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Saved By The Grid - Rikku

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Japaneseruby, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Japaneseruby

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    Saved By The Grid (Final Fantasy X-2)

    Rikku walked across the Thunder Plains, rain soaking her body. Her normally-flowing scarf is almost attached to her from the amount of water it has absorbed. As she approached a boulder, she pulled out a small note and held her hand up over it, shielding it from the rain. The young Al-Bhed smiled wide and put the note in one of her waist pouches. She ran over to the boulder and pulled out one of her daggers, setting the second one to the side. She stabbed at the ground repeatedly, until she heard a loud clanking sound. She set the dagger with the other and moved the wet dirt aside with her hands, finding a small treasure chest, red and gold as they usually are for some reason. She held the chest up, letting the rain rinse off some of the remaining dirt. As she examined the chest, a small group watched her from a distance. Rikku leaned over the small chest as she opened it, trying to keep the contents from getting wet. She looked inside, then pulled out the contents. A single sphere. Rikku looked it over, then smiled. She tossed the chest over her shoulder carelessly and pulled out her garment grid, placing the sphere in the only open slot. Rikku curiously examined the sphere, then took another look at the note. "If this is right... This sphere has the power of a red mage. Physical power, white magic, black magic, the whole deal. Time to find out. Good thing I brought Unnering Path with me." She stopped to think, then frowned. "Though... Paine will be so ticked when she finds out I stole her grid." She then shrugged, smiling wide. "Oh well. She'll get over it when she finds out about this awesome new sphere! Maybe I could even trade it to her for some points!" She nodded and stood up, activating the new sphere. As her thief garb vanished, she felt a new set of clothes appear on her.

    In a flash of light, her abilities and attire changed. Though for some reason, she felt far weaker than usual. Rikku looked down at herself, seeing she was now wearing only her underwear and yellow camisole. Rikku blinked with wide eyes, seeing her rain-soaked clothes. She looked over at her daggers, seeing them gone as well. The nearly-naked girl covered herself and shivered, suddenly feeling cold. "Wait... This normally only happens when a sphere breaks..." She looked at her grid, seeing a crack in the sphere. "I'll have to get it repaired. But first, I need to switch back to-" Rikku's mumbling was cut short due to a kick to the stomach from an unknown assailant. The air rushed from Rikku's lungs and the grid fell from her hands, which quickly went to her stomach as she hunched over. She felt someone grab her arms and hold her in a full nelson. The person must have been at least a foot taller than her, as she was forced on her toes by the person's height. "What... Who are you?!" Rikku demanded, but all she got in return was female voices laughing. Two women approached her, wearing yellow bodysuits and veils over their faces. Rikku recognized them immediately. "Leblanc's little goonies... Let me go, we're supposed to be on the same side now!" One of the goons shrugged. "The boss doesn't know what she is thinking. While she is making buddy buddy with people, you Dullwings are taking all the good spheres. We can't have that. You girls will pay, one at a time. And without your dresspheres..." Rikku gasped. "You planned this!" The second goon shrugged. "We planned to net Yuna, but we can make an example of you just the same. In fact, I think I prefer this. Let's get started, ladies." As Rikku opens her mouth to speak, the two goons take turns punching her exposed belly. "Ooouf! Ooogh! Uurgh!" The young Al Bhed slumped, but the goon holding her merely tightened her grip and held her up. One goon pulled Rikku's bottoms down slightly, then slugged her in her lower belly, getting a weak groan in return. The two goons laughed at Rikku, who weakly squirmed against the one holding her. "She still has some fight in her." "She camped near here, didn't she? How about we take her back and get out of this rain. We can dry off and continue working her over." The three agreed and walked off, dragging Rikku along. One goon made sure to grab Rikku's garment grid as they headed off.

    The three goons entered Rikku's tent and flung her to the ground. She weakly got up and tried to crawl away, but one of the goons grabbed her top and pulled her back. Her wrists were bound and she was lifted to her feet, her bindings then tied to a support pole above her. Two of the goons pulled up chairs and sat down while the third approached Rikku. Rikku weakly tried to free herself from her bindings, but she could barely even move. The goon raised her fists, then jabbed at Rikku, hitting her square in the jaw. Rikku jerked from the blow, then the goon sent a strong punch straight to the belly button. "Oough! No... No more..." The goon grinned from beneath her veil and continued to punch Rikku's lower stomach three times before one of the other two goons stood up. "Alright, sit down. We want turns too." The goon sighed and pinched Rikku's cheek. "Stay awake, I want to have some more fun and it'll be hard if you can't even cry out with that cute little voice of yours." The goon went and sat down, the second goon approaching Rikku. After looking Rikku over, she raised Rikku's chin to make eye contact with her. "Al Bhed eyes always confused me. The swirls... They aren't natural, but they are rather enchanting... They suit you well." She leaned forward and pressed her lips against Rikku's, surprising the weakened Al Bhed. She tried to pull away, but the goon held her face still with both hands. The goon stops and pulls back, smiling at the growing blush on Rikku's face. She then slid one hand down Rikku's body, toying with one of her boobs before going down to her belly. Rikku cried out in pain as the goon dug her fingers into her belly, putting her through a lengthy belly claw. Rikku struggled weakly, trying to move away from the goon's grip, but there was nothing she could do to defend herself. Rikku moaned in pain as the goon slowly moved her fingers up her belly, sending waves of pain through her body. The goon finally stopped, then she placed all of her fingers on Rikku's stomach and quickly raked them across her belly, making the young blonde cry out in pain.

