The demon pulled Taki's head back up by her hair, and slammed her face off the concrete a second time. Taki cried out as her face impacted it. A third face slam caused Taki's body to go limp. Her cries turned to groans, as she fought to stay conscious.

    Taki was in no position to fight back at this point. "Oh no, not yet you don't! The mighty Taki can't fall that easily! Get up, I am not done playing with you yet." She pulled Taki to her knees by the hair. Taki's eyes here glazed over and her mouth was half open. "Remember the name Taresh, as the demon to have bested you in combat." She brought her knee up into Taki's jaw. Taki's head whipped back from the impact.

    "Unh!" Taki groaned, as Taresh's knee bashed her in the face, the armoured kneeplate caroming off her face.

    Taresh still had a handful of her hair, and she reared back again. Wham! Another knee. Taki's head snapped back again, whiplashing her. Taki cried out with the impact again, and saw Taresh raring back with her leg again. She tried to prepare for it, but the metal kneeplate was driven mercilessly into her face a third time. Taki's arms dangled uselessly to her sides, her head spinning. Spots of light danced in front of her eyes.

    "I am still not finished with you, little human." Taresh then picked Taki up as if she were nothing more than a rag doll. Putting an arm between her legs, she scooped Taki up onto her shoulders, and clasped her around the back. Taresh dropped to her knees suddenly, and delivered a tombstone piledriver to Taki. Taki's head impacted the ground with a sickening crunch sound. Something in her neck popped, either dislocated or outright broken. Taki crumpled to the ground, eyes half open. She was breathing through her mouth in a dazed way. Her legs were twisted to one side.

    Taresh continued to taunt her. "The mighty Taki, beaten! It looks like the demon slayer has finally met her match! Now, let's see how tough you really are."

    Taresh grabbed a hold of Taki's hair and hiked her up to her knees again. Taki was powerless to fight back, and even being dead weight didn't hinder her attacker at all, as Taresh was much too strong, and could do anything she wanted to Taki. Taresh reached an arm between Taki's legs again, and easily hefted her up onto her shoulders from a kneeling position. Taki could only brace for the impact as Taresh brutally tombstoned her into the unforgiving concrete again. Taki lay spread eagle on the floor, clearly defeated. The focused attack to her head had overwhelmed the master ninja quickly.

    Taresh forced Taki to her feet again. All she could do was take whatever Taresh dished out. Taresh kneed her in the stomach, doubling her over again. Then she hooked Taki around the neck, and fell onto her back, slamming Taki to the ground with a DDT. Taki lay sprawled out, face down. With Taki beaten and dazed, Taresh rolled her onto her back. Taki's eyes were distant, vacant looking. Taresh mounted Taki, sitting on her thighs to pin down her legs, and then she fired a punch into Taki's stomach. Even her well-sculpted, hard muscles were no match for Taresh's demonic strength, and her body jackknifed with the impact of Taresh's punch. "PHWAH!" Taki wheezed out, as the force drove all the air out of her. Taresh grinned at her dissection of the mighty huntress. She pulled her fist back and then planted it into Taki's stomach again. Taki pitched forward with the blow, and came to rest on the concrete once more.

    "You evil beast..." Taki wheezed. She sat up and took a swing at Taresh, laying into her with a right hand. Taresh was unprepared for the sudden counterattack and was knocked off Taki's legs, allowing her to try to get back to her feet. But Taresh was faster, and Taki took a moment longer than she would otherwise have needed to, thanks to the assault on her skull... which allowed Taresh to wait for her to get up. When Taki had made it to her feet, she turned around, but Taresh was there to meet her... by grabbing Taki by the neck of her skin-tight outfit and pulling her toward Taresh, who forced a kiss on her.

    "Mmmph?!" Taki stiffened and her eyes wrnt wide in surprise. It took a few seconds to realize what eactly the demon was doing to her, but when it finally registered in her head, she narrowed her eyes in hatred and drove her knee into Taresh's stomach, knocking her away. Taresh spun around and took two steps back, grinning at Taki and licking her lips lusciously. "Hmmm... delicious..." she taunted.

    "You disgusting swine... how dare you? You will meet your demise this day!" Taki leapt in with a flying kick, intending to knock Taresh's head off with it. Taresh calculated her flight path, and moved to intercept it. Taki landed, missing the kick wildly... right in front of Taresh, who grabbed her and kissed her again.

    Taki screamed a muffled cry as her lips were met by Taresh's again. She tried to fight out of it, but Taresh drew her head back and then headbutted Taki in the face.

    "Uaahhhh..." Taki moaned in pain as her legs gave out and she collapsed back to the floor, her second wind having just been taken out of her sails.

    Taresh scoured the floor with her eyes, finding Taki's daggers. She left Taki on the floor presuming her to not be going anywhere, and collected up her ordinary shortsword. Then she advanced on Mekki-Maru, and it began to glow its intense blue colour. Foolishly, Taresh tried to pick it up, but as her fingers closed on the hilt of the blade, she yanked her hand back, sending the blade hurtling through the air and landing close to Taki. She hissed sharply at the burning sensation as she touched the dagger. "HSSSS! Fah, truly a blunder on my part..." she said to herself as she shook her hand wildly to try to alleviate the burning.

