Lara Shadow of Tomb Raider personality and costumes

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Lora Craft

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Jul 16, 2017
The next game Shadow of Tomb Raider will be out this year and how do you think it will be Lara's personality and costumes this time?

Will it be the super discreet costumes of the last 2 games or something else that reminds you of the most classic games?

Rhianna Pratchett is no longer involved in the development of the games of the series and perhaps changes a little as Lara is presented.
Some people have said that the feminist touch of Rhianna Pratchett made Lara strange to the point that she was considered a lesbian because of her excessive preoccupation with Sam in the first game, not paying so much attention to her other friends trapped on the island ...

For me what draws attention in this current series and the violence exaggerated and gratuitous, with Lara firing at dying enemies without mercy, but at the same time Lara not having sensuality or humor ...

Why this can

But this can not?

If it is to make a game where the female protagonist acts like a man, talks like a man, fights like a man, interacts with everyone as a man and dresses up as a man, so why not play the game with a male protagonist since start?

A serious and violent Lara is a good substitute for an old Lara who was more confident and (Not exaggeratedly) sensual ??

This is MY opinion and I respect DIFFERENT opinions of other people


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Apr 25, 2015
I like Lara in both many versions for variety reason. I think this topic has been of talk many many times and many of your thought has been answered and responded to many times in more populationed sites.

Both version have different point.

Oringal Lara is strong avatar but weak character. She confident, sexy, memorable but how many voice she get? How is she grow as character? Very little.

New Lara reset and from beginning they want to make her have growth. This mean she is not confident and need more expression. When you have regular person Lara doing boring things it is odd to see her in sexy outfit and just being very professional from start. It not the direction the game director desire and if they use original style Lara it will not fit at all.
New Lara has other problem. she boring and can already guess her story from 5 minute of play but it necessary step when developer want to include stronger story than in past.

Why not man.... I don't want to say into this more than what I will right now. It has been answer many time in other places with similar thought but this very idea is very sexist and say more about your logic of thought to be women should not be something outside of what your mental image of them should be. This sort of thinking sadly very common and I think stop growth of interesting character.

Lesbian lara is fan shipping like mercy and pharah :oops:, tracer and widowmaker, barret and cloud

Old lara still here in smaller game like guardian of light. I enjoy a lot too but can see how in this one her character is simple. The big games her character need more emotion so requirement different. Her avatar need more fitting to realism and story. i hope we find good middle one day.


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Jul 13, 2017
I think in the matter of clothes the game should have the new, more discreet characters that characterize Lara now and also dresses more like the old ones for conservative fans.
Who likes the modest style of the current clothes, use them.
Anyone who likes the old style more free and sexy, the game would still have clothes like that.
A solution that appeals to all types of fans and does not force them to play with a type of clothing they do not like.

In relation to personality the new Lara is very serious and obstinate, with the old Lara being more humorous and less violent in comparison.
Although I like the new games, I still prefer the old personality.

Longing for games like Tomb Raider Legend.

But overall I think most of the players in the current series do not care much about all these details.


Ryonani Teamster
Dec 15, 2009
for killing i think i mostly prefer the old Lara, i like my defeated heroines confident! my hope is that by the end of this game new Lara will become something like old Lara.

also JEEEEZ i hope they go back to the TR 2013 style of death voices/animations! the RotTR deaths were very sad by comparison.
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