Gigamax 6 Women Tag Team Match: Mako Kirino, Yuri Kabayama, and Tomoe Sumeragi Vs Isami Kinto, Toshie Hijikata, and Konata Okida


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On a night at Jipang’s arena, the spectators from all over Japan gathered and took up every seat the arena could offered. When every seat was taken, the doors to the arena closed and the lights above the seats dimmed; leaving only the spot-lights above the ring. Standing in the middle of the ring was a female referee, wearing the standard Jipang referee uniform. Soon the announcer’s voice boomed through the air.


Mako, Yuri and Tomoe stepped out from the backstage, smiling and waving at the cheering fans. Mako wore black sports bra and shorts along with wrestling boots and gauntlets. Her red hair tied into two pony-tails and her white toned body featured her small biceps and six-packs. Both Yuri and Tomoe wore leotards, Yuri’s being white while Tomoe’s were dark blue, along with wrestling boots and sleeves. Like Mako, both Yuri and Tomoe’s white toned bodies also have six-packs and biceps. Yuri black hair touched her shoulders while Tomoe’s blonde hair were tied in two longer pig-tails.

Team Gigamax ran towards the ring before all three of them jumped over the ropes before landing on their feet, posing for all to see. When the cheering died down, Yuri and Tomoe left the ring while Mako leaned into their corner. Mako stretched her body in preparation for the match as the announcer’s voice boomed again.


Isami, Toshie and Konata stepped out from the backstage, standing at the exit and folding their arms under their breasts. Isami’s black hair was kept short and small biceps and six-packs featured proudly on her white toned body. She wore the same outfit as Mako, wrestling boots and gloves included. Toshie’s outfit were dark purple while Konata wore a pink leotard with frills. Toshie’s long black hair flowed until her waist while Konata’s hair were kept shorter than Isami’s. Like Isami both have soft biceps and six-packs off their white toned bodies.

After standing in the same spot for a few seconds, Team Shinsengumi strode towards the ring; smiling and giving their closest fans high-fives. When they reached the ring, all three of them rolled into the ring before getting onto their feet. They posed before the cheering crowd before Toshie and Konata exited the ring, leaving Isami alone with Mako. The cheering died down as Mako and Isami approached each other, circling around the ring and eyeing one another.

‘Today I will prove you the strength of Gigamax!’ Mako declared.

Isami smirked. ‘I’m sure you will. Hey, let’s make a wager. The winning team get to spend one night with Ryoma.’

Mako narrowed her eyes, getting into fighting stance. ‘You’re on!’

The bell rang and both wrestlers charged into each other, locking fingers and pushing each other back and forth in the ring in a test of strength. Mako won the test of strength as she managed to push Isami into the ropes, kneeing her in the stomach. Isami gasped as Mako grabbed one of her wrist, Irish whipping her to the other side of the ring.

Isami winced as her back hit the mat, rebounding back to Mako who was preparing to clothesline her into the mat. Isami ducked under the attack and hit the other side of the ring, rebounding back to Mako. Isami was attempting to high-kick Mako in the chin but the redhead was faster, lowering herself and wrapping her arms around Isami’s waist.

Mako screamed as she lifted Isami into the air and slammed her face-first into the mat. Isami screamed in pain and hold her face, trying to crawl towards the ropes. Mako stood up and grabbed Isami by one of her legs, twisting her ankle in an ankle lock. Isami grunted in the hold as she rolled another back, slamming her other foot into Mako’s crotch.

Mako screamed and released Isami, holding her crotch. She glared at Isami who got onto her feet. ‘That was low!’

Isami smirked as she grabbed Mako by the head. ‘What’s wrong Mako? Ryoma’s cock too much for you?’

Before Mako could retort, Isami leapt into the air and slammed her face-first into the white canvas in a face-buster. Mako screamed in pain but managed to push Isami onto her back, slamming herself on top of her. The two wrestlers rolled around the ring, trying to fight for dominance. Mako won the battle for dominance and punched Isami in the face twice before grabbing her top, ripping it off her and showing her pink nipples. Isami gasped and then screamed when Mako pinched her pink nipples, pulling them towards her.

‘Your nipples are so sensitive!’ Mako smirked back. ‘Is thinking about being fucked by Ryoma turning you on?’

Isami growled and slapped Mako in the face, knocking her off her. She snarled and grabbed Mako’s shorts, puling them off her. Mako screamed as her red hairy vagina was exposed and snarled as she kicked Isami in the face. As Isami felt onto her back, Mako crawled towards her corner and tagged with Yuri.

Yuri stepped into the ring as Mako rolled out, Isami standing up. She charged towards Isami, turning her back onto her and leaping into the air. Isami yelped as Yuri’s bottoms slammed into her face, slamming her down onto the mat. Yuri grinned as she sat on Isami’s face as she pulled her shorts off, exposing Isami’s black hairy vagina.