    Taki, meanwhile, had rolled over to her stomach and was pulling herself along the floor with her arms. Taresh heard the scraping of her armour and looked around, then saw Taki trying to crawl to her dagger.

    Taresh cut Taki off, stepping on the dagger just as Taki's fingers closed around the handle. Taki tried to pull it out from under Taresh's foot, but she couldn't free it. Taresh then landed a hard stomp on Taki's back.

    "AGH!" Taki yelped as her body arched backward, and then came to rest on the stone. Taresh kicked Taki's Mekki-Maru away. Taki watched as ittumbled across the stone floor, and her hope followed much the same path...

    Taresh prodded Taki, rolling her onto her back again. Then she drew Taki's Rekki-Maru and sat on Taki's legs, pinning her down again. Taki tried to sit up and punch Taresh off her again, but Taresh met her with the pommel of her blade, hitting Taki in the head with it. Taki groaned in pain and fell back to the floor. Then Taresh set to work, drawing the blade across Taki's stomach, but only enough to cut her suit and not her. Grinning at Taki and looking her directly in the eyes, Taresh climbed off Taki into a sitting position and then pulled Taki closely to her, in the same position, so that Taki was sitting with her back to Taresh.

    Taresh the put her left hand down the slit she'd bade in Taki's suit, and began to fondle her crotch. With her right hand, she turned Taki's head to the side and then laid in a long and deep kiss. Taki tried to fight back at first, but her body began to get stimulated, and she quickly began to lose that fight. She tried to pull away, but Taresh hugged her closer, kissing her on the neck and lips, letting the latter ones linger.

    "GMMPH!" Taki tried to cry out, but it was muffled by Taresh. Taki began to get a little wet as Taresh continued rubbing her crotch. She tried fighting back, but it got more and more difficult... her struggles only seemed to drive Taresh more.

    "NNNHH!" Taki yelped as Taresh suddenly put her fingers inside Taki's vagina... and then she started to moan as Taresh began to pump her. Her mind told her to fight back, but her body had seemingly disconnected from it, and it was getting harder and harder to command it. Taki began to get wetter as Taresh moved her right hand to Taki's chest, massaging her breasts. Taki moaned and lay back, still on top of Taresh. Taresh continued to pump Taki and work over her chest. Taki was red-faced and beyond embarrassed that she could be put in this situation as the demon continued her onslaught of fingering, chest massaging and kissing. Taresh picked up the pace a little, and then Taki's body gave a small jolt. Taresh smiled wildly... the first sign of a climax.

    "No... nooooo.. stop, you wicked creature..." Taki tried to command her, but Taresh was having none of it.

    "You want me to stop? But aren't you enjoying this...." Taresh asked her.

    Her mind screamed no, but her body had other ideas. Physically, she was enjoying it, as her nipples perked up through her suit. Taki's breathing began to quicken as she spasmed again. "Stop... you will pay..."

    Taresh knew it was only a matter of time, as she rhymically pounded Taki. Taki began to spasm more and more, a small wet spot on the crotch of her skintight suit showing.

    "Uaaannn.. mmmm... mmmuhhh... nnnn..." Taki groaned out as she fought in vain to keep herself from climaxing... but it was no use. Her body stiffened and relaxed in a pattern, until it finally stiffened and did not relax.

    "NnnnnnnNNNNNAAAAHHHHHH!" Taki screamed as she reached climax, creaming her suit hard. Her face was as red as her bodysuit in embarrassment as her juices were absorbed by the suit, creating a huge dark wet patch on her crotch.

    Taresh smiled. "And there it is..."

    Taki was ashamed. "You vile wretch... how dare you..."

    Taresh, not needing Taki's form anymore, reverted to her true self. "Behold the demon you were chasing, huntress... and know who has defeated you completely today."

    Taresh pushed Taki away, and Taki turned to face her, getting to her knees. She was a terrible sight, purple skin, dressed in black, with black wings and jet black hair to match.

    "Hahaha. I've defeated you, Taki, just admit it..."

    Taki sneered. "Not yet you haven't!" She quickly stood and then dove at Taresh, but Taresh met her with a knee to the stomach.

    "PHOOOOFF..." Taki exhaled hard. But before she could fall to the stone floor, Taresh had grabbed her by the throat to keep her upright. Then she bent down, grabbing one of Taki's legs, and pulled her onto her shoulders in a torture rack. She pulled down on Taki, who cried out in pain. "This is something I learned from one of the many victims I've had over time... they called this a "torture rack". It seems quite appropriate..." Taresh bounced Taki, and she yelped in pain again.

    "It sounds like it hurts..." Taresh said to her. "Does it hurt, Taki?" Another bounce, another shriek.

