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Regina's Last Stand (Once Upon A Time)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by RyonaSensei, Apr 28, 2015.


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  1. RyonaSensei

    RyonaSensei Potential Patron

    Jan 13, 2013
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    "Answer the phone, Swan." Regina says as she continues dialing Emma's number. She still wasn't getting an answer. She peeks around the corner. If she didn't get as far away as possible she was going to be in big trouble. She didn't want to admit it but it was a terrible idea to go in alone.

    Regina had gone in undercover in order to spy on Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent. Unfortunately for her the only one she wasn't able to fool was Rumpelstiltskin. He saw through her and he wasn't going to take any chances with his former student.

    "There you are." Cruella says in Regina's path.

    "Good, it's only you. You're the least of my troubles." Regina prepares a fireball in her hand.

    "Is that so?" She looks unimpressed with Regina as he plan was already in motion. A dog comes from behind Regina and suddenly sinks its teeth into her forearm. Regina loses the fireball immediately.

    "Ah!" She screams she feels its teeth rip into her flesh. She falls down on her knee and instinctively tries pulling it away from the dog. She was in too much of a panic from the pain to consider using her magic yet. "Let go of me!" She orders the dog. Regina grinds her teeth and groans loudly from the dog's teeth spiking her bone.

    Regina finally lifts her left hand and zaps the dog face with lightning causing it to whimper and run away. Regina holds her wrist and uses some of her remaining magic to stop the bleeding. Healing it would take too much out of her if she planned to take them all on. She wasn't taking any more chances with Dev Il so she strikes her with lightning as well sending Cruella through a wall nearby.

    Regina knew all of that would get someone's attention so she gets running again. She was surprised at how far she made it until she had to go by the docks. "Damn it..." Regina wasn't a fool.

    "You knew I was waiting for you, didn't you?" Ursula says as she reveals herself. "Why would I face you when I'm not surrounded by my element?"

    Regina quickly conjures up a fireball and tosses it at her. Ursula's tentacle whips it away and another flies at Regina and knocks her on to the ground. Regina gasps as she feels her spine and the back of her head hit the cement. Her vision had gotten blurry but she wasn't about to just quick. She sits up as the tentacle grabs her already injured arm and squeezes it.

    "Ahhh!" Regina screams in agony as she feels her arm being smashed over its weight.

    "What's that sound? I'll make it louder." Regina arm is crushed and she hears her bone shatter.

    Regina eyes nearly roll into the back of her head as the trauma nearly causes her to pass out immediately. She falls on her eyes moaning softly while looking up into the air. She had never felt so defenseless in her entire life. It releases her arm and falls onto the ground, she whimpers and her hand grips her shatter arm. "Stop..." Regina had never begged for mercy before in her life. This wasn't about killing her... This was about torture.

    Ursula smiles as her tentacle wraps around Regina waist and pulls her up. "We're just getting started." She begins crushing Regina's waist, ribs and spin.

    Regina gasps and struggles for breath as she feels her entire body being crushed. Her good hand grips the tentacle but all she can do is kick her legs weakly and arch her head backwards. She begins coughing up blood as her internal organs were being crushed. She begins to lose consciousness.

    "Not so fast." The tentacle suddenly dunks Regina into the water and keeps it there. This not only wakes Regina up but gives her a rush to begin struggling again. She hadn't taken a breath or had time to hold her breath. Her lungs were feeling with water and she couldn't breathe. It was the worst experience of her life.

    Ursula waits for the bubbles to stop before pulling Regina back up. Regina had come up conscious. Ursula wasn't about to have that. She suddenly squeezes Regina's lungs again not only breaking a rib but forcing that water out. Regina forcibly coughs up the water and blood violently.

    "Please... just... kill me..." Regina begs Ursula, this was just too much. Ursula brings Regina down so she could get a closer look.

    "Well... look what we have here. That's not just water... I see tears. Is the Evil Queen crying? Is the Evil Queen begging?" Ursula was enjoying this. Regina lifts her hand and with the last of the magic she has she grabs the tentacle holding her and electrocutes them both. Ursula fries and she falls back unresponsively. Regina is electrocuted to the full extent of her own power. She falls from Ursula and her body shakes from the electricity flowing through her body. She lies in agony and moaning in disarray.

    Regina is awakened by a hard hit to the face. "Agh!" She screams as she feels her jaw nearly break. She was tied to a chair and Rumpel had struck her in the face with his old cane. "Do you know what it's like to use one of these things? It's aggravating." He then takes it a slams it into her gut. She screams and has lost all of her nerve. She breaks down into tears before him.

    "This is truly disappointing Regina. If it means anything now, you were my best student at least." He takes his cane and then begins thrashing her leg with it. Regina screams and cries in agony. He doesn't stop until he is sure that her kneecap has imploded. Regina coughs up more blood as she screams. When Rumpel finally stops, Regina shakes uncontrollably.

    He takes out his dagger and looks it over. "I'll end your misery now. If it makes this any easier, when Swan becomes dark and kills everyone she loves. I'll keep Henry safe." He says not doing it for her sake but for his son. He turns to look at her face. Regina had nothing to say. Her head was faced away from her, her lips trembling, tears in her eyes and a look of dread he'd never seen on her before.

    He wasn't going to enjoy this but for his happy ending everyone who wasn't with him was against him. Her happiness meant nothing to him now. All that lies ahead was his happy ending. He snaps and the rope releases Regina from the chair. His powers forced her to her feet as Rumpel sank his blade into her gut.
    "Mm!" Regina's mouth is left agape. She looks down at the blade at her gut and she slowly places her hands around the wound. She looks at Rumpel with a look of sorrow and regret. She had a stare that could only ask why he would do that to her. He pulls the knife out of her and she gasps as he does. She moans very softly as she falls to her kneels and slowly falls down sideways but lands on her back. Her legs bend and her back against the wooden floor. She lies next to the fire. Her vision slowly went to black as her eyes closed for good. At the same moment that her fire goes out so does the one in the fireplace. Rumpel looks down at the waste that was his best student. But now his last obstacle was out of the way and it was time to finish his business with the Author.

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  2. wilhitewarrior

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    Jan 7, 2013
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    Nice! Really good, looking forward to the next one :)