Yuri stood up and pulled the nude Isami onto her feet, turning her upside down. She grinned and pile drive Isami into the mat, almost knocking her out. She dropped Isami onto her back and slammed herself on top of her, going for the pin. The referee began the count. ‘1… 2…’

Yuri yelped while both Mako and Tomoe yelled with rage as Toshie stepped into the ring and pulled Yuri off Isami, breaking the pin. She head butted the surprise Yuri in the face before Irish whipping her into a corner. As the referee pushed Toshie out of the ring, Isami recovered and sprinted towards Yuri.

Yuri screamed as Isami slammed herself into her, making her slumped into the mat. Isami stomped Yuri in the face and chest before pushing her her up on top of the turnbuckle. She placed her hands on her crotch and one of her breasts, lifting her off the turnbuckle and slamming her into the mat.

Yuri groaned in pain as Isami tagged with Toshie. Instead of exiting the ring, Isami marched towards the downed Yuri with Toshie. Isami leaned down and ripped off Yuri’s leotard, showing her pink nipples and black hairy vagina. As Isami stripped Yuri, Toshie raised an elbow into the air and slammed it down onto Yuri’s face.

Yuri screamed loudly and covered her face as Isami was pushed out of the ring, Toshie pulling Yuri not her feet. She back-handed Yuri twice in the chest before Irish whipping her into the ropes, preparing to clothesline her into the mat. The now naked Yuri rebounded back to Toshie but ducked under her arm, stepping behind Toshie.

Yuri wrapped her arms around Toshie’s waist and lifted her up into the air, slamming her into the mat in a German suplex. Toshie screamed in shock as Yuri repeated the move three more times, pinning her on the third. As Toshie screamed in shock, the referee began the count.

‘1… 2…’

Yuri gasped as Toshie managed to kick out, falling face-first into the mat. Yuri got onto her knees and grabbed hold of Toshie’s top, pulling it off her. Toshie gasped and got onto her knees, trying to cover her pink nipples. Yuri tossed the fabric aside and leapt into the air, drop-kicking Toshie in the face.

Toshie screamed as she fell flat onto her back, covering her face. She groaned as Yuri grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to her corner, tagging with Tomoe. As Tomoe stepped into the ring, Yuri pulled Toshie onto her feet and put her in a full Nelson hold; facing her to Tomoe. With a grin, Tomoe grabbed hold of Toshie’s shorts and pulled it off her; showing her black hairy vagina.

As Tomoe swung Toshie’s shorts in the air and throwing it into the crowd, Yuri released Toshie from the hold before slamming the back of her head into the white canvas. Toshie yelped when her head hit the mat, holding it while Yuri stepped out of the ring and Tomoe climbing on top of the turnbuckle.

Tomoe pointed both her index fingers into the air before leaping off the turnbuckle, swirling in mid-air before slamming into Toshie. Toshie screamed as the the air was pushed out from her, lying eagle-spread on the mat. Tomoe slowly pulled her taller opponent up onto her feet and and onto her shoulders, swinging her in circles before slamming her head-first into the white canvas.

As Toshie was fighting off unconsciousness, Tomoe hooked one of her legs up into the air and began to pin her. Before the referee could begin the count, Tomoe found herself pulled off Toshie by Isami and shoved aside. Before she could register what was going on, she screamed as someone slammed into her. Apparently Konata had climbed on top of the turnbuckle and leapt off it, executing a moon-assault slam into Tomoe.

Outraged at Team Shinsengumi’s disregard for the rules, Mako and Yuri entered the ring; Mako drop-kicking Isami in the chest while Yuri pulled Konata off Tomoe. While the referee tried to force the others to leave the ring, Toshie recovered and crawled towards Tomoe who groaned on her back. She slowly undressed Tomoe, removing her mask then her leotard.

Tomoe moaned as she realised her pink nipples and blonde trimmed pussy were on full display, she snarled and grabbed Toshie by the head and slammed her forehead into hers. Toshie gasped from the head-butt and fell onto her bottoms, holding her head. At this time the referee had managed to force Mako, Yuri, Isami and Konata out of the ring. As Tomoe crawled towards the ropes, Toshie stood up and with a growl, kicked Tomoe in between her legs.

Tomoe screeched as she hold onto her sore vagina as Toshie tagged Konata. While Toshie stepped out of the ring, Konata climbed onto the turnbuckle again and leapt off it, aiming another moon-assault slam towards Tokoe. Tokoe rolled away at the last second, making Konata squealed when she slammed herself into the mat.

Jumping onto her feet, Tomoe grabbed Konata by the hair and yanked her up by the feet, slamming her face into the turnbuckle. Konata screamed as Tomoe slammed her face three more times into the turnbuckle, propping her against the corner in a tree of woe. Then she began to tear off Konata’s leotard, showing her pink nipples and black trimmed vagina.

Moaning from the blood rushing into her head and her nude form exposed, Konata can only looked up as Tomoe threw her leotard out of the ring before kicking her in the stomach before wrapping her arms around her waist; pulling her out from the corner. Konata flailed her arms wildly as Tomoe waddled to the centre of the ring, making a small jump before pile driving Konata head-first into the mat.