    "Hmm. I'll take that as a yes, since you seem so... bent... on not answering me..." Taresh began to consistently buck Taki in the hold, whose back began to hurt more and more from the constant force applied.

    "Hmm. I saw another hold done once back home... the Human it was applied to nearly choked. Let's see... it went something like this..." Taresh put her right hand's middle and ring finger in her mouth under her tongue, and pressed under Taki's chin with her thumb. "There are all sorts of holds you learn... they called this a mandible claw..."

    Taki began to choke, never having felt anything like this before. Her eyes went wide as she realized she was being throttled. She kicked her legs, but she was still in the torture rack hold too, and Taresh began to crank both of them on her.The pain in her back and the vicious choking feeling caused tears to form in Taki's eyes as pain shot through every inch of her. And Taresh was completely without mercy, who was enjoying the destruction of the huntress. Taki flailed weakly, gagging as Taresh continued to squeeze down on her jaw and chin. Taki's flailing got weak and slow, and finally came to a stop as she began to pass out from the choke. Taki throught it was about to be over, but Taresh then pulled her fingers out of Taki's mouth. Taki coughed violently as she was able to pull oxygen into her lungs again, but her back was still aching from the torturous hold Taresh had her in. And then it managed to get worse when Taresh took her left hand and slipped it into the gash made in Taki's bodysuit and began to finger-pump her crotch again.

    Taki screamed as the stimulation returned, and her body tightened momentarily at the intrusion.

    "Haaaa.... nooo... don't... do this...." Taresh didn't listen as she pumped Taki hard now, looking for another climax.

    "Huuuaannn...." Taki moaned, as her body gave up the fight. She hung limp over Taresh's shoulders now, no longer fighting it. She'd been beaten, physically and mentally.

    Taki began to spasm again, and Taresh knew she was close. Taki made no effort to fight, allowing the demoness to do whatever she pleased. She had lost this fight...

    "Guuuuuuhhhh...." Taki groaned out as she ejaculated again, further wetting her bodysuit. She hung limp over Taresh as she squirted, soaking herself. Tears of shame fell from her eyes.

    Taresh pushed Taki off her shoulders, and she landed on the stone with a smack. But Taki's suffering was not quite over yet.

    Taresh pulled Taki to her knees again. Taki was embarrassed, defeated... and then Taresh laid down on the stone, pulling Taki down on her so that Taki's back was to Taresh, almost as if Taresh was cuddling her. She laid another long kiss on Taki's lips... and Taki did nothing to fight it. Her eyes closed and she submitted to it, allowing it to happen. Taresh pulled Taki's arm around her, and she left it there as Taresh sensually kissed her long and deep. Hot tears trailed down Taki's face as the shame and humiliation of what happened to her, and was continuing to happen, set in.

    Finally, after Taresh had had her fill of the humiliation she was dishing out, she bared her fangs, and stabbed them into Taki's neck.

    "AHH-" Taki began to scream, but it cut off as as Taresh began to drink her blood greedily. Taki's vision began to cloud over and go double as Taresh sucked more and more blood. Her body got weak until it felt heavy, like a great weight, and she fought to stay conscious. Taresh drank of Taki's life blood until she was sated, leaving Taki a little more than half. She would not die, but she would be weak and tired for weeks until her heart could manufacture more.

    "Well, well. I have waited a long time to exact my revenge for my brother, Taki. I will not kill you, but I will definitely make sure you do not forget what happened here today. I will make sure you remember how weak I made you out to be. As much fun as I am having, I need to finish this up." She pulled Taki to her feet. Taki nearly collapsed, but Taresh steadied her. Then putting an arm between her legs again, she lifted Taki so that she was perpendicular to Taresh.

    With one swift motion, she dropped to one knee, dropping Taki in a backbreaker. Taki screamed in pain. Using the momentum from the backbreaker, she stood up, effectively bouncing Taki like she were a ball. Taresh delivered a second backbreaker, and bounced her again. Taki screamed shrill again. Finally, Taresh slammed Taki across her knee with all her force, bending Taki backwards. Taki howled in pain. Taresh held her there, pushing down on her, extending the agony. She squealed in blinding agony. Finally, Taresh dropped her to the floor. "It's been fun to play, but I can't stay. Let your defeat haunt you until your final days."

    Spreading her arms wide, she called forth a yellow swirling portal that took her back to her plane of existence. Taki lay on the floor, beaten, wet and humiliated. She possessed slight healing magic, but the bulk of the damage done would have to heal naturally. It would have to wait though, as Taki's eyes began to close against her will. She fought the unconsciousness, but could not stave it off. It overtook her, and she passed out from the intense pain.
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    Well that was awesome. I'm particularly a fan of the costumed warrior women in this situation (right down to there being no actual nudity)

    Also. Taki had better F*%&ing be in Soul Calibur 6
  3. Raden

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    Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I feel that clothes add something of a... it's hard to explain, but it makes it more attractive to me. I don't think any of my stories actually feature outright nudity.

    Also, absolutely agreed on that last one. Stupid idea removing her.