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OC Fight: Bachou vs Karate Girl

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Baku|Haku, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Mar 25, 2012
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    (Before we start I would like to thank Rahzel. And post the imagues of this two characters:
    Leiko Hisako (Baku)
    Zoe (Rahzel)

    The Set Up: There's terror on the school, A girl named Leiko has taken over. She love pushing "girls around" and does whatever she wants to guys.
    It is time for someone to put up to her, That someone is Zoe. She has challeged Leiko to a combat in her dojo. It is time for her to face the consecuenses of her actions.

    [22:17] * Leiko|Haku is stepping into Zoe's dojo, She is holding a letter that reads of a challengue. She has a wide grins on her face. This is going to be fun to do.
    [22:19] <Leiko|Haku> As she walkes into the dojo she is swinging her bamboo swoard all around the place, knocking over trophies and a couple of lost studdents that seem too distracted to notice her.
    [22:19] <Leiko|Haku> "Out off my way! I gots a bitch to beat"
    [22:19] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [22:20] <Zoe> Zoe had challenged a woman named Leiko to a fight. Leiko was nothing more than a bully and Zoe wanted to put her in her place. Zoe had her usual attire on, a Karate GI. Zoe was sitting on her knees in the dojo when she heard a commotion. Zoe rose up and turned her attention to the sound, obviously Leiko was here. Zoe waited for her to get to her.
    [22:20] <Zoe> (yt)
    [22:22] * Leiko|Haku enters by kicking the sliding door open
    [22:23] <Leiko|Haku> "Hey! Sorry for being late I found this losers on the way"
    [22:23] * Leiko|Haku grabs a guy that is unconssious into the room.
    [22:23] <Leiko|Haku> "So, Theres five more of this where do you want them?"
    [22:23] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [22:25] <Zoe> "I should've expected as much from you." Zoe said to her shrugging off what she had done. She yelled to the other students "Everyone get out of her, and make sure the injured ones are attended to!" Zoe turned to look at Leiko. "It's just you and me now, you're going to pay for what you've done." Zoe said to her in a cold tone.
    [22:25] <Zoe> (yt)
    [22:27] * Leiko|Haku has a sadistic smile on her face, She rushes towrds Zoe screaming. She swing her sword with out any technique or sence. She fights like a wild animal.
    [22:27] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [22:30] <Zoe> Zoe wasn't ready for Leiko to strike. She barely dodged her opponent's first attack which was sloppy. As Zoe moved to the side, after Leiko moved past her Zoe rushed at her and threw a chop for the side of her neck.
    [22:30] <Zoe> (yt)
    [22:32] * Leiko|Haku evades the chop by giving a small jump backwards. She then swing her sword horizontally so it may hit Zoe on her ab
    [22:32] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [22:33] <Leiko|Haku> *her abs
    [22:34] <Zoe> Zoe was surprised when Leiko evaded her attack. 'How did she know, she couldn't see it?!' Zoe thought to herself. Before she could finish her thought, Leiko's sword slammed into her stomach causing her to double over in pain. Zoe grabbed at her abs as she was bent over. She stumbled away from Leiko to get some distance so she could catch her breath. Zoe ignored the pain and entered a fighting stance. She moved quickly at Leiko
    [22:34] <Zoe> (yt)
    [22:36] * Leiko|Haku smiles, She bends her knees and takes a sword slashing stance. Her smile makes it obvious that it's a trap and her eyes are just waiting to Zoe to get closer.
    [22:36] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [22:38] <Zoe> Zoe moved closer to Leiko who was now in a strange stance. Zoe didn't know what to do so she warily moved towards her. When she got close enough she through a quick palm strike to her chest.
    [22:38] <Zoe> (yt)
    [22:39] <Leiko|Haku> "Got you!"
    [22:41] <Leiko|Haku> With a quick movement, Lieko evades the palm stike to "slash" her with her sword. Maily she just get's really close really fast and hit's Zoe on the knee.
    [22:41] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [22:42] <Zoe> Zoe felt nothing but air as her palm strike whiffed. This left her wide open suddenly without warning Leiko had smacked Zoe in the knee with her sword. This sent Zoe falling to the ground clutching at her knee in obvious pain.
    [22:42] <Zoe> (Yt)
    [22:45] * Leiko|Haku comes closer, She giggles as she is comming closer to the poor girl. "Lookie here". Leiko then smacks again Zoe's knee with the bamboo sword. She does this around three times more as she laughs
    [22:45] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [22:47] <Zoe> Zoe lied on the ground clutching her knee. She heard Leiko laugh as she got closer to her. Zoe unable to defend herself took a few strikes to the knee from Leiko's sword. On Leiko's next swing Zoe was able to catch her opponent's sword. Ignoring the pain in her leg Zoe sprang up and quickly threw a straight punch to her oppoent's stomach as she held onto the sword.
    [22:47] <Zoe> (yt)
    [22:48] <Leiko|Haku> "What the---"
    [22:48] <Leiko|Haku> "Uggh!"
    [22:49] * Leiko|Haku is not used to being punch, At least not anymore. It's been a while since anybody was even able to do anything to her. However she does not let go of the sword. That thing it's like her pride
    [22:49] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [22:50] <Zoe> "You can't rely on your weapon if you want to win." Zoe said to Leiko still holding onto her sword. Zoe then threw a punch at Leiko's face.
    [22:50] <Zoe> (yt)
