CWF: LeAnn Valor vs Victoria Pegaduro


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Oct 19, 2015
The arena of Crossover Wrestling Federation, CWF, was again crowded for tonight’s match. Voices echoed throughout the arena as the crowd muttered and whispered about tonight’s match. The arena was again heavily lit with spotlights that also warmed the ring in the middle of the arena. A referee with spiky black hair and wearing the standard black and white striped bikini stood in the ring. Then, the announcer’s voice rang through the arena.


The entrance of the arena opened and a young woman with loose long blond hair made her way to the ring. She was slightly tanned with blue eyes surrounded by a yellow mask. She wore skimpy blue and green bikini top with Vs imprinted on them that barely containing her bust. Her bikini bottom was dark blue and she wore brown boots with feathers sticking out from them at the back. Although her arms and thighs were slim and fit, her abdominal showed off an eight-pack. She climbed into the ring and waved at her cheering fans until her theme song ends.

‘AND HER OPPONENT.’ The announcer continued loudly. ‘LEANN VALOR!’

The entrance doors opened and another woman with long brown hair that reached until the shoulders walked down towards the ring. A pink mask surrounded her aqua-blue eyes and her skin was tanned. She wore pink bikini top that barely contained her busty breasts and a black bikini bottom that barely covered her anus. She wore pink high knee boots. Ther were no signs of any muscles but she was fit and athletic. As she passed through the cheering crowd, she winked and blew them air kissed until she was inside the ring.
Both women stood there, facing each other and hands on their hips. LeAnn smiled.

‘Ready to get down dirty with me, Hun?’ She asked with a wink.

Victoria scowled. ‘No, but I’m going to kick your butt!’

The bell rang and they both circled around each other. Victoria made the first move and speared LeAnn into the turnbuckle. LeAnn gasped as her back hit the turnbuckle. LeAnn grabbed Victoria’s hair and kneed her in the face. Victoria’s upper body flew backwards and she stumbled back, holding her nose. LeAnn jumped and drop kick Victoria in her breasts. Victoria screamed and clutched her breasts as she fell on her back.
LeAnn jumped and aimed an elbow drop on Victoria’s belly but hit the mat instead. Victoria rolled onto her belly and got up. LeAnn was still on her fours so Victoria leg dropped her on her back. LeAnn’s face smashed into the mat and Victoria pulled her up by her feet. LeAnn was lifted into the air and Victoria twirled around. Finally she threw her back into the mat.

LeAnn hit the mat and stayed there, moaning in pain. Victoria strode towards her, ready to deal more damage on the schoolteacher but as soon as she was near LeAnn, LeAnn kicked her in between the legs. Victoria gasped and clutched her crotch, horrified her bikini bottom got wet. She angrily turned to face LeAnn but LeAnn was already on her feet and tore Victoria’s bikini top: showing her big breasts with brown nipples. Victoria screamed in embarrassment and head-butted LeAnn on her forehead. LeAnn fell onto the mat on her back. Furious, Victoria grabbed LeAnn’s legs and widened them open. She stomped on LeAnn’s crotch. LeAnn’s eyes widened with shock as pain coursed through between her legs. LeAnn flailed her arms wildly as Victoria continued to pound her vagina. Unable to take it anymore, LeAnn orgasmed: making her bikini bottom wet.

Satisfied, Victoria let go of LeAnn’s legs. Leg tried to crawl away but Victoria grabbed hold of LeAnn’s bikini bottom and wedged it into her vagina. LeAnn screamed in pain and agony as Victoria wedged the hard material into her flesh. Victoria smirked and pulled it off: revealing LeAnn’s clean but wet vagina.

LeAnn cried and pushed herself away from Victoria. Victoria grabbed LeAnn by the hair and pulled her onto her feet. Then she buried LeAnn’s face between her breasts: slapping her breasts into LeAnn’s face and smothered her. Only LeAnn’s muffled voice can be heard as Victoria laughed loudly. Then that laughter turned into screamed as LeAnn now attacked her crotch with multiple knee missile.

