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Natalie vs Vivian

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by galvatron88, May 8, 2015.

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    Vivian Natalie

    Just out side a small town in Louisiana, a large gathering of teenagers and other young people surrounds an arena like cage. In the cage standing toe to toe are two young girls. the girls names are Natalie and Vivian.

    these two girls have been rivals ever since the first grade. Vivian: a posh little rich girl who has everything handed to her on a silver platter. she is very beautiful with dazzling features but shes spoiled, mean and quite arrogant. she wants to bulldoze the local youth center for lost children to put up her dads new bank. but Natalie is not about to let that happen.

    Natalie: a not so poor white girl who lives in the projects. She is cute at best but is very boyish looking. shes more down to earth and nice for the most part but is too very arrogant because of her large size and tough girl attitude. she can be mean at times and has been know to be very vengeful and spiteful, When she was thirteen she slept with Vivian's boyfriend just to get back at her for stealing her pencils. So Natalie dose have a mean spirit, but she dose love children and she helps around the youth center from time to time.

    Both girls stand toe to toe starring hard into each others eyes. Natalie towers over Vivian like a giant red wood tree.Vivian's face is met with two C cup breasts heathing up and down as Natalie breaths. but an arrogant smirk comes across Vivian's face as she looks up at her tall curvy opponent.

    Natalie begins to get mad at her insulting gesture. "What you smilin at bitch ?" Natalie says unintelligently.

    Vivian answers, " oh you'll find out chunky."

    ROUND 1 FIGHT!!!

    Natalie got into a typical boxing stance. She use to take boxing when she was little but slowly gave it up due to laziness.

    Vivian on the other hand got into a mma like posture. what vivian meant earlier was she had been taking mma and other martial arts since she was 4 and she is now a teacher of the sport and has her own school in another town.

    " Hey chunky." Vivian says with a smirk. The remark makes natalie stop dead in her tracks her head straitens up like a chicken. With an angry but confused look on her face is at attention. "WHAT!" Natalie says loudly. " IM going to prove your inferiority." Vivian replies. Natalie eyes cross from confusion." Talk english bitch." Natalie Yells as she rushes vivian with a two slow jabs and a very unbalanced right cross. Vivian dodges and sways all of Natalies slow but powerful attacks, Natalies thighs jiggle up to her bubble butt as she tries her hardest to hit her. you could almost here the wind crack as Natalie swings wildly." HA HAA HA HOO." Natalie grunts. Some kids on the sidelines cheer for Natalie "GO NATALIE GO!!!" their yells can be heard louder then anyone else.

    As Vivian dodges, she gropes Natalie's big butt. Natalie's eyes widen with anger, Her teeth grit with irritation as she turns around with another big punch only to miss the nimble little Vivian. " See, you're too fat and slow Natalie, you'll never beat a girl like me." Vivian says trying to get under Natalie's skin. she succeeds because by now Natalie is seeing red. " RRRRRRRROOOOOAAAAAARRRR!!!! im GON BEAT UR ASS U SKINNY BITCH!!!!" Natalie yells and screams with passionate rage.

    Just then Vivian Punches Natalie in the mouth. The sizable young girl head snaps back and fourth, her large lips bounce and quiver up and down making her face look like it was made of jello. Her eyes glaze over like she was sleepy. "uuuugh" The girls then go into a flurry of blows for a moment but Vivian knew if she kept that up Natalie would over power her. So she kept dodging and backstepping sticking Natalie in her face and belly. Natalie chases Vivian all around the ring all the while getting pummeled by vivians punches. the punches stung Natalies tender soft belly making it unccomfortable and painful.

    Natalie is foolishly playing right into Vivians trap. she wants to tire her out to get her weak. Natalie being as gullible and short sighted as she is cant see it. "pant, pant, stand still ho pant, so i can wollip you one."Nataile says tired and overtaxed.

    DING DING DING the bell sounds signaling the end of round one. both girls go to their respective corners. Vivian although a bit sweaty isnt tired at all. she sits with her hard but beautiful thighs spread wide as her trainers recover her. In the opposite corner Natalie plops down on her stool jiggling in curtain places in the process. She huffs and puff trying to catch her breath. Her chests heaves up and down dramaticly as sweat drips from her chin down in her cleavage.


    ROUND 2 FIGHT!!!!

    both girls spring up hitting their gloves. Vivian then begins to throw lighting fast jabs and left and rights hooks Making Natalie go on the defense. The fleshy tall girl is backing against the ropes with her hands up to protect her face. Vivian then gos for Natalies Cushy delicate gut. "OOF OOF OOF OUF OOF OOF OOOUUF SNORT OOOF...." The impact from each punch can be seen through Natalies rippling belly fat, Her fat rump bounces and wobbles as her body hops in the air from vivians strong uppercuts. the pain can be seen in her face as she grunts and moans from her agony.

    " and this is for taking my boyfriend away!!!" 'BAM' OOOOAAASSSP!??! Vivian kicks Natalie so hard in her pussy that her toe got caught inside. Natalies back arches so far her bubble butt rose about five feet into the air. her eyes widen so big they looked like windows. her eyes rolled into the back of her skull and spit and blood flew out of her mouth.

    she falls to the floor holding her and protecting her bruised pussy. she moans and groans loudly crying in pain rolling around on the ground. Vivian smiles and grabs the poor Natalie by the hair and raises her up onto her knees. "Had enough fatty." Vivian says. Natalie crying sniffling and snorting like a baby. snot and blood can be seen running down the poor girls face.

    Vivian then rears back for a punch, Natalie looks on in horror, just then the bell rings DING DING DING DING. thats the end of round two.

    Both girls go to there respective corners, Vivian just sits again spreading her thighs wide for everyone to see her woman hood. Natalie again plops down like a ton of bricks. the poor girl wheezes and gasp as she tries to catch her breath. the children on the side line cry out. "YOU CAN DO IT NATALIE!!" but Natalie isnt thinking about the kids or the youth center. Shes thinking about getting the hell out of there.

    ROUND 3 FIGHT!!!

    Vivian springs up pounding her gloves together bouncing up and down. while Natalie slowly gets up with a scared about to cry look on her face. Her hands are down by her belly protecting it. as she slowly and cautiously eases forward, Vivian is already in the air over Natalies head for a superman punch. Natalies eyes widen with horror, She tries to move out of the way but she is too big and slow. "Not so tough now are you fatty!!" Vivian yells as she comes down on Natalie and slams her fist right in Natalies temple bashing her skull in.

    Natalies head pops up and back throwing her against the ropes. Her eyes are white and her tongue slides out of her mouth. Natalie just stood there looking at the sky with her tongue out, her hands lazily by her sides, not knowing where she is right now. Vivian then kicks the poor dumb Natalie in her soft meaty belly. a deep nasty sounding oof came from Natalie. "OOOOFF" Natalie just drops to the floor like a limp doll face down. her bubble butt jiggles slightly as her mushy face mashes against the mat in an ugly manner.

    "VIVIAN IS YOUR WINNER!!!" the crowed cheers but in the mist of it all you can hear kids crying for they knew they lost there youth center. Natalie just lays there like a fat slug, she knew she let everybody down.

    the next day, the youth center was bulldozed, The kids where left on the streets and Natalie in in the hospital suffering from mild brain damage.