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Jill Valentine ganked by Vector and devoured alive.

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Courtmaster, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Oct 28, 2011
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    Jill limped into her old office of the Raccoon City P.D. and quietly shut the door behind her. The shotgun slipped from her fingers and clattered on the ground, and she quickly found herself on her knees next to it. Blood seeped from her right side, ran down her leg and made a small pool on the tile floor. She pressed a hand against it, grimacing in pain.
    "Damn U.S.S." she muttered, scanning the room for zombies. The desks of her old team littered the office. Books, folders and papers were scattered unceremoniously on the desks, chairs and floor. It looked like someone had been in there, searching for something. She gripped her shotgun with her left hand and slowly climbed to her feet. Blood poured hot and sticky between her clenched fingers, and she inwardly cursed not having the right curative herbs to close the wound up. She took a few steps deeper into the S.T.A.R.S. office, heading for her desk. If she was lucky, she still had some First Aid left in a drawer somewhere.
    There was a loud crash behind her as the door was kicked in. Jill didn't bother to look behind her, and instantly jumped behind her desk for cover. The explosive sound of fire from an assault rifle struck Jill's ears and pounded into her brain, and she could feel the air pressure from the bullets that just barely missed her as she landed behind the desk. She struck the ground, and fresh waves of pain coursed through her body. "Ahh-ah!" she screamed, feeling as if her side was on fire.
    "Wolfpack, this is LUPO. Target acquired."
    The gunfire stopped momentarily as LUPO reloaded her weapon. Jill took the small opportunity to sit up and raise the shotgun. She squeezed the trigger, and the blast caught the U.S.S. operative square in the chest. The force knocked LUPO back into the wall. She slowly fell to a sitting position, her back smearing blood down the wall behind her. She coughed several times, causing blood to drip from the filters of her gas mask. Her weapon fell from her hands as she took her last wheezing breath. Jill took a deep breath, her eyes widened with near panic. "Too close," she whispered under her breath, her heart still beating away frantically. She started to get up, knowing the others would come after her soon. But before she could take more than two steps, an invisible force knocked the shotgun from her hands and sent it flying across the room. The air shimmered before her as something struck her in her open wound. She let out a high pitched squeal and squeezed her eyes tightly shut from the pain as she fell back to her knees.
    A gloved hand gently touched her chin, caressing her. Gritting her teeth, she opened her eyes to see her attacker. A hooded figure dressed in all black stood before her. A gas mask obscured his features. With his right hand he punched Jill in the face, splitting her brow open. She gasped as she recoiled sideways from the blow, bracing the fall with her hands. Vector didn't let up, and delivered a kick to her torso, knocking her onto her back. Jill felt her lowest rib snap from the pressure of the blow, and she coughed twice, blood spraying from her lips. She drew her arms up to her sides instinctively and rocked back and forth, trembling from the mind-numbing pain.
    "So even LUPO was a weakling in the end," Vector said with bitter disappointment in his voice as he closed the short distance to Jill. He stood over her and shook his head. "Tsk, tsk, tsk! But you, Miss Valentine -- you're dangerous, taking out half of Delta Squad all by yourself. The weak ones, anyway." He knelt down and forced her arms apart, pinning them to her sides with his knees. "I abhor the weak." He drew his right arm back and slammed his fist into her face.
    "Ugh!" Jill grunted as her world turned white for a moment. Her vision came back to her just in time to see Vector's fist closing in for a second punch. The blow snapped her head to the side, and blood sprayed from her lips and nostrils onto the ground beside her. The pain was dull but powerful, and it throbbed through her whole body. She tried moving her arms and felt Vector's bony knees cutting into her wrists. Her fingers curled inward into fists, then slackened when Vector punched the side of her head. Her temple bounced off the floor, and she nearly blacked out.
    "No pain I cause you would be fitting enough punishment for the trouble you've caused Umbrella."
    Jill tried to focus on the operative, but her sight was too blurry. She blinked several times, and was able to make out the glinting of steel. Vector held the combat knife up to Jill's face and slowly traced it up her cheek, drawing a bit of blood. "Ah!" Jill moaned, more out of fear than the pain of the superfluous cut. He lifted the blade up so she could see it better, then he protruded a small, blue vial. He opened the container and carefully poured its contents along the edge of the blade.
    "This an antigen for the T-Virus," he explained. "You see, I'm not going to kill you, because no pain I cause you could ever match the horror and agony of being devoured alive by the infected." He reached back and plunged the knife into Jill's thigh. Jill shrieked as the steel sliced through her flesh and struck her femur. "Don't worry, I missed the artery. I wouldn't want you bleeding out too quickly." He pulled the knife out, and she felt the warmth of her own blood spreading across her leg. "But on the other hand, I wouldn't want you to turn into one of them before they're finished with their snack, either. They only eat healthy, uninfected flesh, after all. Thus the antigen."
    Vector put the knife away and dealt one last powerful blow to Jill's head. She groaned, unable to draw the strength to lift a finger to defend herself. Vector stood up, walked towards Chris' desk and grabbed something off of it, then headed back to Jill. He grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the nearest wall. He propped her up on her knees facing the wall and fastened something around her wrists with a click. She looked up and saw that he had cuffed her to an exposed pipe in a hole in the wall.
    "You b-bastard!" she stammered, blood still dripping from her lips.
    "Sweet little Jill Valentine, you have no idea," Vector said moving around behind her. He gripped her short skirt and pulled it down to her knees along with her panties, exposing her large, round buttocks.
    "W-what are you doing?! You creep!"
    Vector gave her ass a lively slap. "I wonder if the zombies have other primal urges. I propose an experiment...for science." He moved to the corner of the room and pressed a button on his wrist, turning him invisible once more.
    Within minutes, the smell of blood drew the horde into the S.T.A.R.S. office of the department building. The zombies first took notice of LUPO's corpse, and two of them fell clumsily to their hands and knees to start devouring her flesh, tearing through her skintight leather suit to get at it. But three others seemed more interested in exploring the room. Jill heard their footsteps drawing closer, but she didn't dare move her head to look for fear of attracting their attention. "Oh, God!" she muttered under her breath, biting her already bloodied lip.
    She heard their moans change pitch into what seemed like excitement as they saw her kneeling there, completely helpless. They stumbled closer and closer. "NO!" Jill shrieked once she knew they were onto her. "NO! NO! NO! DON'T, PLEASE!" She felt one of their cold, clammy hands grip her ankle, and a pair of dull teeth sinking into her calf. "AAAAHHHHHHH!" she screamed as her blood squirted into the zombie's mouth. "I DON'T WANNA DIE! I DON'T WANNA DIE! NOT LIKE THIS!"
    Another zombie grabbed her waist and tore into her fleshy right ass cheek, taking out a huge chunk. She flailed her head around and tried to kick, but it was too difficult in her position. The third zombie ripped through her blue tube top, leaving deep scratches in her back. "SAVE ME! PLEASE, SAVE ME!" she screamed desperately at the man watching in the corner. The third zombie pulled her head back, exposing her delicate throat, and ripped into it with its teeth. She gurgled as blood filled her lungs. She tried to scream, but was drowning on her own red life force. The undead ripped chunk after chunk out of her flesh from all sides, but she started to feel the pain less and less. Even her panic was fading until all she could sense was the enveloping darkness of death. Her tense muscles slackened, but the horde kept feasting long after she was dead.
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    Damn. That's all I can really say.
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    Mar 26, 2012
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    Now that's what I call a Jill sandwich...
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    May 9, 2012
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    This one is fantastic! One of my favorites so far. Great work. :)