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Jobber Jam II - The Battle Bouquet

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Pitwar, Sep 7, 2016.

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    There was no audience in the small, brightly-lit room. Natalie Bell, a mousey brown-haired girl in a dark-blue sports top and boyshorts, could only hear her own heavy breaths and the footsteps of her opponent. Alala, dressed in a white toga-style leotard, grabbed hold of Natalie before she could get back to her feet. Wrestling the girl into the nearest wall, Alala held Natalie tightly from behind. She made the mousey girl stop struggling for a moment by headbutting the back of her skull, and then lifted her to deliver a clean german suplex. Natalie grunted, still stunned as her opponent held onto her waist and forced her to stand. Alala's next suplex threw Natalie headfirst into the wall, which she folded up against for a moment before falling to the floor. The sounds of her own body smacking into the wall and against the unforgiving floor filled Natalie's ears as her neck and back were wracked with pain.

    Pushing a knee into Natalie's back, Alala wrapped her hands underneath the girl's chin and began to pull. Moaning as she clawed at Alala's fingers, Natalie's spine bent in two places due to the modified chinlock she was now trapped in. Natalie began to cry out louder, slapping her bare hands and feet against the floor as her neck and back felt like they were on fire. Alala smiled, listening to the sounds of her nearly-beaten foe. Holding onto Natalie's chin, Alala stood up and forced the weakened fighter up to her feet, before easily lifting her up and across her shoulders. Now grinding Natalie in a torture rack hold, Alala stamped a foot into the ground and began finishing her opponent off. "Beg!" she commanded, pulling down on Natalie's neck and thigh to force screams out of the mousey fighter. "Beg, or I will BREAK you!"

    Natalie's senses were nearly gone as she screamed so loud, she could barely hear her opponent's demands. The circumstances of the match were no longer on her mind, just the fact that she was alone with a fighter that was ready to make her tired and beaten body suffer. "Nuhh!! No more!!" Natalie cried, tears already streaked along her cheeks. "Please nuHAAAAARGH!!" Alala pulled down and roared, holding Natalie in a brutal and bent position as the mousey girl's arms and legs flailed wildly. Natalie's eyes were screwed shut, and then opened wide as she made a loud and unintelligible noise. They half-closed and rolled back as she passed out, convulsing irregularly as her limbs dangled in the air. Alala continued to hold her opponent tightly, not willing to release Natalie until she heard the buzzer that signalled the end of the match. Letting Natalie drop heavily to the floor behind her, Alala then raised her hands and posed, as the room's cameras captured several angles and poses.


    Watching the match below through the glass ceiling of the dark match cubicle, Poppy Posey was leaning over a guardrail and eyed Natalie's forgotten and fallen body. Poppy was a fair-skinned girl, with a band of flowers across the bangs of her waist-length wild brown hair. She wore a leaf-green bandeau top and matching briefs, with a large floral shawl over her shoulders and worn sandals on her feet. Hearing high-heeled footsteps behind her, Poppy turned around with a pleasant smile.

    "Thanks for waiting," said the business-suited woman, "I'm Andrea, tonight's event organizer."

    After giving Andrea a long and tight hug, Poppy stepped back, holding onto Andrea's hands. "I'm Poppy."

    "Yes, Poppy Posey," repeated Andrea, slowly pulling her hands away. "We love the whole 'nature girl' routine."

    "Routine?" Poppy tilted her head, her gentle grin unphased.

    "Walk with me," said Andrea, taking Poppy through the hallways of the building. "You'll have one match tonight, as part of a themed sort of...bonus feature. Like a dark match, but with a little more spectacle."

    "What's the theme?" asked Poppy.

    "We're calling it...The Battle Bouquet." Andrea said the title with a flourish of her hands, but after a few moments of silence she sighed and added, "Flowers. The challengers and the ring are all floral-themed."

    "Oh!" Poppy looked very happy as she helpfully stated, "My name's a flower name!"

    "Yes," said Andrea, nodding slowly. "That's why you'll get your Kumite debut on our televised and digital-streamed broadcast. It's really quite an honor."

