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Kokoro's Training: First Pro Wrestling Match

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Sora, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Trying something new. Want to include a story on every set that I post (not every photo, necessarily). But, I think it just makes things interesting and gives some sort of direction when I take pics.

    This particular story is very stupid in a sense. It's willful ryona, and would probably never happen in a ryona situation. But that's the beauty of fiction, isn't it? :p

    UPDATE:Wrote both the prequel chapter and chapter 1. Enjoy!

    Kokoro's First Pro Wrestling Match - Prequel

    “You’re no match for me, darlin’!”

    Kokoro was on the losing end of her battle against Tina. She felt that one more move would inevitably defeat her, but Tina seemed to be just as energetic as ever. It had been a full ten minutes since the fight began yet her movement was still very agile.

    Kokoro, on the other hand was on her last legs. Her whole body was drenched - a mix of water from the ruins and her own sweat. She was also getting dizzy from the tropical heat and combined with the beating she’s received from Tina, could barely keep her eyes open.

    Before she knew it, Tina was already behind her.

    “What are you lookin’ at? Not keeping an eye on the prize is a no-no, sweetie!”


    Tina reached out and grabbed Kokoro from behind. She puts her into a full-nelson hold with little effort. Kokoro was barely resisting as her arms slid through Tina’s elbows, almost setting herself up for Tina’s submission move.


    “And now, you’re gonna pay!” Tina said proudly.


    Tina raised her arms up and got a good hold of Kokoro’s neck. In a sweeping instant, she snaps her neck - not enough to seriously injure her but enough to put Kokoro out of commission. Kokoro’s body immediately went limp and her consciousness faded into black.


    Kokoro’s body fell against Tina’s, her head slumped and her arms dangling from Tina’s elbows. Kokoro’s back leaned firmly against Tina’s body and chest. “Nighty-night, girl!” Satisfied, Tina let go of the hold and gently pushed Kokoro forward. Kokoro landed like a sack of potatoes, face-first onto the water.


    But, a mix of the water and the impact woke Kokoro up ever so slightly. However, still very dazed, she lifted her face out of the water and propped herself up against the floor. She began shaking her head, trying to regain awareness of the situation.

    “Oh, still awake and kickin’, are we darlin’? I like a fighter, but I’m about to put an end to this show!”


    She effortlessly props Kokoro up and reaches out to her exposed breasts. Even in her groggy state, Kokoro instinctively lowers her arm to prevent Tina’s hand from reaching her. However, this was exactly what Tina was looking for.

    Seeing her female opponent fall for her trick, she immediately reaches to Kokoro’s waist instead, twists her body upside down and puts Kokoro into her signature piledriver position in one fluid motion. Kokoro tries with every ounce of her remaining might to resist the hold, but to no avail. All she manages is to hold on tightly to Tina’s legs in an effort to lessen the blow.

    Tina takes a few moments to secure the hold. “You put up a good fight, darlin’. But, this is…”

    Tina slightly jumps forward and lands on her knees, delivering a thunderous piledriver to Kokoro’s head. “… the END!”


    Kokoro’s body falls limp once again. She lands squarely on her head, jerking her neck to the right. This shock alone knocks her back into unconsciousness. Her body lands, this time back-first, onto the water. Her loose breasts rocked back and forth from the impact while her hands and feet fall completely flat and still. Her head slowly twists to the side, her expression blank and innocent.


    Tina smiles and looks down at the unconscious Kokoro. She admires her prone body for a few moments. She grazes her hands over Kokoro’s wet and sweaty body, briefly caressing her breasts and face. For a fighter, Kokoro’s body was still very soft - gentle to the touch. Tina is expressionless as she traces her fingers along Kokoro’s midsection, gently whistling her admiration of Kokoro’s body. Despite all this, Kokoro shows no sign of reaction, lying as still as the water beneath her.


