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Oct 19, 2015
Jade vs Seravee: Christmas Bash part 1

Snow was falling hard on the snow covered slopes of the Himalayas, snowflakes filling up the spaces in the air and darkening the skies. The entire mountainside was covered with heavy snow, even if there was a sun to thaw it. Winter made the Himalayas even more colder and no soul should be up here.

Strangely enough, there was a hotel built inside a gorge. The hotel was built so it took out the entire gorge, making it safe from avalanche yet offer the recreations of a mountainside resort. At the top of the gorge was a ski area while somewhere inside the hotel was a hot spring and natural waterfall, the gorge and manmade walls protecting it from the snowfall. This hotel was built by someone with enormous wealth and was obviously a private resort for rich people.

In front of the hotel’s entrance stood two figures. One figure was a Chinese woman with short black hair and wearing a black coat with white fur attached to the collar while the other was a Caucasian woman with shoulder-length green hair and wearing a white fur coat. Both wore thick boots and cotton gloves, both of them carrying suitcases.

‘This is it.’ Jade said as she opened the door for Seravee who walked into the hotel. Both of them were greeted by the sudden warmth of a fireplace. ‘How did you find this place hun?’

Seravee chuckled as she and Jade walked towards the concierge. ‘Let’s just say I’ve some connection to some influential people.’

Jade nodded and looked around the place as Seravee sorted out their rooms and other details. The hotel was built like log cabin was bigger and obviously made out of stone instead of wood. In the middle of the lobby was a giant and decorated Christmas tree and a blazing fireplace was built in one of the corners of the lobby. The floor was carpeted in white fur and the walls were made out of white marble.

‘All done!’ Seravee said as she showed Jade the key-card. ‘Apparently Urg’bina isn’t yet. Let’s relax first before the rest arrive.’

‘Sounds like a plan.’ Jade agreed as she followed Seravee down the lit-up corridor and then up a staircase. ‘I’m so exhausted with managing the CWF and arranging matches all the time that I really needed the break. Thanks for this baby.’

‘It was Urg’bina’s idea.’ Seravee replied with a smile. ‘She said she wanted to discuss something with you and celebrate the season with her new friends. Here we are.’

Seravee tapped the key-card onto the magnetic reader and the door beeped, the small red light turning green. She pushed the door opened and both of them gasped with delight. It was a penthouse suite with a large dining room with a table and eight or so wooden chairs combined with a living area with a fireplace and a flat-screen television. The floor was made out of timber with two white bear fur rugs under the table and in front of the fireplace. A small kitchen was also connected to the dining room and there was a bar in the corner.

They then checked the bedroom where a queen-size bed awaited for them. It looked soft with silk duvets and soft pillows. The room was carpeted with white fur and was furnished with a mini fridge, cupboards and a desk. A bathroom made out of black and white marbles was also added to the bedroom. No matter where they walked to, the entire penthouse was humid to keep its occupants warmed from the cold.

‘Wow, this place is amazing baby!’ Jade looked around as she threw her suitcase next to the closet. ‘This is so worth the trip.’

Seravee giggled as she placed her suitcase flat on the couch, opening it and slowly taking out its contents. ‘I’m happy you like it. I hope the others can join us soon.’

Jade nodded as she removed her coat, hanging it onto the rack. ‘I’m going to take a nice warm bath.’

She heard Seravee giggling before she closed the door. ‘I will join you in a minute.’

When she was alone in the bathroom, Jade began undressing and hung her clothes on the hangers. Her tanned body was toned with biceps and six-packs as hard as rock. Her nipples were dark brown and black pubic hair grew under her vagina and armpits. Jade then turned the faucet on and watched as hot water filled up the tub. She slowly stepped into the bath-tub, sighing as she leaned on the porcelain tub.

‘I see you’re enjoying yourself already.’

Jade looked up and smiled as a completely nude Seravee stood before her. Seravee’s white body was not only toned but curvy with biceps and six-packs, equally hard as hers. Her light brown nipples were hard and green pubic hair grew under her vagina and armpits as well. She giggled as she stepped into the bath-tub, connecting her and Jade’s vaginas together under water.