    "Then I'm honored," said Poppy, giggling. "How would I have debuted if I didn't get so lucky?"

    "A dark match, mostly for promo footage," replied Andrea. "Her spot, basically."

    Andrea gestured at the stretcher that came by, carrying Natalie Bell's unconscious body.

    "So, when do I get on the mat?" asked Poppy. "I'm gettin' psyched!"

    "I'll take you to your dressing room," said Andrea. "Get into your fight attire, pose for our intro montage, and then wait for your call." As they reached the dressing room door, Andrea continued, "Oh, also, you'll be fighting in a cage. Fully enclosed, walls AND ceiling. Some contestants like to know that ahead of time."


    Nymph-like dancers moved around the cage, lacing flowers and vines through the fenced walls and ceiling as the camera panned around them.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight's special Kumite Network event: The Battle Bouquet! As our ring is converted into a combat-garden, get your Kumite apps activated and at the ready. Because tonight, we've got four fresh faces debuting in our arena, and you'll be voting on their opponents! So, let's meet the challengers..."

    A pale girl with deep, dark, crimson-dyed hair slowly removed her glasses and looked up at the camera with a stern and determined expression. Her black and white-striped top and trunks were silver-trimmed, as was the black tape around her wrists and ankles.

    "She started off as an intern in our video department, but quickly made it clear she had aspirations to set foot in the ring. She's kickboxed in Thailand and grappled in the Pankratorum. Let's hear it for Sammy Rose!"

    Tying a yellow bandana across her forehead to hold back a wild mane of red hair, a small hippie girl gave the camera a toothy grin. Wearing a pink sports top and blue denim briefs, she bounced excitedly and held up her hands in peace signs.

    "After fighting in just about every venue WE'VE ever heard of, this feisty lover of the 60's is finally ready to bring her groovy energy to The Kumite. Say hello to Daisy Flower!"

    As she finished pulling her bright copper tresses into a messy bun, the next fighter noticed the camera and blushed. She wore a white spaghetti-strap swimsuit leotard, and put her hands on her hips as she gave a meek smile.

    "This challenger is fresh out of high school and ready to go straight into the big leagues! This Central Avenue alumna is also one of tonight's youngest competitors. Give some applause to Cheryl Blossom!"

    Slipping off her shawl and kicking off her sandals, the smiling green-clad girl in a bandeau top and briefs ran a hand across the flower band across her bangs. Her waist-length brown hair was still fairly untamed, but also had a few braids running throughout.

    "Finally, a true nature girl is receiving her debut in our combat-garden. She might look like a gentle doe, but her fists and feet have put more than one opponent out to pasture! Put your hands together for Poppy Posey!"

    Back in the ring, two of the dancers entered the cage as the rest took their leave. The pair continued into a short routine as they removed their longer and more-flowing costume pieces.

    "But before we begin, two teenage fighters leapt at the offer to kick things off in a special handicap match! They will be facing a powerful ring veteran, whose handlers have challenged our pair of rookies to last for two minutes against her. At the two-minute mark, at least one of these challengers must simply be able to continue to fight, and both will be declared the winners!"

    The two fighters held hands as they stood on the spotlit mat. Both were dressed in camisole leotards, one orange and one purple, with identical silver sparkling swirl designs.

    "These challengers are also recent graduates from Central Avenue, and have fought and trained together in the underground circuit ever since they threw their first punches! Introducing...Lily and Lilac!"

    Lily, a toned spanish girl with a dark ponytail, wore the orange outfit. Lilac, dressed in purple, was a pale girl with messier long brunette hair. They raised their arms together as the crowd cheered.

    "And their opponent, a dangerous combatant whose handlers assure us to be completely under their control...The Bear Woman!"

    Led to the ring in chains, the tall woman in a brown swimsuit had a bear-themed mask that covered all but her eyes. Long, dark-purple hair ran out the back of the mask. She was relieved of her restraints, and slowly stepped into the cage.

    "Fighters, get ready! Because your time starts...now!!"


