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Shadaloo's Finest

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Linkx, Aug 12, 2015.

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    Hello everyone,

    Just thought I'd post this over here as its not my usual haunt but there may be some people who are a fan of this sort of stuff. Ryona is certainly a facet of my interests but not by itself. Still I was pretty pleased with this story for popping it out in a couple hours and the fact I've never really played streetfighter save for alpha 3 ages ago.

    WARNING: Involves loss of bowel/bladder control in moderate detail

    If that warning hasn't scared you off enjoy o.o

    Shadaloo's Finest
    The crumbling walls of the military style building stood around the trio of identically dressed women. Three women stood glaring at each other amidst the billowing smoke and wreckage of the freshly destroyed building. Two stood united staring at a long twin-pigtailed woman. All three rippled with lithe muscular bodies built for fighting poised like a coiled spring ready to bolt into action at a pin drop. "Cammy come back..." The orangey-blond began before her brunette haired partner finished her sentence for her. "Lord Bison won't permit you to leave." The two dolls spoke with robotic precision in such a manner that would seem strange to an outsider. To Cammy though, it was all too familiar. She shook her head vehemently raising her tightly clenched fists in anticipation of them making their move. "I can't Juli... I won't... you can fight it too Juni... he doesn't own you. Try to remember who you are... who you were..." the fighter said trailing quietly feeling an immense sorrow for the brainwashed members of her old unit. Her words seemed to have little effect on the leotard clad pair as the shorter blond held her middle three fingers up speaking in a firm tone. "You have three seconds to profess your intents to come with us or we will act with force." She stopped abruptly before lowering her ring finger, two seconds... her middle finger came down, one second. She dropped her pointer finger and still no answer.

    True to their word they jumped into action the moment darting towards their former compatriot. They knew each others moves having been trained to be the ultimate fighting machines. Cammy was the best however. The fastest, the strongest of The Dolls and even working as a seamless pair the two soldiers would have a difficult time taking her down. The lithe blond was greeted by a flurry of punches and kicks as the pair worked in tandem to breach her defenses. It was almost too fast to see but for each of the fighters it was like a complicated dance. A moment's hesitation as the pair calculated their next move and Cammy saw her opening. Juni lunged forward as Juli held back and Cammy spun meeting her with a crushing axle spinning knuckle. She leaped forward in a spin keeping her arm close to her body using the momentum to lash out. The back of her fist crashed into the side of Juni's face completely diverting her attack sending the orange haired Doll to the ground seeing stars. Juni blinked as she hit the ground hard her world spinning. She felt vague warmth in her uniform and blushed knowing Cammy had knocked the piss out of her. M. Bison would never tolerate such weakness. Juli was ready however and as Cammy knocked Juni to the ground she delivered a powerful spinning arrow kick catching the traitor right in the chest.

    Cammy slid back managing to keep her footing. She growled as Juli engaged her solo while her partner struggled to her feet now sporting a darkened ring of discolored navy blue fabric from where she had slightly wet herself. Without Juni assisting her though Juli's attacks were being repelled with general ease by Cammy's methodical defense. Retaliation was swift and brutal penetrating her guard with a mixture of brute force and precision. A straight punch caught her in the diaphragm knocking the wind out of her. A knee came plunging into her side as a follow-up. Juli cried out in pain when the Cammy's knee came bludgeoning into her side again slamming her kidney's. "J...Juni help." Her voice for the first time had lost its robotic monotone tinged by fear before the red gloved fist caught her cheek in a devastating hook. She stumbled back spinning on her feet in a daze tasting blood. Blood however wasn't the only liquid released; The material of her tights was quickly changing color as she lost control of her bladder. The elite soldier was pissing her uniform and only dimly aware of that fact, feeling the liquid warmth rushing down her legs spatting on the floor in a lukewarm puddle. Cammy felt bad about having to fight them knowing their brainwashing compelled them to fight but couldn't help smirking slightly at the sight of Juni wetting herself. "Now what's M. Bison going to say about that..." she taunted as her competitive nature showed.

