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Slaying Sisters

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, May 30, 2012.

  1. Raden

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Anna Williams sat at her desk in her study, reading a novel. She brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes and turned the page. Everything she did oozed sensuality, even when no one was around. She was so lost in her novel that the soft knock on her door caused her to jump.

    Regaining her composure, she answered to the knock. "Who is it?"

    "It's Nina. I need to speak to you. Immediately."

    Anna knew Nina was not a kidder, so when she said immediately, she meant it. She put her book down and answered the door to find Nina holding a dossier envelope. Nina's cold, hard demeanour was the total opposite of Anna's personality. Anna often wondered how they could possibly be sisters when they were nothing alike.

    Wasting no time, Nine thrust the envelope into Anna's hands.

    "We've been given a mission. And if I were you, I would accept it... look at the payment being offered."

    Anna opened the envelope and took out a letter. Her eyes scanned it, then grew wide.

    Anna did not hesitate. "Tell him we accept his terms."


    "So then," Marduk said with a smile, "I caught him with the big fuckin' reverse elbow to the jaw. Damn near knocked his dick stiff, I did. You shoulda seen it, the guy's eyes jus' rolled into 'is head and boom, it was night night!"

    "Oh yeah?" said King. "Did I ever tell you about the time I clotheslined someone so hard he fell out of the opposite side of the ring?"

    Marduk laughed. "Ha ha haaa! I ain't heard this one before. Spill it bro, what happened?"

    "Well, I threw him into the ropes to hit a clothesline spot, but he botched it! He tripped and I ended up hitting him in the forehead with it. The crowd was booing, they knew we'd messed up. Or he did anyway. So I pulled him up and then I hit him anyway, but I was a little mad, so I hit him a lot harder than I would have otherwise. Poor guy staggered back a couple steps, fell ass over tea kettle, and out the other side of the ropes!"

    They laughed uproariously at this. They continued to share stories, but their raucousness was giving them away to Nina and Anna's keen senses. They followed the sound echoing off the walls until they came upon the dressing room Marduk and King were occupying. The boisterous duo continued to laugh and talk. Anna tried to surreptitiously roll a gas bomb into the locker room, but Marduk noticed it. He pointed at it, and King nodded.

    Marduk quietly got up and then emerged from the locker room suddenly and without warning. Nina and Anna were caught out completely. They thought the gas bomb would have knocked them out, but they didn't count on Marduk's sharp eyesight. Anna tried to throw a kick, but Marduk caught her leg, and then whipped her into Nina. The two of them collided, their skulls smacking off of each other, dazing them and throwing them to the floor. King followed Marduk out of the locker room.

    "Well little ladies, what's the meaning of this ol' smoke spitter thingy?"

    They shook their heads to try to shake off the dizziness from their heads cracking together. Anna produced a knife from one of her gloves, and tried to take a slash at King, but he caught her wrist, the knife blade stopping a mere inch from the tendons and arteries on the back of his knee.

    "Looks like they've been sent to kill us by someone."

    "Hmm. Then I guess we need to defend ourselves" said King. King laid into Nina's stomach with a soccer style kick, as she was pushing herself up onto her hands and knees. Nina wheezed and groaned, one of her ribs breaking. King stood over her and then squatted down suddenly, drilling his tailbone into her back, knocking her down.

    Anna tried to wrench her arm free from King's grasp, but Marduk grabbed hold of her other arm. She was on her knees now. Marduk proceeded to kneelift Anna in the face. Her head whipped backward, long brown hair following suit. Marduk knocked her head to the side with a left punch. The two of them released Anna, who stayed upright, but unsteadily. Nina tried to get up to help, but was stomped in the back by King, knocking her back down. Every time the blonde Williams tried to get up, King kicked her back down.