    Lily and Lilac gave each other a look before splitting up and surrounding their opponent. The pair had been approached by a Kumite representative after competing at the Battle Pit, one night. Provided with flashy outfits and a gimmick match, they had both agreed that the risk was worth the pay and the adventure. The two teen fighters spent several nights practicing elaborate team maneuvers, planning simultaneous strikes that no opponent would be able to withstand.

    As they rushed in, Lily and Lilac's long nights of training became for naught as the Bear Woman backhanded both of them at the same time. Lily span and fell to the mat, while Lilac's airborne position caused her to fly back and bounce off the nearby cage wall. She never hit the ground, as the Bear Woman caught her by the throat and immediately delivered a headbutt that rattled her senses. Just as Lily stood and threw a high kick to save her friend, the Bear Woman blocked it with her free arm, and then retaliated with another backhand blow. Lily span around in place, crumpling forward and right into her opponent's waiting grasp. Holding both challengers by their necks, the Bear Woman shook the two girls a few times before slamming their heads together. Lily and Lilac cried out in pain, reaching for each other's hands as they began to lose balance. The Bear Woman held onto their necks and slammed their heads together one more time, before releasing them and waiting to see how they fell.

    Lily fell to one side, clutching her head and rolling over on the mat. She sat up just as she heard Lilac shriek. The brunette teenager had merely stumbled around in a circle, which led her right into the waiting arms of her opponent's bearhug. Lilac was howling and pounding on the Bear Woman, who wasted no time in giving the girl the full power of her muscular arms. A rib cracked as Lilac squawked, her arms flapping weakly with a quickly-sapping strength. Lily scrambled to get to her feet as her friend coughed up a spurt of bloody spittle, another rib audibly cracking as her struggles became half-conscious spasms.

    Running and leaping at the Bear Woman, Lily never expected her opponent to move so quickly. The Bear Woman turned and dropped Lilac in a quivering heap, spinning around and catching Lily's body in mid-flight. The spanish teenager only had enough time to cry out in surprise before the Bear Woman dropped her into a backbreaker, quickly lifting Lily off of her knee and then bodyslamming her onto the mat. Lily lay stunned and in agony, only able to raise her head slightly as she watched her opponent force Lilac's moaning body up to her feet. The Bear Woman squatted to lift Lilac into a spine-wrenching bear hug, holding the girl up off the floor and jerking her from side to side. Lilac made a few loud noises, but quickly went limp as something in her back popped. The Bear Woman threw her to one side, not even looking at the sprawled young fighter as she reached down towards Lily.

    Knowing she only had to withstand 30 more seconds to win the challenge, Lily wrapped her arms and legs around her opponent as she was lifted into the same bear hug that had just finished off her friend. She tried to bodyscissor and choke the Bear Woman to fight back and prolong the war of attrition, but never expected the feeling that quickly filled her lower back. The Bear Woman's arms crushed her body with terribly ferocity, forcing the spanish girl's body to arch back within seconds. Lily's eyes widened with fear as she desperately shook her head and began telling herself out loud not to give in. The Bear Woman tilted her head slightly as she heard her opponent babble breathlessly, and then wrang the life out of Lily as hard as she could. The teen fighter screamed, her tongue hanging from her mouth as her back gave a pop and a crunch. Before something snapped, the Bear Woman released Lily, who fell backwards and lay spreadeagled on the floor. Her eyes were half-open and her chest heaved with panting breaths. Since the Bear Woman was not sure if she was truly out cold, and five seconds remained, she lifted one enormous leg and dropped it across Lily's chest. The spanish girl flopped in place, her eyes still half-open but utterly glazed over as she continued breathing rapidly.

    "That's two minutes, and these youngsters are laid out like broken toys! The Bear Woman wins!"

    Looking at Lily and Lilac's prone forms on the mat, the Bear Woman sighed quietly to herself, shrugging slightly as she pondered the experience of leaving two fighters in her wake whose spines were still mostly intact.

    "While we clean up the mess, stay tuned! The Battle Bouquet challenger matches will begin after this short break!"


    "In the challenger's corner...Sammy Rose!"

    Pacing around her side of the ring, Sammy gripped the cage a few times before doing a few kickboxing warm-up routines.

    "And her opponent, voted by our viewing audience...Fiona Flapjack!"