Jade grunted. ‘We’re barely here for one hour and you want to fuck already?’

‘What’s wrong baby?’ Seravee smirked. ‘Too tired to play?’

Jade chuckled as she slammed her vagina back into Seravee’s. ‘I’m never too tired for you.’

Jade and Seravee moaned loudly as they rubbed their clitoris into each other, splashing water everywhere. They hugged each other and began kissing deeply on the lips as their climax was building up. A loud gasp came out from their mouths at the same time as they felt a warm sensation underwater, both of them orgasming in unison.

‘That was fast.’ Jade breathed out as she can feel more cum mixing in the water. ‘But I’m still horny. Wanna fight now that we’re all relax?’

Seravee giggled. ‘You sure become feisty fast. ‘Let’s go bitch!’

In unison, both of them grabbed each other by the hair, standing up in the bathtub. They growled as they grappled each other, trying to dominate one of them down. Soon it was Jade who had the upper-hand as she threw Seravee out of the bath-tub, the green haired woman landing on her back. Then Jade stood on top of the bathtub rims and leapt off it, falling towards Seravee.

Seravee rolled away at the last second and smirked as Jade slammed her knees onto the marble floor, howling in pain. Seravee got onto her knees and grabbed her lover by the hair, right hooking her in the face twice. Jade grunted at the punches but returned them with one in Seravee’s face and another one in her left breast.

Seravee gasped out loud before pulling Jade onto her feet, slamming her knee into Jade’s abdominal. The succubus slapped the Chinese woman so hard in the face that Jade spun around to leaned against the wall. This left her defenceless for Seravee to slam her elbow in the back of Jade’s head.

Jade cried out as her face kissed the wall before slamming her own elbow into Seravee’s face. As her lover stumbled backwards and holding her face in pain, Jade grabbed her by the shoulders and fired two knee missiles into Seravee’s abdominal and one into her hairy crotch. As Seravee groaned in pain, Jade threw her into the bathtub; splashing more water all over the bathroom.

As Seravee gasped and spat out water, Jade reached to pull her lover by the ankles. Unfortunately for her, Seravee saw her coming and slammed both her feet into Jade’s stomach and crotch. Jade groaned and hold onto her crotch while Seravee pushed herself out from the tub. She growled and slammed her palm onto Jade’s stomach, lifting her up into the air. With her own battle-cry, Seravee threw Jade into the showers.

Jade screamed as her back hit the tiled wall, sliding down onto her bottoms. Jade looked up in time to see Seravee approaching her menacingly. She quickly wrapped her arms around Seravee’s thighs and began licking her inner thighs, Seravee’s weak spots. The green-haired woman gasped with delight as her right hand shot out, turning on the showers by accident.

Jade used this to her advantage as she slowly lifted her lover up into the air, licking and kissing her inner thighs. Then she bit Seravee’s hairy crotch and prepared to power bomb her into the tiles. Seravee shrieked at the bite but she knew what Jade was planning to do. Instantly she began pounding Jade’s head with her fists, trying to make the Chinese woman dazed.

Soldiering on the headache in her head, Jade bit Seravee’s crotch one more time before power bombing her into the bathroom tiles. Seravee screamed as her back hit the floor and drooled all over the tiles as Jade used the same hold to pin her down in a matchbook pin.

‘1… 2… 3! First round on me!’

Jade smirked as she flexed her biceps, showing Seravee her superiority. Then grabbing her lover by the hair, Jade pulled her onto the toilet seat and began rubbing her inner thighs. With Seravee moaning sexually, Jade leaned down and began kissing one of her nipple. It was not long before Seravee orgasmed into the toilet.

Jade smiled as she pushed Seravee’s hair back. ‘Oh yeah babe. Let’s party on to round 2!’