    Juni managed to recompose herself by that time and lunged at Cammy from behind. Slipping her arms around the crooks of her elbows she grunted jerking her back pinning the blonde's arms behind her back. "Juli I have her!" she barked. The brunette was still dazed from the sudden beating a trickle of blood running down her chin as her eyes darted to the entwined pair and she pushed her pain and the discomfort of wet clingy leggings out of her mind. The punches came in a series of rapid hits as she repeatedly drove her fist into Cammy's toned midsection. She coughed up flecks of spittle her eyes wide feeling the rapacious assault bruise her pale flesh. Having managed to loosen Juni's hold by just enough she threw all her weight downwards doubling over throwing one of her aggressors over her back. The orange haired doll landed flat on her back with a dull thump. Juli stared in surprise having to jump back in order not to get clobbered by the body of her teammate. Cammy was already flying towards her with a deadly spiral arrow by the time she had landed on her feet. The powerful kick assaulted her bruised body even further leaving her on the brink of defeat. She could feel her bowel quiver in fear wiping the blood from her chin as she swayed slightly on her feet. Still she raised her fists determined to follow orders and bring Cammy in. The wet material of her tights and leotard clung to her skin starting to itch madly as it cooled irritating her epidermis.

    Her pissy suit was the least of her worries however as Cammy wasn't finished. Her fist came with blinding speed driving into her stomach. Her eyes bulged as the force of the blow shook her to her core with such force her weakened body emptied her bowels noisily right into the seat of her uniform. She gasped frantically as the breath was knocked out of her a wet crackling filling the air as the skin tight leotard left none of her evacuation to the imagination. She involuntarily let out a grunt forcing the rest of the load out soft shit spilling down her thighs staining everything it touched a dingy brown. She had little time to realize how mortified she was to have such an accident in front of them as Cammy's foot cracked against the side of her head with a side spin kick and merciful unconsciousness consumed her. She wrinkled her nose at the foul smell seeing the distended bulge in her suit. She whirled around hearing a familiar trickling hissing noise to see Juni had pulled herself to her feet and was in the process of voiding her bladder in fear at what had been done to Juli. Her body trembled as she stared at Cammy with a fearful look. The inner sides of her leggings were completely saturated with piss. The human part of her wanted to run in fear knowing it was a lost fight at this point but the brainwashing was too strong and she couldn't fight it no matter how hard she tried.

    Charging forward she raised her first determined to defeat the traitor for Shadaloo. Determination however is not always a viable measure of success and Cammy tired of wasting time with these two let out a grin as she lunged into a powerful combo of moves. The spin drive smasher led with a spiral arrow; the spinning kick that intercepted her charge. Following that came the cannon spike kick knocking her up into the air. Finishing the rapid series of moves was a flying spinning back kick knocking the poor soldiers body back slamming her against one of the ruined walls. Cammy landed in a kneel beads of sweat glistening on her skin from dealing with these two. Turning to see Juni slumped against the wall she frowned seeing she was still struggling to get off of the wall.

    "Juni you've lost give up..." she said crossing her arms over her chest as she slowly approached her. She was still on her feet but her back was against the wall holding her up. Her breath was labored and she could feel a broken bone or two aching agonizingly with each breath. The sight of Cammy approaching her was too much for her potty training and like her partner a look of horror and disgust filled her face as she vacated her bowels in psychological fright of the woman symbolizing her ultimate defeat approaching her. "N...no" she mumbled shutting her eyes tightly as a firm log of shit pushed its way into her tights. Held firmly in place by her leotard it looked almost comical straining against the thin fabric of her uniform. Once she finished the taut material smushed it against her and she collapsed defeated, exhausted and wearing her own waste.

    Cammy let out a heavy sigh as she quickly retreated from the building they had confronted her in making her way towards the main gate, towards freedom. She ran as fast as her legs would carry her feet pounding against the pavement. She didn't know how her mind control was broken or why all she knew was she had to get to freedom. She was so close she could taste it as the main gate came into view. It began to open revealing a smirking figure just on the other side and Cammy nearly skidded to a halt realizing in horror who was waiting for her. He strode in with a methodical countenance that made her shudder. Her metaphorical father, M. Bison in the flesh escorted by a large division of Shadaloo soldiers entered the grounds the gate shutting with a metallic groan behind them sealing the compound. Cammy knew she was going to have to go through him if she ever wanted to be free but the thought made her feel weak in the knees. "You didn't think I'd let you fly away that easy did you my little killer bee?" he asked with a condescending drawl as he slowly stepped towards her. She just glared back at him determined not to show weakness taking a fighting stance starting to feel the adrenaline flow. "You bastard Lord Bison..." she growled curtly cursing at herself for falling back on her old Doll commands addressing him as lord. The slip-up brought a faint smirk to his face as she charged him leaping into the air. He watched her with cold calculating eyes simply adjusting his cape much like a matador anticipating a raging bull.