    Coming out to the ring in a large black fur coat and shimmering high heels, a very stout woman with luxurious dark hair and exquisite make-up slowly pulled off her long white gloves as she approached. Stepping out of her shoes and dropping her fur coat, she revealed a deep purple swimsuit leotard as her combat attire, which clung to her ample frame very tightly.

    Watching her large opponent enter the cage, Sammy began bouncing on her bare soles and came out of her corner. Fiona held her arms out and smiled, which made Sammy bare her teeth and launch into a combination of kicks and punches. Fiona raised her hands to protect her face, but took several hits to her body. Seeing her opponent hold her ground, Sammy then grabbed ahold of her and began slamming knees into her gut. Fiona's midriff felt like a rigid piece of practice padding against her leg, and after a number of strikes, Sammy realized Fiona was almost entirely unphased. Opening her upper guard to reveal a smile, Fiona then grabbed hold of Sammy and whirled her around to throw her into the nearby cage wall. Sammy raised a leg and kicked out as she saw Fiona charge at her, catching the larger fighter in the face with her foot. Fiona cried out, spinning to one side and stumbling away as she cradled her jaw.

    Sammy shook her arms out and assumed her stance again, moving towards her opponent. Fiona whirled around with a backfist, which Sammy blocked with a raised forearm. The pale fighter snapped a high kick at Fiona's skull, but the larger woman raised an arm to parry it, and then yanked her arm down to trap the leg against her body. Sammy hopped on one foot, trying to keep her balance. She threw a left hook, but Fiona caught the punch with her free hand. With her opponent trapped, Fiona whipped around and hurled Sammy onto the mat with a massive thud. The impact knocked the wind out of Sammy, and once she opened her eyes she cried out and tried to lift her legs. Fiona leapt up and splashed her body across Sammy's, forcing a heaving guttural noise out of the kickfighter as her body flopped beneath her opponent's.

    With Sammy curling up and rolling to one side, Fiona knelt next to her for a few moments and made a glamorous pose for the cameras. Sammy braced herself against the cage and slowly got up, clutching her stomach as she tried to regain her breath. Fiona's hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder and turned her around, and before Sammy could defend herself, Fiona pressed up against her and pinned her to the cage wall. Sammy tried to strike back, but her limbs had no room to wind up. She tried to get free, but Fiona's large body would not budge. Looking into her opponent's eyes as she realized she had nowhere to go, Fiona cooed, "Nobody hits this face, honey."

    She was able to take the first headbutt. The next four consecutive headbutts both bounced the back of Sammy's head off the cage, and caused her eyes to widen and roll up unevenly. The kickfighter made a stunned noise as she began to slump forward, but Fiona kept her upright long enough to begin driving her own body into Sammy's. After three full-body impacts, Fiona turned and walked away with her arms held up, while Sammy collapsed behind her. The larger fighter posed some more as Sammy gasped for air, slowly crawling along the canvas of the ring. Glancing over her shoulder, Fiona then stomped a foot down just behind her, planting her sole into Sammy's back. The kickfighter made a long and agonized noise as Fiona then stepped on her, briefly driving her full weight into one spot before removing her foot. Sammy arched her body, rolling over onto her back and clutching at her spine.

    Standing over her opponent, Fiona let Sammy come to her senses enough to realize what was about to happen. The dazed kickfighter began to protest, trying to push herself away along the mat. Fiona laid a heavy stomp down into the center of Sammy's chest, and then sat her entire weight down onto the same spot. A spasm racked through Sammy's body as she made a gagging noise. She tried to raise her arms as her opponent stood up, but Fiona sat down on her again. Something cracked inside of Sammy's body as she coughed up some spit, flopping once again beneath Fiona's seated weight. The larger fighter leaned down, gently playing with Sammy's hair as the beaten kickfighter half-consciously slapped the mat in surrender. Fiona placed her hands and feet down on the mat, and then pushed herself up into the air. Sammy made a loud and protesting noise before Fiona's entire body splashed down onto hers, her limbs going limp as Fiona's cleavage smashed down onto her face. The larger fighter kicked her feet up, posing some more on top of her beaten opponent. Sammy was flattened out on the mat beneath her, briefly spasming with unconscious gasps when Fiona finally got off of her.


