My Backbrounds Trunk (215 700x825 Images) Updated:13/7/2012


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Feb 4, 2012
Awesome. The tomb raider one is really great and the "other worlds 3" is simply stunning. I think a fem. shepard costume is needed now :).


All of these are so good that I forgot what site I was on. Beautiful work.


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Aug 30, 2012
By chance can you reupload. All of them are now unable to be seen
Nada was last seen Nov 24, 2012 so it's very unlikely he will re-upload them. It's also unlikely because of the age of the thread that current users have copies still or remember which were made by Nada. However if there is a particular category of backgrounds you want I would still make a request and be sure to link to this thread.

For anyone who has some of Nada's backgrounds and would like to share them, please upload off site.
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