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DOA5: Kokoro's Failed Mission

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Relampagos, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Another Kokoro. Dont worry, Kasumi will have her turn soon. Pictures are onlinehero's. Enjoy!


    The determined girl took a deep breath, gathering her thoughts. An instant later, she was a blur of motion, dashing through the darkness out of the view of floodlights and vaulting over the wall. Kokoro then stealthily slid down a rope through a skylight into the main testing department. She’d succeeded in getting into the labs, and the containment cell holding the sleeping Alpha-152 was ahead of her.
    A small smile graced Kokoro’s face. So far, so good. All she had to do was break the containment cell and Alpha-152 was done for. She cocked her right fist back to her shoulder. This was it. One little punch would send Alpha-152 up in flames. However, the site of two masked labcoated workers out of the corner of her eye stopped the punch mid-thrust. Kokoro groaned. She’d have to deal with the lab workers or risk having the whole facility on high alert.
    “Run away from here, or I'll have to knock you out,” implored Kokoro gently. They wouldn't have enough time to call guards. “And I don't want to.”
    The workers charged forward. Kokoro approached them to put them to sleep. She threw a swift chop to the first worker’s neck, but to her surprise, the worker caught the strike and pulled Kokoro in, pounding the girl’s ribs with a rapid kick at the same time.
    “Gyagh!” gasped Kokoro, clenching her teeth.
    Stunned by the surprise attack, Kokoro didn’t react in time to the next kick to the back of her knee, sweeping her feet out from under her. The second lab worker pinned her to the ground with a swift stomp.
    “Just who do you think we are, hm?” questioned the first lab worker, throwing off the full body suit. It was Lisa! The second worker pulled off her suit off as well, revealing it to be Christie. Kokoro shuddered. She’d had bad memories about Christie.
    “We won’t have you talking down to us, so we’re going to have to punish you.” Christie cracked her knuckles.
    “HI-YAH!” Kokoro engaged Christie with a fierce shout, launching an elbow aimed at Christie’s chest. Christie parried the strike and retaliated with a snake-jab at her opponent’s eye, but hit nothing but air as Kokoro weaved around the punches. The girl suddenly spun out of Christie’s vision and managed to land a hard kick into Christie’s stomach.
    “Unhh…” Christie collapsed to her knees, holding her abdomen.
    Kokoro prepared to launch another kick at Christie’s face but the strike never connected. Lisa leaped over her downed partner smacked Kokoro across the face with her own foot, dazing the out-numbered fighter.


    She caught the staggering Kokoro with another vicious kick to the face, following up with a hard straight kick that exploded into Kokoro’s jaw from below.

    “Ackkk!” Kokoro was blasted off her feet into a high arc, crashing hard into the ground on her upper back, ass up, legs spread wide. She tried to wheeze the air back into her lungs as she struggled to get up.

    “Here, let me help you,” taunted Christie. Kokoro made a cross between and gasp and a scream as the cruel assassin punted her in the stomach, catapulting her right into Lisa’s arms. Lisa twisted and contorted Kokoro’s body over her knee sharply, hearing her spine crack painfully as she screamed.


    Lisa released her and kicked her hard in the back as she slumped towards the ground, accelerating her path into the floor, but Christie caught the falling girl in the stomach with a vicious kick, back towards Lisa. The duo punched, kicked, elbowed and shoved Kokoro between them, their victim staggering and careening to and fro, disoriented and in pain.
    “Think you’re a hotshot huh, coming in here?” taunted Lisa
    She grunted as a punch knocked her upside the head.
    “You’re just a weak little girl,” spat Christie with contempt.
    She yelped as a heel stomped her foot, followed by a hook to the chest.
    “Means more fun for us…”
    Screamed a piercing scream as a kick pounded her against the wall.

    Kokoro was constantly being knocked around by the pair’s strikes, her body spinning and stumbling back and forth, her feet never allowed to find their balance.
    Finally, a brutal finger-jab dove deep into Kokoro’s belly, her body jackknifing as she flew backwards into Lisa’s arms, latching on to her wrists.
    Lisa rolled backwards onto the ground, hooking Kokoro’s ankles around her legs and gripping her arms.
    “Have fun,” whispered Lisa diabolically.
    Kokoro was dreaded what was to come.
    Lisa snapped her legs straight and wrenched back hard on Kokoro’s wrists.
    “Gah!” gasped Kokoro, her voice strained with pain. Her body was arched at a nearly impossible angle.