    "In the challenger's corner...Daisy Flower!"

    Clambering a few feet up the inside of the cage, Daisy waved at the crowd and then plucked a few of the decorative flowers that were weaved through the chainlink mesh.

    "And her opponent, voted by our viewing audience...Phailin!"

    Marching towards the ring and straight into the cage, a well-built thai girl in minimal crimson two-piece attire threw a few kicks through the air as the crowd cheered. Daisy hopped down from her perch on the cage wall, and executed a flashier combination of kicks that she had learned from a capoeira fighter, garnering another cheer as she weaved the flowers through her bandana.

    Her fists raised high in a muay thai stance, Phailin looked down her nose at her shorter opponent. Daisy started off in a loose stance, gradually growing lighter on her feet as she began moving more like a kickboxer. As soon as she was in range, Phailin immediately threw a sharp kick at Daisy’s head. The hippie girl ducked underneath the kick and slapped a hand down onto the mat before flipping over and planting a foot solidly into the center of her opponent’s chest. Phailin grunted, surprised by the sudden dance-style maneuver, and missed with an elbow as Daisy hopped back over onto her feet. Daisy’s next attack was cut off as Phailin connected with a solid punch to her jaw. Grabbing her opponent, the thai girl began throwing hard knees into Daisy’s gut. The hippie fighter took three of them before managing to squirm loose, stumbling and rolling back as she gasped for breath.

    Walking forward with confidence, Phailin was not expecting her opponent to step in with a solid kick to her midsection, and took the hit as she prepared to back Daisy into a corner. Daisy ducked and weaved around an elbow strike, grabbing Phailin from behind and leaping onto her back. Scissoring her legs around the thai girl’s body, Daisy pounded two elbows into her head and neck. Phailin whipped around from side to side, trying to shake the hippie fighter loose. Daisy held on tightly, trying to lock in a sleeper hold. Phailin barely got a hand into the mix to prevent the hold from fully closing around her neck, while her opponent’s legs squeezed tighter around her. Raising her arms as she fought to keep her footing, Phailin paused for a few moments and tensed her lower body. Then, she kicked a leg up with enormous speed, and her foot arced over her shoulder and into Daisy’s face. The hippie fighter was wide-eyed and stunned after the first kick, loosening her grip before a second incredibly flexible kick knocked her off of her opponent’s back.

    With purpose, Phailin turned and immediately began slamming short kicks into Daisy’s gut as the girl lay on the mat. Daisy was soon a quivering ball, fighting to breathe. Phailin pushed the wheezing girl onto her back with her right foot, and then stomped that same foot down into the hippie fighter’s gut. Daisy’s innards creaked and mashed around as Phailin pinned her down with the artificially-enhanced power of her leg muscles. A long moan turned into a choked gag as Daisy curled up around her opponent’s calf. Phailin smirked, and then twisted her heel harshly. Daisy retched, her limbs sprawling out on the mat as her stomach was brutalized beneath her opponent’s foot. Phailin stepped away, watching as Daisy immediately began coughing and writhing in agony, clutching her belly and slowly crawling across the floor. Grabbing the hippie girl’s scalp harshly with two hands, Phailin raised her to her knees and began ramming knee-strikes straight into her face. Daisy’s arms flailed out with each hit, falling more limp with each crushing impact. Two of her front teeth bounced across the canvas as her mouth grew bloody. Half-conscious and gaping, Daisy put up little resistance as Phailin hauled her to her feet and shoved her back against one of the cage’s corner support struts. Cocking her leg like a shotgun, the thai girl then rammed a kick straight into Daisy’s stomach, and pushed it deep into the battered flesh of her belly. The hippie fighter coughed up bloodied spittle all over Phailin’s extended leg, making a long and defeated noise as she began to fold forward.