Victoria pushed LeAnn away from her but before she could protect her vagina, LeAnn went to her knees and uppercut her in the vagina. Victoria screamed and sobbed as she orgasmed, making her bikini bottom wet. She quickly pulled it off: letting her cum fall onto the mat and showing her clean exploding vagina. Victoria tried to cover her exploding vagina, leaving her defenseless. LeAnn struck her with a clothesline and elbow dropped on her breasts. Victoria howled but trapped LeAnn in a body scissor, covering her in her virginal fluids. Victoria punched LeAnn in the face and breasts several times before pulling off her bikini top: showing off her big breasts with brown nipples.

LeAnn shrieked and slammed her closed fist on Victoria’s abdominal. Victoria let go of LeAnn and both of them stood up: covered in sweat and cum. Both of them panted heavily and then LeAnn smiled.

‘We’re not truly naked yet!’ She raised her hand and pulled off her mask. She dropped it on the wet mat.
Victoria nodded. ‘Let’s fight truly naked.’ She also pulled her mask and threw it aside.

Both women charged and their busty breasts slammed into one another. They clasped hands as they pushed their breasts and their nipples rubbed into one another. LeAnn smiled and gave a surge of force into her attack. Victoria gasped as fluid squirted out of her nipples and onto LeAnn. Victoria then applied bear hug on LeAnn and pushed her leaking breasts into LeAnn’s: now making her nipples squirted out fluids.
Gasping, LeAnn wrapped her legs around Victoria’s body and pulled her head back by the hair: starting to punch Victoria in the face. Victoria grunted and slammed LeAnn’s back into the wet mat, pinning her in a matchbook pin. The referee went down and began the count.

‘1... 2...’

LeAnn pushed herself with all her strength until she landed on top of Victoria: face sitting on her and pinning her shoulders. The referee renewed the count.

‘1... 2...’

Victoria pushed LeAnn off her and both women jumped onto each other and they rolled all around the ring. They stopped with LeAnn sitting on top of Victoria and punching her face and breasts with a hook and cross. Victoria soon became dizzy and LeAnn pulled her up by the armpits. She Irish whipped into the corner and when Victoria made the impact, she slumped down the turnbuckle until her buttocks touched the mat. LeAnn ran towards her and Broncobuster Victoria, rubbing her wet vagina into her face.

With cum covering Victoria’s face, Victoria stopped LeAnn from bouncing on top of her by wrapping her arms around her. Victoria slowly stood up and slammed LeAnn’s back on top of the turnbuckle. LeAnn screamed as her spine was damaged. Victoria carries LeAnn on top of the turnbuckle and slammed her between the legs on top of the ring post. Victoria then proceeded up lifting LeAnn up and down, rubbing LeAnn vagina on the turnbuckle.

LeAnn moaned loudly as the turnbuckle widened her vagina and the crowd staring at her lustily. Finally, LeAnn exploded with cum: her fluid flowing down the turnbuckle. Victoria then wrapped her arms around LeAnn’s body and threw her backwards in an German Suplex. LeAnn hit the wet mat with a powerful thud and she lay there, unmoving.

Confident in victory, Victoria strode forward to deliver one final move on LeAnn but as she pulled LeAnn onto her knees, LeAnn fired an uppercut into Victoria’s vagina: inserting her middle finger into it. Victoria gasped and let go of LeAnn as she moaned at LeAnn’s finger rubbing inside of her. Unable to take it, Victoria exploded with cum. Smirking, LeAnn pinched and twisted Victoria’s nipples: making them squirted out fluids.
Victoria cried and covered her leaking nipples as LeAnn weakly strode towards her. LeAnn grabbed Victoria’s hair and face-buster her into the mat. However, before Victoria’s face could make impact, she also grabbed LeAnn’s hair in mid-air. As Victoria’s face hit the mat, LeAnn head was brought forward and violently thrown back Lenard’s and hit the mat. LeAnn and Victoria lay on the mat, covered in sweat and cum: breathing quickly and semi-conscious.

The referee then started to count.

‘1! 2! 3! 4!’ LeAnn and Victoria woke up and realized that the referee was counting them out cold. ‘5! 6! 7!’ LeAnn and Victoria tried to push themselves off the mat. ‘8! 9!’ Due to the brutal and sexual assaults on each other, LeAnn and Victoria fell back to the mat. ‘10!’

The referee waved her hands in the air and the bell rang: indicating a draw between LeAnn and Victoria. Both women were still on the mat as CWF aides rushed in with stretchers. Once they were loaded, they were quickly carried to the infirmary to rest as they did not suffer any devastating damage.
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