    “It really is a shame. You pulled off some good moves. Hell sugar, you’re too cute to be a fighter and you even have a serious looking body. Sigh… what’s with the Asian chicks in this tournament all having big boobs and asses anyway? They’re almost as big as mine, seriously unfair…”

    Shaking her head with a snicker, Tina stands up and brushes herself off.


    “Can’t exactly leave a beautiful thing like her here can I?” She picks Kokoro up and takes her to the nearby DOATEC medical tent. They tend to the injured contestants after every match is over.

    She lays Kokoro on one of the beds and calls for a doctor. She pulls up the blanket to cover Kokoro’s body. She then notices a pen and paper on the side of the table. Remembering a question Kokoro asked earlier during their fight, she writes a quick note on the paper, smiles, and turns to leave the tent.

    Once outside, she looks back to the tent. “Go see my dad, sweetie. And I hope we can fight again.”


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  2. Raden

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    lol. I didn't expect that to be so short, but hey, it was funny that way.

    At the end though, you said she was limp in Bayman's grasp, not Bass. heh.
  3. Sora

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Lol, you're right. I actually decided to update it with not only the full chapter 1 and HD pictures but also uploaded the prequel chapter. :)

    That said, below is the full chapter 1. Enjoy!

    Chapter 1
    “Are you ready, baby doll?” Bass was screaming in the midst of the roaring crowd.

    “Hai, Bass-san!” Kokoro replied cheerfully.

    Bass and Kokoro were in the middle of the DOATEC ring, priming up the crowd for a side exhibition match. Bass had been on tour when Kokoro approached him regarding her recent loss to his daughter, Tina. Kokoro had lost in a side tournament match to Tina and while she was technically the better fighter, Tina shrugged off most of Kokoro’s blows and seemingly had a lot more stamina. She asked Tina on where she trained her endurance. She didn’t answer during the fight, but she found Tina’s phone number lying next to her in the medical tent. Tina answered and directed Kokoro to Bass.

    Kokoro then asked Bass to train her in the same way he trained Tina. Bass wholeheartedly agreed and set up this exhibition match with her.

    “But, Bass-san, I still don’t get why I need to wear a bikini to this match.” Kokoro was relatively a conservative fighter among the ladies in the Dead or Alive tournament circuit. She normally wears traditional kimonos or dress shirts, but she rarely wore something this revealing, especially twice in a row. She was wearing her two piece bathing suit that only barely covered her shapely chest and lower extremities. She didn’t feel embarrassed in the slightest, but was confused why Bass had requested that she wear a bathing suit for this exhibition.

    Bass explained, “Honey, you fought Tina right? Did you see what she wore? Wearing as little as possible is a training method she and I developed. It gives her body very little protection so that she can always toughen her body up in every fight!”

    Indeed, Kokoro remembered the very revealing outfit Tina was wearing, even for a bathing suit. It had her chest practically exposed and her long legs bare. Tina called it her “regular outfit”. Kokoro thought of this as a weakness at first and started targeting Tina’s exposed areas. But when she thought she made solid contact with Tina’s chest area for instance, she felt that it was fairly developed and that her strikes somewhat recoiled back--her large breasts almost seemed like shields. Whenever she hit her, Tina simply smiled, seemingly in her pain.

    Making up her mind, Kokoro shook her head and readied her stance. “You’re right. Onegaishimasu, Bass-san!”

    “That’s the spirit!” Bass replied. The crowd roared behind him.

    Bass and Kokoro had planned this exhibition out prior. Since it was mainly to boost Kokoro’s defense and stamina, Bass would almost always initiate the offense and Kokoro would try to counter it. In the event that she cannot, she would try to take the hit as best as she could. This made practical sense in Kokoro’s mind.


    As agreed upon, Bass makes his first move. He dashed behind Kokoro with surprising agility, but Kokoro was able to keep her eye on him the entire time. She watched him as he got directly behind her and winded up for a big grapple. She readied her body for the pending attack. As is the foundation of her style, she tensed her muscles to be solid yet flexible. Knowing that Bass is a grappler, she knew his strategy was to take her off her center of gravity. Her job was to use his own momentum against him.