    Flexing her thigh muscles, Phailin began to slowly raise her leg, keeping Daisy pinned against the support strut as she slid the beaten girl up along it. Then, Phailin began rotating her leg until it was pointing straight up, with Daisy suspended above her. The hippie girl’s stomach was almost molded around Phailin’s foot, keeping her attached to it as she spasmed every few moments with a gurgling breath. Phailin held the pose for a few moments, her leg sticking straight up with Daisy’s body atop the sole of her foot, held in the air like a trophy. Phailin then pushed herself along with Daisy up into the air, pulling her extended leg back to release the beaten girl. Phailin turned in mid-air and flipped over, rocketing a finishing kick into the side of her opponent’s head. Daisy span rapidly as she fell, finally landing facedown and in a heap. Phailin pressed a foot down onto the back of Daisy’s head, raising her arms as her opponent lay bleeding and out cold on the mat.


    "In the challenger's corner...Cheryl Blossom!"

    Blushing as she realized she was now a pitfighter on-camera, Cheryl finally uncrossed her arms and raised them with a beaming smile on her face, letting the crowd's noise give her confidence.

    "And her opponent, voted by our viewing audience...Mangala!"

    A demure indian girl softly padded towards the ring, wearing a simple sari dress. She entered the ring and politely offered a hand to Cheryl, who nervously shook it and grinned. Mangala smiled back to her, and turned to head to her side of the ring. Cheryl grabbed the cage walls on either side of her corner and began to limber up. Her opponent stood quietly, and then yelled loudly as she tore her sari off with one hard yank of her hands. She revealed a black bikini and white loincloth, along with the sanskrit name 'Mangala' tattooed in bloody red ink across her back. A mane of wild black hair hung down to her shoulders. The indian girl turned to face Cheryl with a new and frightening look of hungry adrenaline on her face, and licked her lips as she saw the rookie fighter's eyes widen. The sight of her opponent’s slim muscular body caused Cheryl’s eager expression to fall into dread.

    Mangala charged headfirst into Cheryl’s body, spearing the teenager straight down into the mat. The indian girl pounded on her opponent, who quickly curled into a ball beneath the rain of fists that battered against her body. Snarling, Mangala took hold of Cheryl’s wrists and forced the young fighter’s arms to open up from their defensive position. Cheryl kicked her legs up, finally managing to slip her feet under Mangala’s arms and push the aggressive girl away. Scrambling to her feet, Cheryl gripped her toes against the mat just in time to brace herself as her opponent charged into her once again. Grappling back and forth, the two fighters span around each other twice before Cheryl managed to hip-toss Mangala down to the canvas. Looking wide-eyed down at the indian girl for a moment, the red-haired rookie proceeded to dive on top of her and try to keep the struggling girl pinned down.

    A sharp elbow to the side of her body reminded Cheryl to fight back with elbows and knees as she wrestled with her opponent beneath her. By the time she began to apply a kimura lock, Cheryl’s body ached badly from Mangala’s retaliatory abuse. Completely focused on securing the submission hold, Cheryl was taken entirely by surprise when a sharp pain tore into the side of her stomach. The red-haired girl shrieked as Mangala bit right into her body. Sinking her teeth into the leotard-clad skin, Mangala continued biting her opponent as Cheryl released the hold and desperately tried to get away from her. The indian girl was able to flip her opponent over and get on top of her, pinning Cheryl beneath her as she ceased biting and began taking hold of the teen fighter’s wrists. Holding Cheryl’s arms down on the mat as she loomed over her, Mangala licked her lips and enjoyed the sight of a frightened and struggling opponent. Trying once again to kick her legs up to push Mangala away, Cheryl’s struggles turned into aimless thrashing as the indian girl began to slowly and repeatedly headbutt her. Five cracking thuds later, Cheryl had gone mostly limp as her head lolled from side to side, her glazed eyes staring at nothing while her opponent took a moment to catch her breath.

