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STO stuff

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by daemon, May 14, 2012.


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  1. daemon

    daemon Guest

    This is my first post, so sorry if I made any mistakes or such.
    Episode 1: "Surrounded"
    Firelight danced through the deserted corridors of the U.S.S leviathan. The ship is not infused with the sounds of quiet function, but is filled with screams, explosions, and the all pervading crackling of fire. Red emergency lights are lit as power has failed throughout the ship. The only sounds of life are coming from Cargo bay 7, where the Klingons have pinned a painfully young ensign behind a stack of multicolored metal crates. Her beauty is undeniable, but the smoke and soot have dimmed a face that was normally lined with humor and life. She is under heavy fire, and tension instead filled her face.

    Sweat plastered, Ensign Ashley Xander clutched her phaser in wet hands and waited for the particle fire to abate. After a heartbeat of silence, she sprang out of the dubious cover of the cargo crates and fired once at the oncoming Klingon warriors. Her orange hued bolt hit one of the warriors and he gave an agonized grunt before sliding to the cold deck metal. The rest of their squad cried in righteous anger and charged forward with even greater determination disregarding the heavy phaser fire coming from Ashley. They reached the next set of bulkheads and one of their member spun outward and fired a series of shots at Ashley.

    Ashley ducked and rolled to avoid the splattering of weapons fire and felt the heat of disrupter shots crossing over her head. She sprang against a bulkhead and activated her com.
    "Hey, Sarah where are you?" she cried.

    "I'm coming down, the Jefferies tube onto deck seven. I'll be there soon. Hang on!" Sarah replied.

    "Ok, get here soon, or I'm not going to be in one piece when you do get here." Ashley said before shutting off the com. She listened to the Klingons' boot soles ringing on the deck and their harsh war cries and laughter filled the air as she willed her friend to run faster. After the footsteps stopped, she poked her head out and saw the Klingons stabbing their blades through the body of one of the engineering crewman. The soft sliding sounds that were emitted from the cutting made her sick. The slow sucking and tearing of meat under cold steel was hard to endure.

    Shffft, shffft, shffft

    The sounds drove a wedge of fear in the ensign's heart. She thought soon they'll be sticking a blade through me, laughing at the half-hearted resistance I put up. Then a surge of pride ran through her and drove away the fear. She stood suddenly and loosed at flurry of well-aimed phaser shots. Each struck a Klingon warrior.

    After her last shot drove home and her opponent shrieked and fell backward, the silence was abrupt. Only the slow popping of fires in engineering broke the silence of the once furious battlefield. This silence was to be broken a moment latter when a disrupter bolt shot past Ashley's face and singed hairs of her face.
    Ashley dropped back into cover and swore as she racked her hands through her sweat slicked amber hair.

    Ashley put her phaser over her head and loosed a few blind shots down the corridor. She waited and when no further shots came, she slowly moved her head up and surveyed the situation. Ten more warriors were crouched in cover. Five warriors have taken flanking positions. She was surrounded.

    Without warning, a disruptor blast ruptured one of the EPS conduits and a massive column of sparks filled the air. On the fringes of the effect, Ashley screamed in pain as the electrical current blasted her neurons and caused her to momentarily lose consciousness. After a few seconds, she moaned in agony and sat up against the bulkhead. Her strength was momentarily sapped and all she could do was breathe while a slow steady stream of sweat condensed on her forehead and ran down her slender neck. After what seemed like an eternity, Ashley looked over her cover and saw the Klingons had advanced ten meters while she had lain unconscious.

    Ashley mincingly activated her com and spoke into it.
    "Sarah, I'm surrounded her. This is going to be like the Alamo if you don't get here now."

    "I'm almost there, hang in there!" Sarah shot back.

    Suddenly, phaser fire came from the rear of the main force. The Klingons were surprised by the abrupt change in events and their staggered line fell at the speed and accuracy of Sarah's fire. When the screams and phaser fire had stopped Ashley poked her head around the bulkhead and saw a flash of blond hair that reflected the dancing fires and a slim figure in the red of security running down the corridor.
    Suddenly it occurred to Ashley that there had been only ten shots.

    "Sarah watch out! There are flankers in the hall!" she screamed.

    Sarah stopped a quizzical expression on her face.

    "What-" she began before being punched off her feet by a bolt of green energy. Sarah screamed a cry of transcendent agony as the bolt cut through her skin-tight uniform and punched a hole into her sleek thigh. The stench of burned meat filled the air as she spasmed on the deck and clutched her thigh while loosing bolts with her pistol.

    "Run goddamn it!" Sarah cried in agonized tones.

    Despite her suppression fire, the Klingons fired more bolts of disrupter fire and Sarah knew that she had already lost. Many bolts passed over her, but one bolt grazed over her right arm and bubbled the flesh. She cried out and dropped her pistol. One warrior dashed out of cover and changed the setting on his disruptor to stun before shooting Sarah in the chest. Sarah moaned in agony and fell backward with her teeth clenched and sweat running rivulets through her face. She tried to rise on shaking arms, but was shot again. As her last gasp of defeat echoed through the corridor, her leaden body fell to the deck with a thump.

    Ashley stared at her body for a moment, but anger shot through her and she rolled out of cover, her phaser thundering shots through the air. She was a fury her eyes set on vengeance and thunderbolts in her hands. She screamed a warcry and charged forward, her personal safety and semblance of reason forgotten. She shot each Klingon in the flanking force, but did not see the incoming reinforcing Orions in the main passage. Their first shot ripped through her side and shot waves of fire lancing up her body. She cried out in pain and clasped her side while still charging down the flaming corridor. She swung her phaser toward the new threat, but was too slow. Disrupter fire grazed her arm and leg and she crumpled to the floor breathing erratically and barely staying conscious. All that she could feel was the cold metal on her back and all that she could see was the slow heaving of her chest and the flickering flames. Suddenly, an Orion face erupted over her and she tensed her muscles to fight them again, but fell backwards with waves of agony running down her slender legs and back.
    She moaned, "Uhhhhh". She knew what was about to happen next as a wave of energy slammed her into unconsciousness and her head rolled on the metal floor. Before she lost consciousness completely, she heard the green skinned aliens say, "Bring the two females. We have some equipment to test."
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    Jun 10, 2010
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    Ah yes, Star Trek fiction. This might be the first one I've read on this forum (forgive me if someone else posted one, as it's slipped my mind). You're off to a good start with this first episode. Normally I don't dig firearms related ryona, but I liked your descriptions of the battle damage. You painted a clear, vivid scene. I look forward to what fate befalls our space heroines next.