    Marduk palmed Anna's throat, then picked her up into the air and held her aloft with a simple two handed choke. Anna gagged for a moment before attempting to knee Marduk in the nose. She was stopped short by King, who caught hold of her legs and held them so she couldn't kick. She tried to pull her legs free to no avail. She was able to do nothing except hope Marduk would let her go, or that Nina would get up. After what seemed like an eternity of breath not coming to her, Nina was on her feet. King let go of Anna's legs just in time to catch a kick from Nina. Marduk, knowing he was just about to eat a knee, threw Anna violently into the wall. She smacked off the painted brick wall of the hallway, and lay there, gasping and panting.

    King was thinking about how to deal with Nina, who was taking punches at him, but her arms couldn't quite reach. "Hey King! What about one of them dragon leg whip things?" Marduk asked.

    "Brilliant idea, pal." Suddenly King hooked Nina under the leg with his free arm and twisted, grinding her knee to one side and pulling her over to the floor. Her knee popped as it dislocated. Nina screamed out in pain, cradling her knee. King sat down on the floor and pulled Nina on top of him, hooking her into a rear naked choke hold. As he worked the hold, Marduk started punching Nina in her unprotected stomach and ribs. Every blow caused a satisfying jolting reaction from Nina. Nina was starting to turn purple in the face. Anna was on her hands and knees, recovering from meeting the wall. King noticed her take a desperate swing at him with her knife. He turned Nina's body toward her, and she ended up slashing Nina across the stomach instead. Nina was too out of it from the choke hold to even notice. She lay on the floor face down breathing hard when King let her go to deal with the continued threat of Anna Williams.

    As Anna and King stared each other down, Marduk blindsided her with a hook she never saw coming. She slumped momentarily, Marduk catching her. He picked her up around the waist with his arm, and then dropped downwards in a spine-jarring backbreaker. Pain shot through Anna's entire body like an electric shock. Marduk stood up, still holding Anna. He turned her so that she was upside down. King grabbed her ankles.

    "You ready? On the count of three. One! Two! Three!" On three, they drilled Anna with a spike piledriver. Anna's head impacted the floor. There was a loud pop sound as one of her vertebrae dislocated, and her body went limp. She crashed to the floor in a heap.

    Turning their attention back to Nina, she was conscious, and no longer breathing heavy, but still had not moved. Marduk prodded her with his boot, rolling her over onto her back. They each grabbed one of her legs. They then forced them in opposite directions, wrenching them hard and tearing her groin muscles. Nina screamed out in agony again. She would be unable to walk now, with no way to support her body weight on torn muscles. To her horror, they took up her legs again. Before she could plead with them, they wishboned her again, furthering the damage done. Fiery pain raced through her crotch and thighs where the muscles had been pulled apart like a carnivore tearing into a large side of beef. Nina could do nothing but blink back tears of pain. She tried to shift weight to her elbow to prop herself up, but her previously broken rib worked against her, stabbing itself into her side. She gasped once and gave up the struggle, opting to slink to the floor instead. Her dislocated knee wouldn't have allowed her to get up even if she had had the strength to do it.

    Anna had not moved since the double piledriver. Marduk took a bottle of water off a nearby table and doused Anna with it, waking her up. Once she was conscious, they both took hold of one of her arms. They stepped over her and put her in a double arm bar. There was a rapid pop-pop sound as her elbows dislocated nearly simultaneously. Then there was a snap as the force of Marduk's arm bar broke her arm below the elbow. Anna screamed in pain at the top of her lungs, shrieking. She kicked her legs, but could not free herself. The agonizing seconds ticked by like hours as she endured the blazing pain of her broken arms being twisted and pulled back. Anna's screaming quickly softened, and her face slackened, as she began to black out from the pain. Marduk let her go, and asked King to do the same, which he did. Anna lay on the floor, her arms clearly broken. Jagged bone had punched through her left forearm where it broke, not a clean break. It would heal badly at best, had it not been for what followed next. Marduk locked up Anna in an ankle lock, bending her foot to one side in a grotesque manner. The delicate tendons in her ankle gave way immediately, snapping and visibly curling up under her skin. Anna screamed again in pain, but she was cut off by King viciously stomping on her back. She arched backward painfully. King drilled another stomp into her back, this time using his heel in an attempt to snap her spine. Anna stopped screaming, unable to. King laid multiple stomps into Anna's spine, finally hearing the crunch that signified her back breaking. Anna slumped limply to the floor. The final blow came when King stomped ruthlessly on Anna's head, bashing her face into the floor. There was another terrible crunch sound as her skull fractured and her jaw shattered. Blood began to leak out her nose and ears. She lay on the floor dead.