The air was filled with Konata’s screams as she fell onto her back, holding her head in pain. Instead of attempting to pin Konata for the win, Tomoe returned to her corner and tagged with Mako. Mako and Tomoe took each other place, the redhead marching towards Konata. Konata managed to get onto her fours when Mako kicked her in the face, sending her onto her back.

With Konata on her back, Mako grabbed both her legs and rolled her onto her stomach. Then she sat on her back and bend her in a double Boston crab hold, making the air fill with Konata’s screams once again. Mako growled as she applied more force onto the hold, trying to force Konata into submission but screamed herself when something hit her in the back of her head.

Mako was forced to release Konata’s legs as fell face-first into the mat, holding her head. She looked behind her and saw Toshie slowly standing up. Apparently Toshie had entered the ring and delivered a drop-kick on the back of her head. Both Yuri and Tomoe were shouting angrily as the referee forced Toshie out of the ring, allowing Konata to get up onto her feet.

Konata limped towards Mako and raised an elbow, slamming it onto the redhead’s spine. Mako gasped as Konata grabbed her head, slamming her face three times into the mat before yanking her up onto her feet. She dragged her to her corner and tagged with Isami. She and Isami switched places with Isami placing a leg on top of Mako’s head, slamming her face-first into the mat.

Mako groaned and covered her face as Isami pulled her up onto her feet, grabbing one of her wrist. With a roar, Isami Irish whipped Mako to the ropes and prepared to clothesline her into the mat. So great was her surprise when Mako rebounded back to her and leapt into the air, drop-kicking Isami in the face. Isami screamed and fell onto her back, on the verge of unconsciousness.

As Isami laid eagle-spread on the white canvas fighting unconsciousness, Mako slowly got up and leapt into the air again; slamming both her knees into Isami’s stomach and vagina. Isami screamed loudly, waking her up instantly. Smiling, Mako pulled Isami up onto her feet and lifted her up into the air; falling backwards and slamming Isami back onto the white canvas.

Isami screamed upon impact, groaning as Mako crawled on top of her. She hooked one of her legs up into the air and rested her arm onto Isami’s chest, pinning her down. The referee began the count but before she could reach three, screams rang behind Mako. The redhead unintentionally broke the pin and turned her attention to the screams.

To her anger, Toshie and Konata had sneaked around the ring and had attacked Yuri and Tomoe from behind; Toshie slamming Yuri’s face into the ring’s apron while Konata slammed Tomoe into the arena’s floor in a German suplex. Mako was on her feet but before she come to her friends’ aid, Isami growled and grabbed one of Mako’s ankles; tripping her into the mat.

Mako gasped when her face kissed the mat as Isami got onto her feet. She snarled and twisted Mako’s ankle, in an ankle lock. Mako’s screams filled the air as she tried to crawl towards the ropes, Isami tightening her hold on her. She continued the lock until Konata and Toshie entered the ring, knocking Yuri and Tomoe out cold.

Isami grinned as she let go of Mako, allowing her two team-mates to stomp in Mako’s back. The referee was unable to do anything as Toshie and Konata pulled Mako up onto her feet and turned her to face Isami who fell onto one knee. Mako gasped as she was raised up into the air and screamed when her trimmed vagina was slammed onto Isami’s knee in a reverse atomic bomb.

Mako screamed in agony as cum squirted out from her vagina, coating Isami’s knee in cum. Toshie and Konata released their hold on Mako, allowing the redhead to fall onto her back. As Mako lay on her back, cum spilling out from her vagina, Isami, Konata and Toshie climbed a turnbuckle each.

Then taking turns, Team Shinsengumi leapt off the turnbuckles and slammed themselves into Mako. First Konata delivered a butt-stomp into Mako’s face with Toshie dive-bombing on top of Mako’s stomach, knocking the wind out of her. After both Konata and Toshie rolled off Mako, Isami flipped backwards and slammed into Mako in a moon-assault slam.

Mako’s eyes were closed and she moaned as more cum flowed out from her vagina. Isami smirked as she hooked one of Mako’s legs up into the air and began to pin her. The referee gave a resigned sigh and started the count, ignoring the protests and boos from the crowd.

‘1… 2… 3!’

The bell rang and Isami stood up, pumping her fists into the air. Soon Konata and Toshie joined her, their fists in the air. While their fans cheered for them, half of the audience booed at them. Team Shinsengumi simply smiled and ignored the boos as the team was being announced.


Isami, Toshie and Konata smiled amidst the cheering and the boos, making their team’s victory pose. Then their attention turned to Mako, Isami leaning down and stroking the redhead’s face. Mako was still out cold so she did not feel Isami’s touch.

‘Looks like Ryomo is Team Shinsengumi’s prize for tonight. We will fill you in with the details later.’

Giggling, Team Shinsengumi slid out of the ring and headed to the backstage; in search for Ryoma. When Team Shinsengumi left the arena, Jipang’s aides rushed towards the ring where Mako, Yuri and Tomoe were carried to the infirmary on a stretchers.

When Team Gigamax left the arena, the spectators slowly left the arena; ending another night at Jipang.