    Her spiral arrow kick was met with a flash of psycho energy. The ball of energy lit the fire of pain in her body and her kick fell short as she tumbled to the ground. Refusing to lose her momentum she rolled through and carried her movement into a spike cannon kick rolling up from the ground intent on driving her boot right into that smug face of his. The satisfaction wouldn't come as he seemed to phase backwards catching her by the ankle. She could feel his powerful grip wrapping around her ankle like iron yanking her off the ground. The legion of grunts all around them murmured to themselves. The very soldiers she was in charge of not days before now watched eagerly waiting for her defeat. He yanked her higher with a smirk his fist glowing with dark psycho energy. She struggled wildly flailing with her other leg delivering kick after frantic kick into the side of his head. He barely looked phased by her moves and widened his smirk as he plowed his fist forward charged with psycho energy bashing it against her stomach. "The arrogance, the sheer impunity to think you could break my hold over you!" he shouted in his powerful voice as his fist pounded against her stomach bruising the flesh under her leotard. She coughed up gasping for breath. Her struggling had died, his grip like wrought iron around her all she could do was hang limply in his grasp as he ruthlessly beat her.

    Her moans of pained turned into a pitiful whimper as she felt the control over her bladder quickly weakening. The next hit brought a quit spurt which dampened the gusset of her thong like leotard almost imperceptibly. Desperately she tried to clamp down her he was so strong and it hurt... it was unlike any beating she had ever received. Each powerful hit in the same spot over and over again. The next brought and even longer spurt saturated visible to M. Bison. He sneered seeing the trickle of piss trickling down her stomach leaving a narrow darkened streak stopping just short of her breast. "I trained you better than that!" he bellowed winding back once more for a strong punch into her stomach. She howled in pain as a gush of piss washed through her leotard that lead to a steady stream arcing out of her burbling through the taut fabric before falling down on her discoloring her suit. He paused watching her empty her bladder in her uniform soaking the fabric covering her stomach, covering her breasts and dripping onto her face and hair. She coughed and spit wriggling in his hand her eyes shut tightly. Laughter echoed from the surrounding crowd as the Shadaloo soldiers muttered to themselves watching Cammy helplessly piss herself.

    Her tossed her to the ground a look of contempt on his face.. Cammy ground rolling as she hit the ground. Tears welling in her eyes as she rested a hand on her stomach feeling like her insides were turned to much from the beating M. Bison had given her stomach. She could feel her stomach gurgling painfully. She felt woozy from the pain but still she rose to her feet. She tried to shake off the pain but it impeded her movement. She felt sluggish as she charged M. Bison letting out a pained battle cry. Her speed wasn't helped by the feeling of a piss soaked leotard clinging to her every curve.

    His voice boomed "PSYCHO PUNISHER!" he shouted as his eyes glowed with purple energy catching her by the face with his superior reach lifting her off the ground driving powerful bursts of psycho energy into her stomach before dropping her. Before she could hit the ground he reared back striking with and even more powerful blast purple energy exploding from behind her coursing through her veins. It was pain she had never felt before. Like her Doll partners before her body convulsed and her bowels emptied a soft mush into her leotard. The tight clothing stretched as a brown smudge blossomed on the fabric discoloring it in front of many smirking faces. Waste dribbled from the cuffs smearing her thighs and squishing up her lower back. She was completely and utterly defeated falling to her knees before down onto her stomach barely conscious as her world reeled. Her vision was blurred and she blushed intensely feeling the soiled sensation of her suit pressing against her.

    M. Bison sneered at her grabbing her by the hair holding both pigtails in-hand dragging her off announcing loudly to the Shadaloo soldiers "She is to be re-brainwashed and perhaps... re-pottytrained." he said with a scowl before taking her away leaving only a sordid trail of waste behind her.
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    Nicely done and reither inspiering