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Diva Trouble: Idol's Revenge I

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Yuki, Jul 29, 2015.

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    "Encore! Encore! Encore!" The screaming crowd cheers as Luka exits the stage exhausted but happy to please such an audience with her music. She descends the steps to the backstage dressing rooms passing by the busy stage hands setting up the stage for her next song. She quickens her pace nearly tripping over people as she only has about 5 minutes to change and get back to the stage.

    "Made it in time," She says with a sigh of relief and as she approaches her dressing room door. Her name on the gold star always makes her chuckle a bit. As she enters her room she notices the lights are off and trips over something unseen in the dark falling face first onto the ground.

    "Owwie~ that hurt." she whines as she rubs her face and tries to maneuver in the dark, being careful not to trip over anything else.


    The sound of the door being slammed shut and metal clanking as it is locked makes Luka jump and turn. Squinting into the darkness reveals nothing, her knees begin to shake as she panics and looks out into the darkness.

    "Who....who is there?" Her breathing grows quickened. But is it the sound of her own breathing or someone else in the room.

    Suddenly a flash of light blinds Luka, she raises her hands to her face to try and protect her eyes from the searing pain. "Ahh!" She screams as she is brought into darkness temporarily.


    The sound of someone walking towards her draws her eyes but the light took her vision. Slowly a blurry figure appears in front of the light casting a long shadow.

    Breathing a sigh of relief Luka lowers her hands and says "Thank you for the finding the light." she laughs a little, "I stumbled around and ended up tripping."

    The figure does not react but a soft and eerie chuckle begins to fill the air, Luka is taken aback by the sudden change in atmosphere. Trying to flee she walks backwards not letting the figure leave her blurred vision guiding her way by waving her hands behind her. It was not long until she felt the hard back wall of the room and terror washes over her face.

    Without warning the figure darts at her, within seconds a sharp pain shoots through her stomach as she is thrown against the wall with a thud by the force of the impact. "Nnnnngggghhh" she moans as her hands wrap around her stomach and rocks slightly forward. The chuckle now a full laugh drips with malice and hate.

    Dazed and in pain Luka looks wildly around for anything to defend herself, still blind from the light she reaches around her hoping and praying that something is around. Her hand brushes against a small metal rod with a soft spongy end, realizing it is a microphone her grip tightens around it and hurls it unexpectedly at the blurry figure.

    As the microphone flies towards her attacker the laughing stops, in that moment Luka closes her eyes and crawls quickly blindly to the left trying to flee towards the emergency exit. Looking back at her attacker as she reaches the door reveals an odd sight. Her attacker having caught the microphone stands posed: the legs spread slightly, the left arm stiffened and at an angle, the other arm holds the mic towards the head of the attacker. Luka notices one thing though, her attacker is a woman, and her breasts although small are still noticeable in the blurry vision.

    "3..." The mysterious woman says into the microphone causing Luka to immediately panic and slam through the emergency fire door yet no alarm sounds.

    The cold dark alley beside the arena does nothing to ease her panic as she runs left hoping to encounter another person. Her breathing quickens as she starts to cry, her feet splashing through the puddles left by the freshly falling rain.

    "2..." The voice stops Luka in her tracks as she turns back towards the door. Her vision having cleared ever so slightly reveals a new sight.

    The woman is standing in the center of the alleyway her head tilted downwards yet no longer is she just a black blur, but now she is a blue blur with more defined outline. With fresh panic Luka turns and hastens her speed, "Please...I do not want to die....." She cries as she flees. Not paying attention to where she is going she runs into a steel linked fence making her plummet onto her butt with a thud, the water soaking her white gown revealing her breasts and white panties to the world through the soaked fabric. She begins to shiver as she quickly stands and tries to climb the fence. The metal shaking loudly as she clumsily climbs.

    "1..." The voice right below her renews her strength as she forces herself over the fence and falling straight onto her ankle with a snap.

    "AAAAAAAAAhhhhh" She screams as her ankle is awash in pain, the slightest touch or movement causing her to scream. She sobs uncontrollably as she pulls herself forwards towards the now visible road. Just mere feet from safety she reaches out as her vision clears and she can see cars driving by.

    "Help! Someone! Anyone! Please Help ME!!!" She screams as she reaches out towards the road, her cries go unheard do to the roaring of the crowd inside.

    A thud and splash breaks her from her cries. Her body goes numb except for the throbbing pain of her ankle. Her skin pales as the terror of knowing her attacker is but feet behind her. She slowly turns choking back sobs and holding the leg of her hurt ankle. Before the identity of her attacker is known to her a fist slams into her head knocking her forward and causing her to drop her ankle on the ground. The pain making the punch seem like a paper cut as she screams and cries. The sound of footsteps approaching causes her to force her way through the pain and crawl across the ground.

    Her fingers reach out as a foot slams down into her back. "AAAAhhh" she screams as she lunges forward, her body soaked, frozen, broken, and wracked with pain falls limp. The only sound besides the roaring crowd is her weak sobbing. The foot in her back pushes downwards causing Luka to bend backwards not even able to scream as he tears choke out her words.

    "It's show time..." The woman slams the microphone into the back of Luka's head immediately causing her to collapse onto the ground unconscious. The attacker laughs gently as a car pulls into the alley in reverse, the trunk being wide open. The woman lifts Luka's broken unconscious body and tosses it without a care bouncing her off the lid of the trunk and causing the car to bounce as she lands inside the trunk. The woman slams the trunk closed and enters the passenger side of the door. Before the car drives off the window opens and she tosses the microphone out. With a splash it lands into a puddle as they quickly drive away.

    A diva missing, a horrific kidnapping, the only clue is the idols microphone found in a puddle in a dark alley. Who kidnapped Luka? Why did they do so? Find out next time, on Diva Trouble: Idol's Revenge II.