Jade grabbed Seravee by the wrist and Irish whipped her outside of the bathroom, watching her hit the bed and land face-first into the duvet. The green-haired woman groaned as Jade walked out of the bathroom. Jade simply leapt into the air and slammed her elbow onto Seravee’s back. Seravee screamed at the impact as Jade rolled her onto her back and sat on her stomach, slamming her fists into her lover’s breasts and face.

‘Eat my fists baby!’

Seravee grunted every time Jade’s fists slammed into her. Finally she managed to catch both of Jade’s fists in her hands, shocking the Chinese woman. Seravee snarled and pulled Jade closer to her, head-butting her in the face. Jade screamed as her head shot up, dazed from the sudden attack, while Seravee slammed both her knees into Jade’s back. Jade screamed again as she was knocked off Seravee and off the bed, landing painfully onto the floor.

As a groaning Jade rolled onto her back, Seravee stood on top of the bed and leapt into the air. Thinking on the spot, Seravee improvised her own version of the bronco buster as she slammed her rear into Jade’s face. Jade’s screams were muffled as Seravee bounced her bottoms onto her face.

She did not have long to celebrate as she suddenly moaned loudly, feeling Jade’s tongue inside of her asshole. Seravee’s tongue hung from her mouth as she tried to escape from Jade’s tongue but as she stood up, Jade latched her arms around her thighs and continued to lick her asshole. Seravee moaned and drooled as she fell on her fours on top of the bed, Jade still clinging onto her like a leech. Seravee gasped as she orgasmed all over the duvet, soaking the bed with her cum.

As Seravee moaned sexually as her cum dripped onto the bed, Jade released her lover’s thighs and wrapped her arms around her waist. She roared as she lifted Seravee into the air and slammed her down into the floor in a German suplex. Seravee’s screams filled the room as Jade repeated the move for the second time, making the floor rattle.

Sensing victory, Jade lifted Seravee onto her feet and prepared for the third and final German suplex. Before she could execute the move, Seravee’s arm shot up and wrapped around Jade’s head; slamming her face into the floor in a bulldog. As Jade laid onto the floor covering her face, Seravee went onto her fours, slamming both fists into the floor.

When Jade stood up, Seravee sprung onto her feet and grabbed hold of Jade’s head, slamming her face into the bed in a RKO. Jade immediately was knockout as her body bounced off the bed and landed on her back, drooling onto the duvets. Seravee smiled as she laid on top of Jade, pinning her arms down while burying her face in between her breasts. She began the pin.

‘1… 2… 3! Second round is mine!’

Seravee straightened up and posed sexually for Jade, showing her hairy armpits as she rubbed her wet vagina all over her lover’s abdominal.


Casual Client
Oct 19, 2015
Christmas Bash 2

Jade moaned as she slowly woke up, finding Seravee on top of her and posing sexually. Realising she lost, Jade smiled as she admired Seravee’s toned yet curvy body.

‘Looks like we’re even now baby. God, I never get tired of watching you show off your bod.’

Seravee giggled as she lowered her arms, massaging Jade’s sides. ‘Thanks babe. Now, before we finish our fight, let gets you all dirty.’

Seravee laid next to Jade and plunged her right fingers into her wet hairy vagina, making the Asian woman gasped. Then Seravee giggled as she opened up Jade’s arm, burying her face into her hairy armpit and licking it deeply. Jade moaned as she felt Seravee’s soft tongue running up and down her hairy armpit while her fingers were inside of her. After a lengthy session, Jade moaned as cum flowed out from her clitoris, making the bed more wet.

Seravee smirked as she pulled her fingers out from Jade’s vagina and licked the cum off her fingers, her eyes widened with delight. ‘Delicious as always baby. Now let’s finish this.’

Seravee rolled off the bed, walking in front of it. Jade chuckled as she too rolled off the bed, walking to the front of the bed as well. They stood before each other, sweating heavily despite the coldness outside of the hotel and their vaginas dripping with cum. Jade raised both her hands into the air, showing her hairy armpits and challenging Seravee to a test of strength.