    “Okay, let’s start with something a little bit easy.” Bass said with a smile. He reached out with his big muscular arms and grabbed Kokoro’s head.


    This was something Kokoro did not expect. Given that she was wearing very little and her experience from her matches with other males, she was fully expecting for Bass to take advantage and go for her exposed body parts. She started to reach for Bass’ arms in an attempt to reverse throw him, but it was too late. Kokoro’s entire body was already held up in the air with just one of Bass’ arms. His fingers felt like a vice, completely squeezing the back of her head.


    What strength! I have to get free. Kokoro thought. She struggled against Bass’ might and tried to do upper palm thrusts against Bass’ arms. However, Bass wasn’t flinching. She was already feeling the pain starting from her neck down through her whole body. She could feel her lower body starting to go limp from the shock. The crowd cheers on, seeing Kokoro held like a trophy in the air.


    Bass cocked Kokoro’s neck back, sending another jolt of pain through Kokoro’s body. Kokoro can barely hold on to Bass’ arms now. “Ugh… not so… hard… Bass-san” Even before she could fully process what was happening, she suddenly felt her entire body being dragged through the air like she was a ragdoll.


    “Dooorrryah!” Bass screamed. He swung Kokoro around like she was entirely weightless. Her whole body seemed to just have been tossed into a tornado and kited around. After what seemed like an eternity, Bass slammed Kokoro down unto the mat that shook the entire ring. “Auggh!” Kokoro shouted out. This completely knocked what little consciousness Kokoro had left and she slowly slipped into darkness.


    But Bass wasn’t done. He slammed her head onto the mat one, two, three times with thunderous force. Kokoro’s body went almost completely limp and her bathing suit almost came off her.


    Bass lifted Kokoro’s head up and got a good look at her prone body. Her expression was in pain, but at the same time, was innocent. It was as if she was sleeping. Bass nudged her face. “Damn, she looks nice - not better than my Tina though.” Bass whispered under his breath. He was too busy admiring her that it took Bass a moment to realize that Kokoro was actually unconscious.


    “Are you done already, girl?” Bass shouted. This was met with complete silence--Kokoro was utterly down and out.


    Bass shook his head and sighed. “We have a darn whole lot of work to do with you before you get to Tina’s level, baby doll.” While still holding Kokoro’s head, he started thinking of ways to punish Kokoro further - for her own good.

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  4. VillainousWarlord

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    Ouch, not really Kokoro's day is it? though I can imagine her thinking of a throbbing headache from her experiences against the wrestlers, that and faintly wondering what happened while she was out, for added Kokoro cuteness.
  5. Somepersoncorn

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    I love this story so much. Keep up the very fantastic work you're doing with Kokoro.
  6. Sora

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    “Ughnn… what happened?”


    Kokoro slowly opened her eyes. She was lying flat on her back, face up and staring straight into the stadium lights. She felt as if she was completely weightless on air, and her body was newly coming to life. She felt the mix of warm sweat, presumably her own from her back and the cold indoor air grazing her legs, her face, her almost exposed breasts.


    After a few moments, she started slowly sitting up. As soon as she did so however, she felt her head was on fire and every part of her body aching. She looked around and realized she was still in the ring. She slowly stood up and saw Bass who was standing by one of the ring posts.

    “You finally awake?!”

    Bass was busy signing autographs for some fans by the ringside barrier. “Okay, last one honey. Here’s signed to your kids. Tell them to uhh… drink their milk and stay in school okay? Okay.”

    Bass gave the signed poster back to the lady who seemed more than delighted than to see Bass. Bass then leaps over the railing, leaps onto the apron of the ring then goes into the ring. He stands and smiles before Kokoro, who still seem bewildered by the whole scenario.

    “Bass-san, what happened? I remember we were fighting, weren’t we?”


    “Uh-huh. Then you were knocked out and I laid you there. It’s been ten minutes since you were gone.” Bass said with a somber face.
    “Oh.” Kokoro crossed one of her arms over her chest. She looked sad and sullen.

