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Dolls 2 Black Fever (Scarlett Johansson)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by RyonaSensei, Jan 20, 2013.


Dolls 3 Victim

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  1. RyonaSensei

    RyonaSensei Potential Patron

    Jan 13, 2013
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    Filming had begun not very long ago for the Avengers movie. The Extras waked onto the set as Scarlett was getting ready in her room. She gets a couple knocks on the door, "Be out in a minute!" She assures them as she finishes her makeup and walks to the door. Before she leaves she gets a strange feeling, as if she should just stop. The sickening feeling in her gut made her feel uneasy but she knew how much this movie meant to the fans and her career so she wouldn't put it in jeopardy for a single day.

    She walks out in her short black dress and smiles as she shakes the hands of the extras, the director looks at the script and asks "You alright there Scarlett?"

    ""All ready chief!" she says jokingly as the other cast and crew members laugh at her silly reply. She sits in the chair as she sits down in the chair appearing helpless as they tie her up loosely so that she is comfortable.

    "Action!" The director says as the actors begin the scene from the Avengers where the Black Widow first appeared. As the scene played out all of a sudden they began speaking out of character and saying lines not in the script.

    "You making fun of us you bitch?!" One of them says as she gives him a very confused look because none of them are supposed to speak English.

    "Hey uh," she says with a nervoud smile, "You should probably stick to the script." She says in the nicest way possible as she notices the once comfortable ropes were now tightly around her making it hard to breath, "Why are these so tight?!" She asks.

    He walks up to her and backhands her in the face, Scarlett screams on impact. "What are you doing?! Cut!" She says as she looks toward the crew but the fourth wall was gone... There was only another part of the set. It became colder as she noticed they were no longer in the set but outside in an abandoned building. "What's happening?!" She demands to know as they begin to laugh.

    "Not so tough now?" One says as he then takes his first with a hard ring on it and punches her in the belly. She coughs and gasps hard for air as the impact forces her eyes wide open. She coughs and looks up at him trying to recover from it, she had never felt such blunt force released onto her belly.

    "W-what are you doing?" She asks as he takes his hand and punches her across the face as she screams again.

    "Don't think your so tough now eh bitch?" She takes his hand and slugs her in the face. Scarlett struggles and begins to cry unable to believe what's happening to her.

    "Please stop, leave me alone please!" She says as he and the others laugh and he then pulls her hair as she screams. He picks her in the chest causing the chair to fall backwards and Scarlett coughs as tears fall down her cheeks. He stomps down on her chest with a big smile on her face as she struggles pleading with im to stop.

    "Let her out," He says as the goons untie her and pick her up with tears still streaming.

    "Thank you... thank you." For says for letting her go but it wasn't to set her free as they put her arms behind her back forcing her to her feet the man begins belly punching her harder and hard. "AHH!" she says and crying, she can't help but cry like a baby from the pain. He enjoys the look of dismay on her face and kisses her as she tries to turn her head upsetting him so he takes his pointy dress shoe and jumps back then punts her in the gut.

    She gasps hard as she doubles over and spit flies from her mouth. She looks down at the ground in disbelief, how was this happening? Why was this happening? What was going on here? He lifts her by her chin then takes his hand again and slaps her in the breast causing her to moan and scream from the pain. He puts his arms around her and with his hard muscles hiding under his suit he crushed her in a bearhug. She screams as loud as she can as her tears fall down on him and he smiles as he feels her spine bend painfully.

    He bends and bends until eventually in the dark and empty area Scarlett hears a snap sound over the sound of her own scream. She stops for a moment having no idea what the sound was until she felt a warm then intense pain on her spine, she gasps for air sh realizes the sound came from his spine that he had just snapped in 2.

    He slams her down hard on the wood as she screams on impact, she plants her feet to the floor and lifts themto lift her back and spine off the floor. As she does it she doesnt notice her skirt go up and he looks down at her black panties, "Very nice." She sees him looking and closes eye eyes as she closes her legs. He grins again bigger and lights a cigerette and smokes it, he leans down and then smashes it on her upper right boob.

    "AH!!!" she screams in pain from the burn and rolls away holding the top of her boob as he laughs like a lunatic, he snaps his fingers as he lights a cigar. His goons step in and look down on her, "P-Please... no..." She pleads with them as they then begin stomping on her with their shoes as she curls up and whimpers as her tears fall.

    They pick her up and another pulls her hair back hard to force her to look up at the main guy, he stands up with her ciger as he body trembles as her body instinctively forces her belly in to brace for impact if he punched her belly again as she sobbed and breathed heavily. He watched as her face was almost completely wet with her own tears, she had no fight left in her and wished it would all just end. He lifts up her skirt as she shakes her head and groans trying to kick her legs but having no luck as he laughs then smashes the cigar on her panties forcing her to gasp so hard her heart jumps, her eyes widen, her head looks up causing some of her hair to be ripped out as she screams lightly with her mouth wide open looking up at the sky as she left the pain burn through her panties. Her eyes go to the back of her head, the pain too intense she moans and whimpers as she passes out sure she was about to die.

    She wakes up, she has her Black Widow outfit on and she looks around but still no set. She sees groans and moans behind her, she remmebers the script and can only pray this isn't the scene she thinks it is. She turns around just in time to see his skin turn green, his muscles begin to grow as he also begins to roar.

    "No! NO! Please stop! Calm down! I swear it's going to be okay! Just please God No!" It's too late as he transforms into the hulks and slaps Scarlett into the metal bars making them break as she tries to struggle to her feet her entire body arching as she looks up to see the Hulk charging at her. She didn't have enough power or enough time to even stand before her arrived, she closed her eyes and gently begins to sob as Hulk teaches his mighty hand toward her tiny head.
  2. Ghost999

    Ghost999 Potential Patron

    Aug 8, 2011
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    Love this story
    Could you do something simirlar when she enters the hammer building and fights all the bad guys in iron man 2
  3. KiLlEr CrOc

    KiLlEr CrOc Potential Patron

    Dec 4, 2011
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    Nice story. Though i wish u did more with her in the Black Widow outfit :)