Seravee smirked as she connected fingers with Jade, pushing her back. The couple grunted as they pushed each other back and forth, trying to gain some ground. Seeing that were evenly matched, Seravee tried a new tactic. She allowed Jade to push her back a bit before falling onto her back, pulling Jade with her. Before Jade could even registered what was going on, Seravee pulled her legs into her stomach so that Jade’s stomach will land on her feet.

When Jade was hovering above her, Seravee straightened both her legs and let go of her hands. Jade screamed as she was tossed into the air and crashed against the wall, hitting her head onto the floor when she slumped down. She groaned and held her head before screaming, Seravee stomping onto her back. Seravee stomped hard on Jade’s back as she leaned down to grabbed both her wrists, pulling them towards her as she applied surfboard hold on her.

Jade’s screams filled the bedroom as she felt both her arms being yanked out from the joints. Desperately, she began rocking sideways; enduring the pain while trying to find an opportunity to escape. Her chance came when Seravee’s left hold on her loosened just slightly but it was enough. Jade growled and threw Seravee off her using her right hand, the green-haired woman slamming into the side drawer.

Both Seravee and Jade jumped onto their feet, growling like animals. They roared as they approached one another, trading punches. They both grunted as a fist landed into them, sweat flying everywhere. Jade started off as a brawler so she had the upper hand as she landed more blows upon Seravee, her fists slamming into her face, breasts and stomach. All Seravee could do was to block the barrages of punches as she find a way to turn the tables on Jade.

Before she could think of one, Jade changed tactic. Jade fell down to her knees and grabbed Seravee by the ankles, tripping her. Seravee gasped as her head hit the bed before being dragged onto the floor by Jade. The Chinese woman dragged her lover in front of the bed before spreading her legs wide opened, stomping hard on her hairy crotch.

Seravee screamed as her vagina was being abused, threatening to release her cum once more. Thankfully Jade decided to stop assaulting her crotch as she gripped her ankles tighter, slowly swinging her in circles. She gave her battle-cry as she threw Seravee into the wall, watching her fall onto the bed. Seravee groaned as she tried to get up but Jade was too fast.

The Asian woman grabbed Seravee by the head and slammed her fist into her face twice before locking her in a headlock. Seravee grunted as she felt the squeeze on her head, smelling Jade’s hairy armpit. Jade growled as she forced Seravee’s face into the duvet, tightening her hold on her lover.

‘Time to end this baby!’

Jade dragged Seravee at the edge of the bed, standing onto her feet. With another roar, Jade leapt into the air and slammed Seravee face-first into the floor in a bulldog. Seravee groaned as she tried to stay conscious while Jade rolled her lover onto her back. She smothered Seravee in her hairy armpit as she hooked one leg up into the air, going for the pin.

‘1… 2…’

Jade stopped when she felt something wet against her hairy armpit, arousing her. It was Seravee’s tongue. Jade as the thought of her lover’s tongue running up and down her hairy armpit excited her. Unable to take it, Jade got off Seravee, looking down at her panting wife. Jade snarled as she grabbed Seravee by her hair, pulling her up onto her feet and onto the bed.

They stood on top of the bed as Jade pushed Seravee down and placed her head in between her legs, preparing to power bomb her into the bed. She wrapped her arms around Seravee’s waist and tried to lift her up but Seravee had wrapped her arms around Jade’s legs, preventing Jade from lifting her up into the air.

Jade gasped as she tried to lift Seravee up but it was a vain attempt. Seravee managed to pull her head out from between Jade’s legs and placed her mouth into her hairy mound, licking it deeply. The excitement that Jade had earlier returned with a vengeance and she moaned loudly, unable to push Seravee away. She can feel Seravee’s tongue deep inside of her vagina and reaching deeper into her sensitive spot.

Jade held Seravee’s head as she allowed her to lick her vagina, her climax reaching its limit. Then at a sharp gasp, Jade orgasmed all over Seravee’s face; cum covering her and dripping onto the bed. Seravee licked her lips as she stood up on the bed, grabbing Jade by the hair. She slammed her fists into her stomach twice before delivering a powerful uppercut into Jade’s jaws.

