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Apr 29, 2011
My name is Max Steele. I am 6"5 and 160 pounds of pure muscle. Of course, my real name Lewis Carter, I was once known as Max Steel - The toughest wrestler alive, I had battered many opponents bigger and stronger than me before happily retiring at the age of 40. Or so I thought, Terry Fieldsman, CEO of Compents Inc. approached me with an enticing offer. A chance to engage in hard fist fights with women.

You see, the girls at Compents Inc. had grown weary of the thread bare competition. They had beaten every man at the company and no one could challenge their reign. Three women in particular had proved to be troublesome, one of them is standing before me now:


Before coming here, I had studied her previous matches, something I was sure she wouldn't have had the liberty of doing. Terry had set this up as a blind date for Jolene, the unstoppable Valkyrie. She would fight with everything she had, give it all she got and I was here to remind her sometimes that isn't enough.

I watched as she began her cute little trash-talk, "Ooh..big scary guy! Looks like the company finally gave me something to work with!," She said pointing at me. "You don't know who I am do you, I am the great Max Steele," I roared. "And I am going to 'Max' out your punishment," Jolene retorted.

"Just for that pun," I said cracking my knuckles "I am going to draw out the agony for you, time daddy spanked you back in line, Bitch!".

We both circled each other, looking for a opening, throwing light jabs and kicks to maintain distance. What I didn't expect was a low blow this early in the match. Her fist squashed my balls as I hung on to my friends in teary eyed reverence. She laughed and kicked me in the dick again, reducing me to my knees. She socked me good with a right hook that landed on my jaw and followed it up with a kick to my chest.

I slumped back-first onto the floor and felt her straddle me. She sat on my chest and started raining fists down upon me. Left and then right and then left again, my head snapped in accordance with the punches. She had underestimated one thing though, she had left her crotch unguarded.

Needing no second invitation, I struck her with a punch that rattled her pussy. Her body jumped up from the impact and I got up and caught her in a bear-hug in the air. I poured pressure on her back, locking my arms around her slender waist and squeezing hard. I realized that this woman could be trouble and I would need to shut her down quick.

I started by dropping her crotch on my knee for a vicious atomic drop and laughed as she jumped around comically holding it. I let her run around for a while before I floored her with a clothesline. It was obvious she hadn't fought a pro before.

I felt my bicep collide under chin and watched as her body cartwheeled in the air before she was thrown face first on the floor. I stomped her back hard and kicked her in the sides before planting a foot down the small of her back. I ripped open her top and pulled both her arms backward.

"It would be wise for you to submit now," I said looking at her grimacing face. "I'll give you to he count of three. "One," I said as i slowly parted her legs with my boot. "Two," was when I lined up the tip of my boot with her crotch. "Three, I warned you, now you are going to get it," I bellowed as I began kicking her pussy.

Two kicks later, she screamed out her submission and fall 1 of 3 was mine.

Before we squared up again, I engaged in some chatter as she was bent against the wall, her arms on her knees, taking huge gulps of air. "Out of breath eh? Kid!," I said as placed my hands on my waist. "I am disappointed to be honest!, I expected more of the great Jolene!," I said pointing towards her. "Yeah...well," She said standing up and taking up her stance. "The match has only just begun, stick around a bit more, won't you?," Her eyes radiated false confidence as I laughed out loud.

After I was done laughing, I took my fight stance "Bring it on, Bitch!," I motioned at her with my hand.
She jumped up and caught me with a knee to my cheek, knocking one of my teeth out. While she was in the air, she pivoted and kicked me with her other leg, showing off some off her talented move-set. Her body flowed like river as she danced around, punching and kicking me, till I found another opening.

One of her kicks that was aimed at my face missed, as I ducked under. Bent down, I punched her hard in her abs and watched as she staggered away clutching her well-muscled midriff. Using the distance the attack created, I ran up with a shoulder tackle that she blocked but couldn't stop herself from going back from the momentum, I pinned her all the way back-first onto the wall and unleashed hell on her stomach.

I punched with the force of Thunder and with the speed of sound or at least it seemed like it, as punch after punch reddened her belly. I watched her arms flop by her side and she was already out of it. She just stood there taking hit after hit, her gorgeous topless body, a view to behold.

I finally stopped and flung her face first on the floor. Dropping down to my ass, I lodged my two feet between her thighs and spread her legs as far out as I could. Using my reach to my advantage, I reached over and grabbed her arms, pulling her topless upper body back with it. Sweat glistened on her tired body as her now wet hair frizzled over face. I swear I spotted a bead of sweat fall of her nipple.

"I GIVE!," She screamed, as I let her go and she slumped to the floor.

Round 2 of 3 was mine and so was the match. She lay there panting and sweating, face-first on the floor, with short puffs of air from her mouth blowing her red hair hair away from her face. "Wait!!," She said as I began to walk away. "You want to endure more punishment? Give it up before i get real nasty, the third round is just customary anyway," I said as I began walking away again.

She slowly stood up and got to her feet, still winded by relentless assault on her body. "Best out of 5 falls? please?," She said still breathing her heavily, her supple breasts heaving with each gulp of air.

"No can do, kiddo!, I got two more fine asses to kick after this so...," I started to move along.

"Wait..okay...WAIT!!," She screeched. "What if I make it worth your while?," She said flashing a little smile. I was intrigued. She offered a settlement, if i won the next fall, I could do anything I wanted with her for the next two. I laughed at her suggestion and accepted it.