    “Don’t fret it too much baby doll. That’s why we’re here. That’s why I’m here.” Bass said proudly.

    Kokoro looked at Bass intently. She felt a mixture of anger that he had beaten her so easily and embarrassment that she was wasting Bass’ time. She quickly makes the resolution to completely entrust herself to Bass’ training method -- to improve herself in the fastest amount of time.

    “Okay.” Bass continued. “The crowd is getting back to their seats, and we need to give them a show.”

    Bass readied his stance. Kokoro looked around and saw the crowds slowly coming back alive. “Let’s go Kokoro-san!” cheered some members of the crowd, holding up Kokoro signs. Inspired, Kokoro gave them a quick smile, turned and face Bass and readied her usual stance.

    “Good.” Bass said. “Now, the main problem you have sweetie… is that you’re not using the fact that you’re a woman to your advantage.”

    “A-re? What do you mean, Bass-san?”

    “Err… how do I put this. Never really trained someone other than Tina before.” Bass said. Shaking his head, he made up his mind. “So, you know the whole thing that brainy people say all the time right? That women can take more pain and all that?”

    Kokoro thought for a second. In her studies, she did come across this fact. Women were more generally tolerant to pain, despite being labeled the weaker sex. In her studies, scientists couldn’t fully decide whether this attribute was genetic or environmental.

    “I heard about it. Do you know why that’s the case, Bass-san?”

    “Maybe.” Bass replied. “What I know is how Tina came up with a plan to use that to her advantage.”


    Bass slowly lurched forward to Kokoro, getting very up close. He stepped around Kokoro, his hands grazing Kokoro’s shoulders and chest. It was barely a touch, but it was enough for Kokoro to react. A shot of pleasure immediately went through her body. Her nerves acted up and while subtle, shook Kokoro’s entire body to her core.

    “Aghn… what did you just do, Bass-san?” Kokoro was barely able to say coherently.

    “I just showed you how sensitive your body is, baby doll. It felt good, didn’t it?”

    Kokoro put her hand over her breasts, deep in thought. Strangely enough, it did feel good, but she wasn’t sure why. Bass had barely touched her body -- something that almost always happens in a match -- but Bass did… something to make the effect feel more pronounced.

    “Baby doll.”as if Bass was reading Kokoro’s mind. “The parts of a woman’s body that feels sensitive are different, but generally it’s her face, shoulders, her inner thighs, stomach and of course, your big ole chest and ass.”

    Kokoro looked down onto her chest. She didn’t realize that her breasts were giving her such a disadvantage in combat. She started hating the fact that her breasts, legs and her whole body were this exposed.

    “So, should I cover these parts up then in combat, Bass-san?” Kokoro meekly replied.

    “No, baby doll. You’re going about it all wrong. Like I said, Tina and I came up with a way to use that to her advantage.”


    Bass lurched forward again. He made a quick nod to Kokoro. Understanding immediately, Kokoro went into her stance and readied herself for Bass’ incoming attack.

    Bass stepped around her again -- once again grazing Kokoro’s shoulders and chest -- and then went to his bearhug grab.


    Bass’ big arms went around and almost completely covered the lower half of Kokoro’s small frame. He brought Kokoro close to his own body, making contact to a lot of Kokoro’s ‘zones’ all at once. Kokoro felt a strong mix of both pain and pleasure run up her body.

    “Okay, baby. Now with this next move, just lose yourself in the feeling of this next attack. Don’t try to fight it. I hope you’re ready!”


    Bass took a huge breath and extended his arms as far forward as they could. In the next moment, he pulled all of his weight and executed the bearhug on Kokoro. Kokoro’s body snapped back instinctively. Her legs and her whole upper body flailed at the impact like leaves in a strong wind. In one fell motion, Bass had put a tremendous amount of pressure on Kokoro’s lower chest, stomach and inner thighs.