    Nina was still laying on the floor. She was completely unable to move, with her myriad broken bones and injuries. Her groin muscles were torn. Her ribs were badly bruised, one broken. Her left knee was dislocated. She finally noticed the huge bloody slash on her stomach. "You can thank yer sister for that one.. she took a swing at my buddy here and he used you like a meat shield. Boom, big ol' knife wound. Don't worry though, we gon' make sure you don't even think about that l'il scratch there." Marduk rolled Nina so she was face down. Nina couldn't even fight back, her injuries piled up too badly. Marduk began to pull back on her head with a camel clutch. Nina groaned in pain as her neck began to be strained. King went back to back with Marduk, and took up her legs. Then they both squatted down, putting her in a combination boston crab and camel clutch. She was lifted off the ground, her body bent into a nasty looking U shape.

    The two of them pulled hard on Nina's body. They could feel her muscles tense up in pain. Her neck and back began to quiver from the exertion placed on them. Nina's arms flailed but found no purchase.

    "Okay King, on three, yank upward as hard as you can." Nina closed her eyes, trying to drown out the countdown to her death.

    "One! .... Two! .... Three!"

    All at the same time, discs in her back crunched, broke and herniated like tectonic plates smashing into each other and shattering. The vertebrae in her neck popped and crunched. The whole event together sounded like bubble wrap popping, only it was the human body breaking. With nothing left to offer resistance, Nina's body bent into a tighter U shape than she had been in. With her neck and back broken, Nina had died a quick death.

    The two held her broken, destroyed body in that position for a while longer, as if to cement their successful defense of the attempted assassination. Marduk twisted Nina's head to the side, crunching more vertebrae, a little post-mortem statement made. They then dropped Nina's shattered and ruined corpse next to Anna's.

    On the other hand, the Williams sisters would never feud again.
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  2. Parasitoro

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    May 30, 2011
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    Wow. Scarily hot. =D
  3. TheCrimsonRisk

    TheCrimsonRisk Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 10, 2010
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    I'm not a big Anna fan, but this was a good way to start the story. Suits her.

    I also enjoyed the transition from the over the shoulder backbreaker to the piledriver. Sick!

    Ow. The double team sections are so well done. There's a nice flow throughout the story too, it never feels like there's too much action. That's a tricky thing to pull off when there's this much close-combat happening at once. It's funny though, you're doing such a wonderful job of describing how damaging these holds and maneuvers are that I think I'm actually going to tone down the descriptions whenever I get around to writing again. You are becoming truly sadistic and I mean that with the utmost respect and admiration.
  4. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Well it was an OTK backbreaker, not the shoulder, but anyway. Semantics and all that. :p

    Also don't you dare tone down anything. lol.
  5. Ginazi

    Ginazi Ryonani Teamster

    Dec 3, 2010
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    I never really liked brutal stories and ryona, you know, with killing and mutilation. But for some reason I've found this piece really hot. OMG, what I am turning into?!

    My favourite part was
    Very suggestive, and I generally like everything connected to female hair in ryona.
  6. Seth

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    Jun 17, 2012
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    I wouldn't mind seeing both of them raped in fron ot each other before, but it's still good work.
  7. pirate1466

    pirate1466 Potential Patron

    Feb 11, 2013
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    This is a great story! Normally, I wouldn't prefer Anna, but the way you described the beatdown, it was amazing. Oh, and I like how you put a bright side as the very last sentence.