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Karen vs Cana

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by rasutzarsenal, Jun 2, 2014.

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    May 11, 2014
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    Tournament Qualifiers-3 count pin or submission to win-Cana VsKaren-60-40

    [​IMG]Cana stumbles down the ramp in her pink lingerie almost completely oblivious to the fact that it isnt proper wrestling attire. Along the way she almost trips several times and it becomes quite apparent that she drank a bit too much before the match. When she reaches the ring she rolls under the bottom rope walks over to the turnbuckle and waves to the crowd. The crowd is enthralled by Canas huge dumb grin and vivacious attire. They chants her name over and over...

    [​IMG]Karen strolls down the ramp with her hands on her hips the entire time. She is wearing a pair of very tight black pants accompanied by a velvet red coat and a very revealing bikini top with some very tasteful side boob. As she reaches the ring Karen takes off her coat lays it on a turnbuckle and in the corner for the bell. Tonight Karen is all Business

    Hey folks! tonight we have a match between two of our toughest divas Cana Alberona and Karen Lilica. My Moneys on Cana because she has a little bit more experience than Karen.
    He maybe thats true but tonight cana is completely out of it. Tonight ill make sure she never comes back to this ring again!
    Hehe this is gonna be so much fun!

    Once in the ring Karen Glares at Cana for the few moments before the bell in response Cana turns around and slowly rotates her ass.

    Ding Ding Ding the match begins. Both unimaginative wrestlers begin trying to push the other done through strength alone; yet they are equal in strength. Cana eventually loses her grip on Karen's sweaty shoulder and they both end up slamming their heads together.

    Ouch i bet they could hear that one from outside!
    Shit how did she take that so well...?

    Cana quickly rebounds from the head butt like it was nothing. Karen on the other hand is on her knees nursing her head.Cana, becoming bored, go's on the offensive grabbing Karen and holding herclose. Cana uses this leverage and barrages Karen's abdomen with her knee.

    I think you know this one Karen!
    Huh... what is she talking about?

    Encouraged by her string of attacks Cana prepares for a finisher. While Karen is on her knees Cana tries to rebound off the ropes and drop kick Karen in the head, one of Karens own signature moves. Karen quickly bends back; causing Cana to miss her by a mile. Cana falls onto the mat, her head landing particularly hard. Karen enraged by Canas antics prepares to really lay on the pain.

    Wow! normally Cana could have easily adjusted and landed that hit. This makes me wonder how much her drinking will affect her preformance tonight.
    Ugh... man i must be seeing double tonight

    Karen quickly go's on the offensive. running from one end of the ring to the other Karen finally slams her knee into the side of Canas head when she gets enough momentum. Cana rolls onto her back and becomes still.

    Jesus christ that was a hard hit. Cana might be hospitilized after a hit like that.
    Your done cana.

    Seizing the opportunity Karen pins down Canas shoulders and lifts her leg up for the pin.
    One... Tw-
    Cana violently kicks out of Karen's pin. Exasperated, Karen decides to go for her best move, the cradle to the grave. Pulling Cana by the hair Karen tucks Canas head under her armpit and wraps Canas legs around her Waste. Cana, now trying to simply survive, quickly does the first thing that comes to mind and strikes Karen in the stomach repeatedly until she is released. Cana takes this chance and retreats to a corner.

    If Karen had been just a little faster in that moves execution this match would be over
    Hm, Thats unfortunate. Im sure Cana will fuck up again and give me another chance.
    Wha- what did she mean when she said she was gonna break me...?

    A few moments passed before either wrestler acts. Cana is visibly shaken by this sudden turn around and Karens Threat; her entire body is covered in sweat and she trembles slightly when meeting Karens glare. Finally Cana Decides to act and bull rushs Kare. anticipating Canas rushed attack Karen easily counters Cana and puts her into a sleeperhold.

    BIG mistake by Cana there. She surely didn't give herself enough time to focus.
    shhhh go to sleep Cana....
    Fuck off...
    Unable to think of a way to counter Karen's hold cana Panics and tries to pry Karen's arms off her neck with her strength alone. Canas strength slowly fades as Karens arms tightened around her throat. Karen soon forces Cana down onto her knees. finally in position karen falls back and wraps her legs around Canas waste, completely locking in the hold. Cana, too proud and too terrified, refuses to tap out.

    Mamas gonna buy you a rocking bird....
    Please... no...

    The light in Canas eyes slowly fade and as her muscles relax her arms finally drop to the ground. The ref lifts her hand and drops it to check if shes concious. Each time her hand drops it makes a thump on the mat.
    Her hand falls once... Thump.
    Her Hand falls a second time ... Thump.
    And finally Canas hand Falls a third time.... Thump

    Ding! Ding! Ding!
    Karen Releases her from the hold and rises, victorious.
    The ref calls the match. "The winner is Karen Lilica by TKO. Karen Lilica moves on to the semifinals!"

    I gotta say Karen dominated in this match up. Maybe next time Cana can cut back on her drinking and focus.
    This isnt over yet cana. I havent truly broken you

    Karen Slides out and rummages under the ring. She comes out with a steel folding chair. As Karen gets into the ring the ref tries to stop her but she simply pushes him aside. Karen lays the chair down onto the mat and begins lifting up canas body. Standing over the chair Karen puts Canas head between her thighs and hooks up both of Canas arms. Before finally breaking Cana Karen sensually rotates her hips in a circle and runs her fingers through her hair. Karen then slams Canas entire upper body onto the steel chair. Karen rolls Canas body over. At this point Canas only movement is the slow rise and fall of her chest. Karen sits ontop of Canas Waist, puts her hands on both sides of Canas head and lightly kisses her on the lips. Finally satisfied Karen leaves the ring. A stretcher has to be brought in to move Cana out of the ring safely.