    With the sensation of pain and pleasure magnified factor-fold, Kokoro lost all her ability to hold her stance. Her whole body limped against Bass’ hold -- her arms falling off to the side and leaving her breasts wide open. She was still awake, but completely defenseless. However, the fact that she felt completely defenseless made Kokoro feel good. She could feel Bass’ lingering eyes and warm breaths on her bare breasts and in a weird sense of juxtaposition, she wanted more.

    Bass held onto Kokoro with a smile. “Tina was right. You have a good body baby doll. But, remember this feeling. Keep what you’re feeling right now.”


    “Hai, Bass-san…” Kokoro weakly replied. She was still lost in the effects the bearhug had on her body.


    Bass twisted Kokoro around and flung her in a modified back suplex like a ragdoll. Kokoro’s body did a somersault before landing hard on her back. The impact shook the entire ring again.


    Surprisingly though, Kokoro immediately propped herself up and started shaking off the pain.

    “Not yet done, baby doll! Stop thinking about it!”


    He gruffly grabbed Kokoro’s arm and dragged her up, forcibly snapping her from her stupor. She was slowly feeling the pleasure Bass was talking about, but it was overwhelming her along with the pain all at once.


    She recovers and opens her eyes, only to see Bass’ big knee heading straight at her. “This is how you deal with pain, girl…” He hit her squarely in between her breasts. She felt the sensation of pain and pleasure again and was launched high up in the sky. This feels… good… This was all that Kokoro could think about as she stared up in the ceiling lights. She involuntarily closed her eyes.


    The next thing she knew, Bass had cradled her in his arms. He had apparently just caught her right off the air. She was completely straddled. Her head was cocked back, her arms and legs limp, but she felt very minimal pain. It was as if she was floating on a cloud.
    “… you use that all your parts are sensitive to create pleasure from pain.” Bass finished. “Once she’s already been hit by the opponent, Tina just allows her body to feel everything because anything even touching her body generates pleasure. I’m just holding you like this, it already feels good - which drives out the bad stuff like pain.”


    Kokoro didn’t respond, but a ghost of a smile appeared on her face for a brief instant. Bass caught this and smiled back. “Good, baby doll. Next, we’ll learn how to control these zones of yours. I only hit you with half my strength and you can’t keep passing out from the pleasure in the middle of a fight, now.”


    Bass lunged back and used a side suplex on Kokoro, throwing her across the ring. Kokoro’s body twisted through the air with her limbs flailing. She landed hard -- but she felt minimal pain from the impact and used the momentum to roll her body in a recovery ukemi, a hallmark of her traditional judo training.


    Even Bass was impressed by this recovery. After a few moments, Kokoro opened her eyes, held up her head and smiled.
    “Koi! Bass-san!” Kokoro replied.


    There will be one... maybe two chapters after this one. Can't say for sure, but this is definitely not the last you've seen of Kokoro.
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    I hit my limit in photos per post up there, but I didn't want to hold this bearhug picture hostage. It's too good! Think of it as bonus content. :p

  8. Idoro

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    Really great stuff you got here! The image uploader is a bit wonky, try using the image tags! It'll let you post images at full res instead of forcing them into thumbnails.
  9. Sora

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    ... Finally? Haha. I have really wanted to finish this story for a while now, and it took me just sitting myself down to do it. I'm really sorry for the wait, and I hope that this last chapter will make up even for some of it.




    A punch hitting bone. Bones can be heard creaking throughout the arena

    “Good one darlin’! But you can do better than that!”

    “Gah…. YAH!”

    A forward kick, barely missing the abdomen.

    Kokoro had never quite felt this exhilarated. Her fight with Bass had been going on for more than 15 minutes now, and she still has energy left to perform sharp blows.

    In turn, Bass was proud of Kokoro’s progress. In truth, he had been giving her a very slight advantage by lessening the force of his throws. Up until now, all the moves he has done were meant to hit Kokoro’s pleasure zones, rather than actually knock her out.

