Rakion Ryona


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Hi Guys ,
im making ryona vids , most of them now are : rakion (i think theres good material here , no guro, just good moves on girl character), have some of others , im thinking on making more doa , mk4 and sc6 vids.
if you have any request just pm me.
Here's my yt channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC20N07sfd7LYEbX5PWHLjcQ
some piks of rakion game .
what do you think of this game?

imagen_2021-04-22_230612.png imagen_2021-04-22_230642.png imagen_2021-04-22_230709.png imagen_2021-04-22_230722.png imagen_2021-04-22_230737.png imagen_2021-04-22_230756.png imagen_2021-04-22_230812.png imagen_2021-04-22_230834.png imagen_2021-04-22_230909.png
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