    After placing a quick kiss on Rikku's lips, the goon traded spots with the third goon, who first untied Rikku. She allowed Rikku to drop to the floor, then she kicked Rikku's stomach to make her roll onto her back. She quickly straddled the beaten girl and pinned her arms under her legs. She then began punching Rikku's boobs, making her cry out in agony from each blow. The goon grabbed Rikku's hair and lifted her head, then repeatedly slapped her with her free hand. Rikku whimpered in pain, her cheeks bright red by the time the goon finally released her grip on Rikku's hair. The goon then pinched her covered nipples and raised her up from the ground by her nipples, twisting them as she did. Rikku screamed and struggled until the goon let go, letting Rikku drop roughly back to the ground. The other two goons walked over, the third standing up. All three looked down at the Al Bhed beauty, then the tallest grabbed her arms and dragged her to her feet, placing her in the familiar full nelson. The second goon grabbed her bottoms and pulled upwards, giving her a painful wedgie and making her stick her belly out, which was hungrily pounded on by the third goon. After a few minutes of the beating, Rikku was dropped to the ground. One goon grabbed her legs and put her in a painful boston crab move, another placing her in a camel clutch, completely bending and torturing her body. Rikku whimpered and groaned, not having enough strength to scream by this point. The third goon placed her foot on Rikku's crotch and pressed down, then she walked over to her front and sat down before her, slapping her boobs. After keeping her in the hold for a few minutes, what felt like an eternity to Rikku, she was finally released. The three goons stepped off to the side, talking about what to do to their victim next. As she laid on the ground, imagining the warm beaches of Besaid and wishing she was there. She looked at the goons weakly, wondering what they would do to her next. Rikku rolled onto her back, rubbing her bruised belly. She turned away from the goons, looking for something, anything to get away. She'd even settle for a Potion at this point, or a Budget Grenade. What she saw, however, was something much better. On a chair, one of the chairs the goons were sitting in, was her garment grid. Unnering Path was fully activated from her earlier sphere change, and if she could just reach it, she could use it to perform another sphere change. She looked back at the goons, who had started to argue. One was making some rather painful-looking gestures with her hands, and Rikku decided it would be better to not find out the hard way what she was talking about.

    Rikku dragged herself across the floor, trying to hold in her pained whimpers. She got closer and closer to the garment grid, but she heard one of the goons gasp and run to her. With one last desperate stretch, Rikku reached out and grabbed aimlessly at the chair. The goons covered their eyes from a bright flash of light, illuminating the entire tent. When the goons uncovered their eyes, Rikku was laying on the ground before them, now wearing a blue bodysuit. The goons looked at each other and shared a shrug, then the tallest one grabbed Rikku's hair and dragged her up to her feet. She looked the panting Al Bhed over, not seeing any weapons. "Well, I see we got excited for nothing." She released Rikku and punched her stomach, making her fold over the goon's arm. One goon smirked and licked her lips. "I think I prefer her like this, all covered in spandex." She grabbed Rikku's shoulders and stood her up straight, then brought her fist back, aiming directly for Rikku's face. As Rikku braced for the punch, the top of the large tent was torn off and a flash bomb was released in the air, surprising all of the goons. A thick cord flew down and wrapped around Rikku's waist, lifting her up away from the goons. As their vision cleared, they saw where the cord took their captive... The battle machine, Machina Maw. Rikku laid on the back of it, catching her breath, and she quickly punched in a command on the control panel, opening latches on the sides of the mech. The goons try to run, but thick cords shoot out from Machina Maw and latch onto their wrists, binding them together and raising them high off the ground. Rikku smirked and pressed a button and a painful surge of electricity went through the three goons, the shock magnetized by the rainfall. Rikku turned off the electricity, watching the three goons groan and struggle. Rikku sat up straight, moving her wet hair from her face. "Well, now it is my turn to have a little fun. Ladies, meet Machina Maw."


    Notes - This is my first attempt at posting a decent short story. I plan to do more in the future, but the purpose of this one is to see if my style is along the lines of what is sought in a forum such as this. I hope you enjoyed it. To see the style Rikku is in for most of the story, Google "Rikku bare" and you'll probably get images of her in the described attire. It only happens in the International Final Fantasy X-2 game, and it has something to do with breaking dresspheres. I don't exactly know the details. Well, I'll post another soon, if this one was good.
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    Jun 10, 2010
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    Good read! I really like that there's at least a paragraph of set-up before you get into the action and that you include all kinds of neat little details. A lot of writers of this kind of material like to get straight to the action, but I find that the more we know about the character (their motivations, thoughts, situation) the better it is when the bad stuff starts to happen.
    The length was just about right for these kinds of forums too, methinks. Excellent descriptions as well. You did a nice job of sustaining action without repeating yourself (always a tricky thing to do). I love any ryona that involves wrestling holds, so thanks for that.
    Anyway, I don't want to turn this into a book review, I just thought you should know that i enjoyed this little yarn. It's actually made me think about maybe putting up some of my own stuff (after some major editing, of course). Keep writing!
  3. Japaneseruby

    Japaneseruby Guest

    Really? That actually scared me the most, the build up. It is because these stories went straight to the point, I figured that was how they were supposed to be written. But they always made me wonder what happened before the situation even came about. Though I wonder if I should have included a little more of an ending to it... I'm not sure. Thank you for the kind words. I feel motivated to post another story now. :D
  4. minskirty

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    Oh yeah. It was great. The only complaint I could even fathom about this is say she gets belly punched three times. instead of:
    She took three blows to the belly.
    Put something like:
    She took one, two, three blows to the belly.
    It helps the reader visualize it. and that was just an example. But I loved the story!