Jade screamed as she stumbled backwards, holding her jaws in pain. Seravee then wrapped her arms around Jade’s waist and lifted her into the air. She held her lover over her head and spun her in a circle before slamming her down into the bed in a TKO move. The move was so devastating that it broke the bed and Jade was instantly knock out from the blow. Seravee dropped Jade onto her back and pinned her, breathing heavily from exhaustion.

‘1… 2… 3! I win… Baby…’

Seravee moaned as she tried to make a victory pose but her fight with Jade used up all her strength. Before she knew it, Seravee rolled off Jade’s unconscious form and laid next to her, drifting into oblivion. Seravee’s eyes closed as she began snoring next to Jade, theirs hands connecting as they slept.


The sun was already setting despite being hidden by the heavy snow clouds of the Himalayas. The door to Jade and Seravee’s suite swung opened and seven figures entered the room. All of them, except the largest one, wore thick cotton coats and when removed, it appeared they wore wrestling attires. All were toned with biceps and six-packs visible under their attires if not exposed as well as hairy armpits that matched their hair. The largest one of the group was a two-headed green ogre.

‘Finally we made it.’ Midas Dorada sighed as she threw her coat onto a rack. She was a South American with shoulder-length brown hair and her body was brown. There was a beauty mark on the left side of her upper lip and her eyes were emerald green. She shared the same eye colours with three of the Irish women.

‘Tell me about it!’ Patty McMellins agreed. She was an Irish woman with long ginger hair and her white toned body was speckled with freckles. ‘I don’t we had a blizzard this bad back in Dublin.’

‘No, there was that one time. The whole place was covered in snow.’ Taryn McHunt stated. Her ginger hair was cut short and her white toned body was also covered in freckles. There was a bandage on her right cheek.

‘We also have blizzard in one of the high mountains in India.’ Tigress, Joy Sharma, added. She was an Indian woman with short black hair and dark brown toned body. She was Jade’s wrestling partner before the latter moved to America.

‘Stop complaining you guys. At least we made it.’ Black Cougar said. Her name was a mystery but she was Irish with her long ginger hair braided and her white toned body freckled. She wore a black mask with cat ears on top.

‘How did you manage to find this place, Urg’bina?’ Asked Sol Dorada. She was the oldest of the group and Midas’ mother. She and her daughter were similar except she was smaller than her and her eyes were brown.

Urg’bina, the only non-human in the group, nodded both her heads. ‘I was training in the Himalayas when I got caught in a blizzard. I was so bad that I had to find shelter and to my luck, I found this place. So I stayed the night and it was wonderful. I even made friends with the owner.’ She looked around the suite. ‘I wonder if Jade and Seravee arrived?’

‘If I know Jade well, she should be here by now.’ Tigress chuckled. ‘She always was the punctual one.’

‘I can’t wait to meet these two.’ Midas smiled. ‘Especially after you and Urg’bina told us so many stories about them.’

‘Jade? Sera?’ Urg’bina called out as they ventured deeper into the suite. ‘We’re here!’

Then they all stopped before the bedroom, looking inside of it.

‘The hell?’ Taryn said. ‘It’s like a battle in here.’

Jade and Seravee were still on the bed, unconscious and holding hands. The heavy breathing coming from the two of them assured the group that they were still alive. They were still nude and cum flowed out from their vaginas.

One of Urg’bina’s head chuckled while the other shook her head. ‘Looks like we were late for the post-party. Ladies, may I introduce you to Jade Chien, known as the Dragon Empress in the ring and owner of the Crossover Wrestling Federation, and her lover, Seravee Lunasilga, known as the Vampiric Succubus.’

‘Oh Jade.’ Tigress chuckled as she checked on her friend, making sure she was all right. ‘Too impatient to wait for us eh?’

‘You were not exaggerating.’ Patty stated. ‘This room smell like a whorehouse and almost everything is broken.’

‘And we’ve only been here for less than a day.’ Black Cougar added.