Fall 3 resumed with me rushing her down and pinning her against the wall again. I rammed my shoulders into her hard abs again and again, till she slumped to the floor, her back still arched on the wall. I grabbed the top of her head with both of my hands and sent a violent knee into her nose. Her body sprang back and hit the wall.

I picked Jolene up by her hair and sent her forehead into the wall. She was dazed from the impact, groggily trying to stand, when I moved in and started punching her stomach. Changing targets, I delivered some rough, hard chops on her bare tits. "Oomph..," She moaned as she took it.

Grabbing her by the throat, I picked her up and held her there while I punched her abs some more. I felt her tough inner thighs as I guided my hands to her crotch and squeezed hard in between. After a few agonizing ones, I let her go and before she hit the floor, I punched her hard on her left cheek, changing her trajectory and cartwheeling her to the ground back first.

I saw her on the floor, laid out spread eagle, her hot topless body mine for the taking. I straddled her tits, pinning her arms by my knees and started to punch her face hard. I watched her head go left and right like a tennis ball, till finally she was out cold.

Her ass was mine for the next two rounds.

After a while, she came to and realized what had happened. Her loss was a bitter pill to swallow but she did not let that detract her from complimenting me on my victory. She came up to me and shook my hand. "Congratulations!," She said flashing a charming smile. "I guess you kicked my ass, I underestimated you. You are a good fighter but why so many blows low below man?," She said smiling as Jolene massaged her crotch.

We both shared a laugh. Eventually the discussion turned to the remaining two falls. "So what do you want to do with Lil old me?," She said as she placed both her arms under her chin and made eyes like an anime character.

I laughed, then "Well..for starters!," I said as i wrapped my arms around her waist and picked her up in a bearhug. "How about this?," I asked mockingly as I poured on the pressure on her waist. " you do..," She said whispering in my ear, "Make it rough and hard!".

I pressed her chest against mine as I poured on even more pressure from the hug. Her nipples brushing against my skin was turning me on. Just as she was about to pass out, I broke the hold and bought her down crotch first onto the tip of my knee.

"Ahhh..ooh..yeah!," She moaned as she felt her vagina make contact with the tip of my knee. For a few seconds, I saw her writhe in pleasure on the floor, thinking what my next move should be.

I picked her by the hair and pinned her back against the wall. I started raining down hard chops to her bare chest and watched as her moaning became even more erotic as my offensive intensified. Changing tactics, I flipped her around and turned her face first toward the wall. I put my boot in the middle of her back and pressed her tits against the wall. For some extra pressure, I pulled her arms back.

Removing my foot after a while but still pulling her arms backward, I parted her legs with my boot. She took a deep breath and smiled as knee after ruthless knee made contact with her pussy as I was still pulling her arms.

After a while, I let her slump to the floor and watched her as she was ass up, face down on the concrete. Straddling her ass, making sure to rub my erect member between her ass cheeks, I pulled her upper body up by resting her arms on my knees. With both my hands, I yanked her chin towards my chest, catching her in a killer camel clutch.

I poured on the pressure till she was about to pass out, then grabbed hold of her breast and squeezed hard to snap her awake. Trapped in a camel clutch, she had no answer to my relentless twisting of her erect nipples. It didn't look like she minded it as she moaned in ecstasy.

I pulled her beautiful red hair as I released the hold and stood her up straight with me. I punched her hard in the stomach bending her over and then locking my thighs around her head when she was bent. I grabbed her arms and pulled them upward.

As I poured on the pressure, I noticed that there was one piece of clothing that I had discarded to remove. My hands quickly tore her panties to pieces, leaving her beautiful nude body in my full view. The only thing she wore were MMA style gloves and a pair of fancy sport shoes.

I grabbed a handful of her pussy and squeezed hard, while pouring on the pressure with the headscissors. Eventually, she passed out and I took round four as well.

When she came to for the fifth round, she found herself nude and smiled. I didn't let her do anything else, as I grabbed her hair and dragged her nude body behind me to a nearby vanity room.

I climbed on to the bed, dragging Jolene by her hair behind me:


I pinned her face first on the bed and pressed my entire body on top of her. I positioned my junk right between her cute ass cheeks and slowly slid my arms underneath her shoulders, locking her upper body in a full nelson. With my legs, I spread hers wide, as far as they would go and poured on the pressure.

After a while, I began dry humping her. Slowly grinding my underwear on her naked butt and then picking up the pace to a fever pitch. I moaned hard and heard her doing the same.

I stopped and grabbed her hair, bringing her to her arms and knees. I started raining hard forearms across her back. Again and again, the forearms struck with savage intent. Her head was stuck between my right arm, in a reverse chokehold.

I stopped and flipped her over to her back, pounding her abs with rough punches mercilessly. Then I climbed on top of her again, pinning Jolene's arms over the top of her head. I pressed my entire body upon her, wrapping around my legs upon hers, keeping them dead straight. My hard cock was rubbing against her clit from the front and I began grinding.

While dry humping her from the front, I began to unleash hard chops upon her beautiful supple tits, while I held both her arms on top of her head with one of mine. I twisted and bit her nipples hard and heard her moan in ecstasy. Soon she orgasmed hard, her entire body convulsing in pleasure. I quickly got her up to a sitting position and locked in a sleeperhold from behind, feeling her body convulse and go limp in my hands, as she passed out.

Somewhere far away, Max's next opponent Rapture was watching the match in a live stream. She watched Max turn toward the camera after Jolene's beating, he got real close before he spoke, "Rapture, you are next!," He bellowed "Get your ass looking real pretty coz daddy's coming to spank it!".

Rapture smiled and turned off the monitor. "Bring it on, Bitch!," She said in a hushed tone.
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