    Leaning forward and sliding her arms around Cheryl’s midsection, Mangala continued pressing her pelvis down onto her opponent’s as she began to bearhug the red-haired rookie. Cheryl’s chest squashed against Mangala’s as her back began to crack and creak, the indian girl’s slim and muscular arms flexing hard as they crushed against the teen fighter’s spine. After managing to gasp some air into her compressing lungs, Cheryl’s wide-eyed expression of anguish began to let out a choked moan as she slapped her hands desperately against the mat. Mangala laughed, ignoring the surrender and continuing to squeeze Cheryl in the grounded bearhug. The young fighter shook her head rapidly, her hair coming loose messily as several strands stuck to her sweaty face. Mangala waited until she saw her opponent’s eyes began to flutter and roll back, before violently releasing her. Cheryl writhed and shuddered on the mat, her body still pinned beneath her opponent’s. The indian girl toyed with her prey, letting Cheryl flip over and begin to crawl away before jumping onto her back and pinning her down once again.

    Finding herself held in a chinlock, Cheryl’s struggles quickened as she felt her opponent’s tongue lick across her right cheek. Mangala hissed a threat into Cheryl’s ear, and the red-haired rookie reacted with fearful pleading before a headbutt cracked into the back of her skull. The indian girl headbutted her again, enjoying the feeling of her opponent flopping beneath her before slowly twisting Cheryl’s head. Mangala continued twisting, pulling back at the same time as she forced the teen fighter back to consciousness. Cheryl began howling, her neck twisted and bent to its limit as tears flowed from her scrunched-up eyes. Mangala held her in the brutal hold, making the rookie fighter believe her neck was about to be snapped for several seconds before releasing the pressure. Cheryl had no relief, however, as her face was then slammed into the mat ten times in a row. Her bare arms and legs flailed and flopped as the impacts beat her into unconsciousness. Mangala pulled her head off the canvas, grinning at the sight of Cheryl’s slackened face before locking in a rear sleeper hold. The indian girl squeezed her arms tightly, causing Cheryl to blink back to life just long enough to began to spasm and black out from the loss of blood to her brain. Maintaining the hold until she felt Cheryl’s convulsions grow weak, Mangala let the beaten girl go, dropping the red-haired fighter’s face straight into a puddle of her own foamy drool.

    Breathing rapidly as she glared down at the beaten girl beneath her, Mangala slammed her fists down into the mat on either side of Cheryl’s head before standing up and walking to the nearest cage wall. The indian girl gripped the cage, her breathing slowing down until she had become the demure creature that had entered the ring at the beginning of the match. Mangala looked concerned as she saw Cheryl spreadeagled and facedown on the mat, almost lifeless other than her soft and uneven breathing. The indian girl knelt beside her fallen foe and gently placed a hand on Cheryl’s back, uttering a small apologetic prayer before taking leave of the cage.


    “In the challenger’s corner...The Nature Girl, Poppy Posey!”

    Excited eyes wide at the sight of the live audience, Poppy bounced gleefully as she waved at every camera in sight.

    "And her opponent, voted by our viewing audience...Ulfa Sigurdsdottir!"

    The 6-foot tall icelandic blonde beauty walked to the ring with an air of pride, her muscular body garbed in red bikini tights. As she entered the cage, she strode to the center of the ring and flexed her arms for the crowd. Poppy ogled at her and then looked down at her own similarly-bared body, before flexing back at Ulfa in kind with much softer arms. The icelandic fighter laughed genuinely at the smaller girl’s display, reaching a hand forward in greeting. Poppy beamed and shook hands, before stepping back and preparing to fight.

    Ulfa held her hands forward, offering her opponent a chance to meet her in a test of strength. Poppy had never been in one before, simply following Ulfa’s example and reaching up to weave her fingers with the tall grappler’s own. Slowly and evenly, Ulfa showed the nature girl how to lose such a contest, flexing her arms to eventually force her opponent onto her knees. Trying with all her might to fight back, Poppy was almost quivering with effort as she then began to bend back. Once her head had touched the mat, the nature girl was suddenly released, before an elbow dropped right into her outstretched stomach and folded her in half. Poppy rolled over and crawled to her hands and knees, grabbing for the nearest cage wall to help her stand up.