‘Ah…’ Sol sighed. ‘To be young again.’

Then the two-headed ogre clapped her hands. ‘No matter. We can still party like we planned. I will try to wake these two harbingers up. You guys prepare the Christmas feast.’

Sol chuckled. ‘We can manage that. Come on girls. We got work to do.’

Sol, Midas, Patty, Taryn, Black Cougar and Tigress headed for the kitchen as Urg’bina approached the two sleeping women. She gently tapped them on the cheeks but all she got were soft moaning. Both Jade and Seravee continued to be dead to the world.

‘There must had an epic fight to make them so tired.’ One of Urg’bina’s head commented.

Her other grinned. ‘We should use something a bit stronger.’

The ogre chuckled as she pulled down her bottoms, showing her black hairy vagina. She grabbed both Jade and Seravee by the hair and with a moan, she began orgasming all over them and coating their faces with her thick and pungent fluid.

Will this wake up her two friends in time for the Christmas celebration?


Casual Client
Oct 19, 2015
Christmas Bash 3

Urg’bina moaned loudly as she expelled more cum onto Jade’s and Seravee’s faces, hoping this would wake them up. To her delight, Jade and Seravee moaned loudly and opened their eyes, surprise taking over as they realised what was going on.

‘What the…?’ Jade gasped as she licked her lips.

‘Urg’bina?’ Seravee asked as she closed one eye so no cum can enter it.

Both of the ogre’s heads chuckled as she was done expelling her cum. ‘About time you two wild-cats woke up. You had been sleeping since god knows how long already. Don’t you know it’s rude to be asleep when they're guests at your very doorstep? We haven’t been here less than a day and you two thrashed the place.’

Both Jade and Seravee blushed. ‘It was… Just a pre… Christmas bash?’ Jade said weakly.

‘We were just… warming up?’ Seravee added, equally as embarrassed as Jade.

Urg’bina simply sighed as one of her head shook her head. ‘Look, the others are in the kitchen preparing our Christmas feast. Why don’t you two wash up while I try to fix this place? In some way.’

Jade and Seravee nodded and they sheepishly walked towards the bathroom, washing each other. Soon their good cheer returned as they washed each other, washing their hair with fragrant shampoo and rubbing soap into their bodies. Soon they were cleaned and dried up, smelling like plum.

Urg’bina managed to get the bed standing up onto its four legs when Seravee and Jade walked out of the bathroom. The ogre wiped the sweat off both her foreheads as Seravee and Jade dug into their luggages in search of their Christmas sweaters. Soon Seravee was in a green wool sweater to match her hair while Jade wore a black sweater with a picture of a snowman sewn into the middle. Urg’bina wore the same fur pelt cloak she arrived in.

‘It’s like we never broken anything in the first place.’ Seravee said as she inspected the repaired bed. ‘That’s amazing.’

‘Was it some spell you used or did you learn some carpentry?’ Jade asked with a grin.

The ogre shrugged as one head grinned. ‘Not saying anything. Now, let’s go out and let me introduce you to some new people. Jade, your old friend is here too.’

The two women glanced curiously at Urg’bina as they followed her out of the bedroom. They stopped in surprise as six women crowded in the small kitchen and were preparing the table for tonight’s dinner. Out of the six women, Jade recognised one of them as she strode to her and flung her arms around the Indian woman.

‘Tigress! It’s been too long. I didn’t know you would be coming.’

Tigress grinned as she hugged her friend back. She was wearing a yellow wool sweater with Christmas lights surrounding it. ‘Urg’bina invited me. She and I met at a wrestling event in India. When I mentioned I knew you, she immediately invited me to this little holiday.’

Jade smiled as Seravee joined her. ‘Joy, this is Seravee, my wife. Sera, Joy is an old friend of mine.’

Seravee smiled as she and Tigress shook hands. ‘Nice to meet you. Any friend of Jade is a friend of mine.’

Tigress nodded. ‘Ditto. Here, I just met these lovely ladies just today.’