    [22:50] <Leiko|Haku> "Uugh!"
    [22:52] * Leiko|Haku looks at Zoe, "You're right!. You shouln't do it, Specially when it's not yours!"
    [22:53] * Leiko|Haku pulls the sword hoping than in doing this Zoe will be pulled with it. She waits to see the result and if it works she prepares a headbutt
    [22:53] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [22:56] <Zoe> Zoe would not let go of Leiko's sword. Keeping her grip the best she could when all of the sudden Leiko yanked on the sword and pulled Zoe towards her. Zoe, not prepared for this, is pulled with it. Next thing she knew Leiko had slammed her in the head with a devastating headbutt. Zoe's head rocked back as she was stunned. She grabbed at her head as she tried to compose herself.
    [22:56] <Zoe> (yt)
    [22:58] * Leiko|Haku uses this momentum to deliver a devastating round house kick to the Karate's girl stomach.
    [22:58] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [22:59] <Zoe> Zoe too focused on the pain in her head took the kick to her stomach full force. The blow caused her to crumple forward grabbing at her stomach. She fell to her knees and leaned forward with one hand on the ground and the other grasping her stomach..
    [22:59] <Zoe> (yt)
    [23:00] * Leiko|Haku puts her sword gently over Zoe's neck. "Now...."
    [23:00] <Leiko|Haku> "Where were we?"
    [23:01] * Leiko|Haku hits the back of Zoe's head.
    [23:01] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [23:03] <Zoe> Zoe was still sitting there prone on her knees. She felt as Leiko put her sword against her neck. She looked Leiko in the eyes through blurry vision as Leiko taunted her. Before she knew it Leiko smacked her sword into the back of Zoe's head. Zoe grabbed at the back of her head as she still sat on her knees. That sword was doing some damage.
    [23:03] <Zoe> (yt)
    [23:05] * Leiko|Haku put's her foot on Zoe's back and pushes her, "Come on!, Beg!"
    [23:05] * Leiko|Haku rises her sword with the intent to hit her on the shoulders
    [23:05] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [23:08] <Zoe> Zoe felt as Leiko put her foot on Zoe's back and then she pushed and taunted her. Zoe replied "I'll never beg, I don't want your mercy!" Zoe felt pain all over her body and Leiko made sure she'd feel more. Leiko smacked her in the should with her blade. This caused Zoe to grab at her shoulder.
    [23:08] <Zoe> (yt)
    [23:10] * Leiko|Haku laughs at the spirits this girl has, Finally someone with some courague!. Her grin becomes more sadistic and wide. Her pupils are becoming smaller. Her pulse runs wild
    [23:11] <Leiko|Haku> "Gwaaaahahahahaha!"
    [23:12] * Leiko|Haku delivers a pushing kick to Zoe before she takes a few steps back and Roun kicks Zoe's back
    [23:12] <Leiko|Haku> "I'll tell you a little secret, I beated all your boys to know what kind of dojo I am fighiting, Give them some credit they endured more that you!"
    [23:12] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [23:14] <Zoe> Zoe, still on her knees, felt as Leiko gave her a pushing kick. Next thing Zoe knew Leiko had slammed her foot into Zoe's back causing her to fall forward on her face. She writhed on the floor from the pain in her body. She heard as the girl taunted her again and that hurt her almost as much Leiko's assault. Zoe struggled to get her feet, but couldn't muster the strenght.
    [23:14] <Zoe> (yt)
    [23:15] * Leiko|Haku uses her sword as a cane and keeps tounting the Karate girl
    [23:16] <Leiko|Haku> "Hey! Come on!. I tough I was gonna pain for what I've done"
    [23:16] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [23:18] <Leiko|Haku> *pay for what I've done"
    [23:19] <Zoe> Zoe had finally reached her knees and was using her hands to keep herself up. She tried to get back to her feet, but her body wasn't able to do so. The girl continued to taunt her "You will pay for what you've done, someone else will stop you." Zoe said while breathing heavily.
    [23:19] <Zoe> (Yt)
    [23:22] * Leiko|Haku 's grin fades away. A million question appear on her mind, This is maybe a trap. Maybe this bitch has a million dudes on the back. Is she taunting her back?.After all that she can still fight?
    [23:22] <Leiko|Haku> "Why...You little...."
    [23:22] * Leiko|Haku sweeps Zoe with her sowrd
    [23:22] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [23:23] <Zoe> Zoe felt as Leiko swept her with her sword and she fell onto her face once again. Zoe lied there on her stomach before flipping herself onto her back. The pain in Zoe's body was almost too much to bear. She continued to struggle to her feet, but she couldn't get up.
    [23:23] <Zoe> (yt)
    [23:27] * Leiko|Haku pushes Zoe's head with her feet. Once she makes sure the Karate girl kisses the floor she stomps her.
    [23:28] <Leiko|Haku> (yt)
    [23:29] <Zoe> Zoe felt as Leiko pushed her face into the floor. Next thing she knew Leiko had smashed her foot into the back of Zoe's head. The blow knocked her out immediatly as Zoe went limp.
    [23:29] <Zoe> (yt)
    [23:30] * Leiko|Haku rolls Zeo over. She looks in delight the foolish girl face, Yet she feels insecure. Not once she begged. Not once she shivered.
    [23:30] <Leiko|Haku> "Why...Why you..."
    [23:31] * Leiko|Haku shakes her head and takes a rope. She uses it to knot Zoe's feet and she drags the poor girls body to the dojo's door. There many of the students and Zoe's classmates are waiting outside. They all gaps in terror as her savior is dragged like a mere doll. Leiko then uses a piece of wire she found on the floor to bind Zoe's hands to the door. The messague is clear. Don't fuck with Leiko.

    [23:31] <Leiko|Haku> (fin)
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