[HTML5] Zero Core - Exile


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Dec 10, 2018

Hey sweeters, I'm here with one more lewd game :3


  • Play as a mouse who need to save her girlfriend from the insect monsters that want to devour her.
  • The game have 3 different enemies (one of them is the boss) by now.
  • Still working on intro of the game, the customization of the weapons at the beginning and the special shot.

  • Protect your armor to prevent monsters from abusing you, once the monster catches you, try to stay calm and hit the right color to get away from it.

  • Using Keyboard
    • Z - Main Shot
    • X - Missile Shot
    • Direction Arrows - Movement
  • Using Gamepad
    • X - Main Shot
    • A - Missile Shot
    • Direction Pads - Movement
This game was developed through my Patreon

Link to play the game online - Itch or newground

And if you liked and want to support me, here the link to my Patreon page - Gillenew is creating Pixel Art and Adult Video Games (NSFW 18+) | Patreon
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