    He knew however, that this had to end sooner or later. And, as any man would do, he knew he had to end it with his all.

    “Okay darlin’, warm up is over! The crowd is cheering louder than ever, which means we’re nearing climax!”

    Kokoro readied her stance once more. While she was currently on an adrenaline rush, she knew that her body will give out at some point. She has to maximize energy from the stimulation she’s received to eek out a victory.

    019_1115975_188383204675475_90976117_o.jpg 004_1149312_188387394675056_1234988285_o.jpg

    She lunges forward with an elbow thrust, but Bass was quick to catch her in a counter hold. He then puts her in a front arm bar--snapping Kokoro’s arm against itself. For the first time in this match, she felt the full sharpness of pain of one of Bass’ moves.

    “I ain’t going to please you every time, baby doll!” Kokoro had learned that certain parts of her body feel pleasure when hit, but Bass was one step ahead of her. As much as he knows about a woman's sensitive areas, he also conversely knew that there are a few parts of a woman’s body not as sensitive.

    016_621017_188384614675334_1801074631_o.jpg 017_1093808_188384454675350_687692017_o.jpg 018_1116194_188384171342045_63917776_o.jpg 015_1097153_188385071341955_1183157591_o.jpg

    Having taken Kokoro by surprise, he took Kokoro’s leg over his shoulder and slammed her on the opposite side of the mat, back first. Kokoro bounced off the canvas, the wind knocked out of her.

    But Bass wasn’t done.

    001_1147054_188388044674991_2052240992_o.jpg 002_1102662_188387721341690_84213867_o.jpg 003_1149521_188387538008375_177293199_o.jpg

    He follows up with a front flip forward and lands squarely on Kokoro’s small frame. His entire 300+ pound weight hits her bare, soft abdomen square on. He rolls forward on Kokoro’s body, squishing her breasts and head against the mat.

    Kokoro felt pleasure rush through her body again. Bass, sensing this, taunted. “Well, since you like being touched so much, how about this?”

    047_1008680_188376144676181_1870767028_o.jpg 048_1097759_188376034676192_113643945_o.jpg

    He reaches down to her frame and grabs Kokoro by her groin. His fingers touch her long enough to send another wave of pleasure throughout Kokoro’s body--even more effective than the last. Kokoro was barely conscious at this point, about to succumb to the pleasure. She didn’t realize what Bass did next.

    049_1097779_188375368009592_229753139_o.jpg 050_1147026_188374488009680_624246182_o.jpg

    Bass took a full grip of Kokoro’s body and put her in a modified fireman’s carry. He then ran across the ring and once again, slammed her onto the mat with the full weight of his body behind it.


    “How’s that?” Bass jeered. Kokoro did not respond. Her face, however said it all. She was still under the effect of Bass’ grapple combo. With Bass no longer holding back, Kokoro was barely keeping up with her own body. As soon as she tried to recover, a crippling wave of pain and pleasure started hitting her again. She was breathing hard, and definitely running out of options in this fight.


    Bass noticed this and once again backed off. He let Kokoro recover, as he has done many time through this fight. This time however, he was willing to give her one last chance to genuinely fight back. She’ll get up. This girl is a fighter.


    Sure enough, Kokoro slowly pushes herself off the floor. If this was the Kokoro just a few days ago, this match would have been over from Bass’ first attack. She has come a long way since then.

    “I’m proud of you baby doll.” Bass said solemnly. The crowd fell to a hush, filled with anticipation.

    Kokoro silently nodded, then threw a sharp, fast kick. This caught even Bass by surprise. She used her full weight and delivered a kick straight to Bass’ stomach.


    “Oof!” Bass doubled over, collapsing unto one knee. But, as soon as he did so, he instinctively put his arms over Kokoro’s leg and pushed it away. “I’m not done yet!”

    But, he then realized what was in front of him.

    042_1074288_188377504676045_1272531287_o.jpg 043_1094539_188377328009396_1669267997_o.jpg

    Kokoro, having put all of her remaining energy to that kick, was now on the verge of unconsciousness. Her eyes were half open but nearly grayed out in a blank stare. She was effectively asleep, standing up.

