Leotard Catwoman for Haydee + .XPS


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work. Thx for help: to HarleySin on DeviantArt with .XPS edits.

Mod is for this game Haydee on Steam. There is semi, gloss and matte options same as you can use full or more open suite.

To turn on the mod simply put LeotardCat.pack into your Steam\SteamApps\common\Haydee\Packs folder.

What to do with .XPS?

You can open it with XNALara tool. XNALara on DeviantArt, Core Design With enough experiece you can edit and port it to different games. Mosttly +/- easy onces - source engine based, like Half-Life 2 and etc.

If you want to see more mods like this you can support us by donation on:

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Any future plans under this mod?

- 1. No updates are in plans under Haydee mod or .XPS.
(?). 2. With low chances mod will be ported into Resident Evil 2 as playermodel by changing one of Claire suits.

Games we currenly looking to do mods for: Resident Evil 2/3, The Talos Principle, Control, Haydee/Haydee 2 (2020), VTMB2 (2021). If there will be requests - L4D2, Garry's Mod. Probably: Warhammer: Total War II.


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