    As if the pain of Lisa’s torturous Romero hold wasn’t enough, Christie decided to punish Kokoro a bit more, sending vicious jabs into her belly and breasts, bouncing Kokoro up and down like an abused rubber band until a forceful kick sent Kokoro tumbling into the ground.
    “I think we’ve had enough fun,” remarked Lisa. “Let’s test out Alpha-152 on this poor little girl.”
    Kokoro’s eyes widened with fear.
    “No… please… anything but that monster…” begged Kokoro desperately.
    But Lisa and Christie had already exited the testing area, locking the glass door shut, trapping Kokoro inside.
    “Alpha-152, awaken!” commanded Christie. The blue form blew up its containment cell and floated to the ground. “Beat up that girl.”
    The clone walked slowly towards Kokoro. Kokoro brought her hands up in an attempt to resist. She managed to block a few rapid-fire punches before a lightning kick to the belly doubled her over, wheezing and gasping.

    Her concentration broken, Alpha took advantage and began blasting her face back and forth with brutal punches and kicks. Blood and spittle flew, and a girl’s gasps and screams rang through the lab. Alpha buried a knee into Kokoro’s chest, cracking a rib. Kokoro coughed hard and staggered backwards, yelping as a hard punch hurtled into her cheek, blasting her into the wall. Dazed, Kokoro slowly slumped down against it until Alpha-152 viciously kicked her again in the face, pinning her to the wall. The clone crushed the poor girl’s face against the wall until tears streamed out of her eyes before slamming her headfirst into the ground. Kokoro cried and writhed on the floor, holding her head, desperately trying to get away from the monster that was Alpha-152. The emotionless blue ball of energy had no pity on Kokoro. Alpha snapped a kick into Kokoro’s belly that flipped her back onto unsteady feet. When Kokoro regained her balance and looked up again, Alpha seemed to have disappeared!
    “Where is it?!” Kokoro thought, mind whirling, eyes darting rapidly, trying to spot the menace
    “Above you, stupid girl,” called Lisa, knowing that Kokoro wouldn’t be able to avoid it anyway. Kokoro looked up and saw that Alpha had jumped into the air to attack her from above, but too late. Alpha wrapped its legs tight and hooked its ankles around Kokoro’s head, dragging her body to the floor.

    “Mmmmmmfff!” screamed Kokoro into Alpha’s thigh, her cry muffled. Her muffled screams intensified as the vicious monster began punching Kokoro repeatedly in the face.
    “Mmf! Aghff! Ufff!” the punches jerkerd her head left and right, Kokoro desperately flailing her legs in an effort to escape the hellish punishment.
    A minute into the brutal punching, Kokoro’s wails began to die down into feeble moans as Alpha-152 kept slamming hard fists into her head. Alpha unwrapped its legs around Kokoro’s head. It picked the girl up , its hand gripping around Kokoro’s face, and launched Kokoro into the air with a hard low-blow. If Kokoro were still conscious she would have felt like her nethers were exploding.


    “Alpha, deactivate!” commanded Lisa. The beaten girl slumped flat on the ground, motionless, groaning, but barely audible. Kokoro had been beaten enough, and Alpha-152 had passed the test. The clone immediately evaporated into the air, disappearing without a trace.
    Lisa unlocked the glass door to the lab and strolled over to the bruised girl on the floor.

    “That should teach you not to play with the big girls,” taunted Lisa. “Look at you, all bruised and battered. You never stood a chance.”

    A quick glance showed the purple and red on Kokoro’s face and the blood trailing out of her mouth. Her tank-top was torn, and one of her shoes had come off in the vicious beating. Lisa pulled up her tanktop slightly and grinned, satisfied at the purple marks all over her chest and belly.


    Picking Kokoro up by the hair, the scientist dragged Kokoro over to Christie.
    “Tie her to the pole in front of the facility by her ankles,” instructed Lisa to Christie. “We want to make her an example of what will happen to any girl who decides to wander in here.” Christie gave the unconscious Kokoro a few slaps and kicks to the breasts and crotch for fun before dragging her away. There was something about Kokoro that made her such an enjoyable victim to pound away on that many people loved… and unfortunately for her, this would not be the last beating of her lifetime.
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    Thank you so much for making my request story and also for taking the time to add details into it! :)
    It's so awesome we finally get a story based on DOA5 screenshots, and you managed to write it very much like what I had thought when making the ryona images. I think it came a very good Kokoro ryona story! And Kokoro is so nice to see losing and get knocked around :P
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  3. Relampagos

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    My pleasure :)