    A warrior until the end, baby doll. Bass held the hold for a few seconds and burned Kokoro's face in his mind, admiring her spirit. But, he knows that the show must end spectacularly for the audience.

    022_1097301_188382538008875_275090053_o.jpg 023_1090898_188382464675549_1918901952_o.jpg 024_1074122_188382208008908_975559202_o.jpg 025_1097212_188381868008942_138752572_o.jpg 041_1167421_188377738009355_697665482_o.jpg

    He pulls her leg towards him, dragging her body down to the canvas. He then drags turns around, and starts dragging her unconscious body across the ring triumphantly.

    “Hahahaha!” He roared toward the crowd. The crowd cheered back: “Bass! Bass!”

    “It’s time to end this…. Now!”

    030_1074170_188380148009114_829914956_o.jpg 038_1116075_188378564675939_795945637_o.jpg 039_1075398_188378018009327_260045370_o.jpg 040_1009684_188377854676010_1154041646_o.jpg

    He then starts to spin around in place, dragging Kokoro’s body through the air. Now fully unconscious, Kokoro’s entire body flails against the wind like a ragdoll. Bass spins faster and faster, then lets Kokoro go in a massive throw.

    036_620325_188378901342572_793703975_o.jpg 037_1172504_188378828009246_697141864_o.jpg

    Kokoro’s body lands squarely against the electrified steel ropes front-first. The ring edge explodes in a spark of electricity as it sends a huge dose of electricity through Kokoro’s body. Her entire body shakes uncontrollably upon impact. Her arms swing wildly and her breasts almost fall out of her bikini.

    033_1172756_188379344675861_588918690_o.jpg 034_1149261_188379171342545_770744497_o.jpg 035_1149576_188379018009227_564519897_o.jpg

    The electricity subsides. As the smoke cleared, there was no longer any doubt about it. Kokoro was out cold. Her body simply slumps over as soon as the electricity subsides.

    “And the winner is, Bass!"

    The crowd erupts in cheers in the loudest they've ever been throughout the night. Bass wordlessly raises his arm in victory. He turns to the crowd and accepts their applause. He then turns to leave the ring, but briefly looks back on the still unconscious Kokoro.

    026_1082069_188381524675643_421702409_o.jpg 027_1102675_188381238009005_2008429300_o.jpg 028_1146199_188380884675707_1756508178_o.jpg

    He notices her breasts pulsating--she was still breathing. Bass lets out a sigh of mixed relief and admiration. If it was any other less experienced female opponent, he would have been worried about them surviving that last barrage of attacks. Even his own daughter would have had trouble. He then looks at her face, smiles, then finally leaves the ring.

    He walks out past the EMT’s rushing to the ring to give Kokoro first aid. With a chuckle, he walks up the ramp and leaves the front arena. He knows Kokoro doesn’t need it.

    013_1102529_188385431341919_63896386_o.jpg 014_1146378_188385378008591_617011711_o.jpg 029_1167098_188380408009088_2002920515_o.jpg

    That face… still enjoying yourself, huh. You’re something else, baby doll.



    Well, hope you all enjoyed it! Masochism stories hold a special place for me in terms of ryona fantasy. The idea of someone using their sexuality to give them the edge in combat both offensively and defensively--nothing is sexier than that. Stuff like how the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown wraps her breasts around her staff whenever she gets grappled or how the DOA girls just leave their breasts wide open after Bass' bear hug attack... that is absolutely mind-numbingly awesome for me as a fan of ryona.

    Anyway, here's the next preview of my DOA5 stories, in anticipation for DOA5U. I have been waiting a long time to do this one... ;)

    052_1097641_187996581380804_1877686985_o.jpg 053_1147658_187996401380822_937706662_o.jpg
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    Nice, i can t wait to see your story with Helena! :)
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    nice! awsome work dude