    Turning around, the nature girl saw Ulfa waiting for her at a very close proximity. The icelandic fighter was in a wrestling stance, and nodded for her opponent to come and attack her. Poppy grinned painfully, getting into a grappling stance of her own before charging right into Ulfa’s muscular body. Ulfa engaged in another contest, wrestling back and forth with her opponent, holding back her own strength as she let Poppy wear herself out in a futile attempt to overpower her superior physique. Poppy groaned and grimaced, breathing heavily as her efforts began to weaken. The icelandic fighter decided to end the charade, suddenly scooping her opponent up and hoisting her over one shoulder. Poppy shrieked in surprise, kicking her legs uselessly as Ulfa proceeded to run and slam her back into each of the cage walls. The nature girl had gone mostly limp after her painful trip around the ring, coming back to life with an agonized cry as Ulfa went on to slam her down onto the mat.

    The tall wrestler flexed for the crowd as she stood over her opponent, ignoring the nature girl as Poppy grabbed onto one of her legs and began to pull herself off the floor. Poppy wrapped her arms around Ulfa’s waist, once she had her feet back underneath her, holding on tightly and finding herself unable to do much else. Ulfa looked down at the panting girl, and then slammed a forearm into her back. Grabbing hold of the back of Poppy’s neck, Ulfa lifted her up into the air and held her there, watching the girl squirm and kick for several seconds before slamming her face-first into the ground. Poppy bounced off the mat, flipping over in place and lying dazed on her back. Ulfa body-splashed her, crushing the wind out of her lungs and leaving her splayed out at her feet. Poppy could only weakly turn her head from side to side, staring up at nothing with wide and misty eyes. She blinked with confusion as Ulfa began to scale one of the cage walls, before clambering hand-over-hand across the cage ceiling. Poppy only began to realize that the icelandic fighter was directly above her when Ulfa let herself fall, delivering a second and much more massive body-splash that drove the force of her descent right into Poppy’s body. The nature girl flopped beneath her with a loud noise, going deathly still for a moment before she spasmed back to life with gasping breaths as Ulfa rolled off of her.

    Poppy gagged loudly as her opponent reached down and grabbed her by her throat, slowly forcing her to stand up. The nature girl’s flowery headband was crooked and drooping unevenly down her forehead, a tired and defeated look draining the bright expression out of her face as she looked up at Ulfa and weakly shook her head. Ulfa gave her a pitying look, fixing the position of Poppy’s headband as the nature girl continued to make soft noises and shake her head, wishing for the match to end. Ulfa sadly shook her own head in response, before lifting Poppy up and into a military press. Poppy’s eyes were wide and her mouth was agape as she suddenly found herself suspended high in the air, whimpering pathetically as her opponent began to raise and lower her body like a set of weights. Ulfa took her time turning to face each section of the audience as she used her helpless opponent to showcase her strength. Then, she ran forward and threw Poppy straight into one of the cage walls. The fenced surface buckled under the force with a loud screech, a sizeable dent forming in the cage. Poppy’s body was lodged in the dent for several seconds, before she began to peel loose and tumble down the cage wall.

    Ulfa reached down, lifting her opponent’s limp body off the mat by the elastics of the beaten girl’s top and briefs. She tossed Poppy away, leaving her sprawled and facedown in the center of the ring. Ulfa planted a foot on the back of Poppy’s head, flexing for the crowd as she stood over her dominated and defeated foe.


    The event’s defeated fighters all lay unconscious in the Kumite Network’s medical facilities. Andrea walked past them, reading a ratings report and clicking her tongue.

    “It was a novelty, that’s for sure,” she thought, “but audiences definitely liked seeing that Bear Woman. Must try to find some more duos to feed to her. Maybe those Brockler sisters.”

    She glanced to one side, seeing Poppy Posey’s beaten body.

    “Must reinforce the cages with stronger materials, as well,” she thought.
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    Well done Pitwar this is one of the better ryo/fight stories I have read in awhile.

    I like the fact that your characters are fairly defined meaning that they are not flat two dimensional characters.

    I'm fairly sure that others would agree with me that like me they would like to see the Bio's/write ups of your characters, Bear Women sort of reminds me of my Rocky Cannibal character and Mangala seems to have a split personality meaning that outside of a fight she is shy and demur but into a fight she's a savage, unholy terror.

    Well done I look forward to reading more of your stories.