Soon Jade and Seravee were introduced to Midas Dorada, Patty McMellins, Taryn McHunt, Sol Dorada and Black Cougar. Black Cougar’s real name was Fonda McMellins and she was the mother of both Patty and Taryn with different ex-husband. Her black mask was off her face, showing her lovely motherly face.

‘It’s an honour to meet you.’ Midas managed to gasped as she shook Jade’s hands. ‘Besides Urg’bina, I heard tales of your wrestling legends.’

Jade chuckled. ‘You’re too kind. Looks like my name is heard all over the wrestling world.’

‘Don’t get it into your head.’ Seravee grinned as the two Irish girls began asking her questions.

Then Sol clapped her hands together. ‘All right girls, now that we know each other, let’s get the dinner ready before its get cold.’

Everyone nodded and began helping out with the dinner. The hotel’s staff had earlier prepared the food so all Urg’bina and the others had to do was to collect it from the kitchen before bringing it up to the penthouse. Soon the table was laden with steaming hot dishes of mince pies, German sausages, roast potatoes, shrimps and asparagus wrapped in bacon, barbecued chicken wings and salad. In the middle of the table was a massive roast turkey with stuffings and swimming in gravy. Urg’bina and the Mcmellins had brought plenty to drink; kegs of mead, ale and beer. The Doradas brought eggnog and Tigress contributed three bottles of wine.

‘Oh my…’ Seravee gasped as she and Jade helped set the table with plates and cutleries. ‘So much food.’

‘This is more than enough to last us until New years.’ Jade commented.

‘Or the entire winter.’ Giggled Midas.

Urg’bina clapped her hands together as everyone took their place at the table. ‘Has everyone have their drinks yet?’

Everyone grinned as they raised a tankard into the air, filled to the brimmed with their chosen alcohol. They all waited as the ogre cleared both her throats, wondering what sort of speech she will give. Only one word came out from both heads.


Everybody slammed their tankards into each other, splashing some of the alcohol on the table. They all gulped down their drink in one go and a few belches filled the air. It was followed by loud laughters as they re-filled their tankards. Armed with more drinks, Fonda smiled.

‘Dig in girls before it get cold!’

Everyone began filing their plates with good food before devouring it with gusto or slowly flavouring the meal. Loud and light-hearted chatter occurred during the meal as each wrestlers shared stories of their previous matches or first encounter.

‘Tigress and I first met in China for the Asian Wrestling Competition.’ Jade replied to Seravee’s question after chewing off the meat of the turkey’s drumstick. ‘We were evenly matched until I surprised her with a lariat. Then after that match, we had a few drinks before teaming up. This was before I moved to America.’

‘Patty and I are doing quite well in our new apartment.’ Midas told Urg’bina, one head was listening carefully while the other filled their belly with mince pies and beer. ‘We just bought a new TV and we can watch all the old and new matches.’

‘So she had grabbed me by the wrist and Irish whipped me into a corner.’ Taryn recounted one of her previous match to Tigress after they clinked tankards. ‘I thought I was a goner but in an instinct, I lifted my leg and allow her to impale on me boot. That’s when I pinned her down and won the match.’

‘Remember that time you had me pinned after that choke-slam?’ Fonda reminisced with Sol. ‘I must admit you made me wet myself when you sat on top of me.’

Sol chuckled as she pushed a lettuce leaf into her mouth. ‘You were always the horny one Fonda.’

Soon half the food was wiped off the table and two kegs were emptied. Some nibbling and sipping of eggnog was still happening as Sol and Fonda faced Jade. The others slowly filled the remaining spaces of their bellies as they listened to the conversation now before them.

‘We were supposed to be having an enjoyable Christmas break surrounded by our family and lovely new friends.’ Sol began as she wiped her lips delicately with a napkin. ‘But our boss, Baku Hayabusa, sent us as representative of both L.E.W.D and the Iron Pussy Wrestlers.’

‘Aye!’ Hiccuped Fonda as she downed another tankard of ale. ‘He wants to organise some sort of collaboration between L.E.W.D and CWF. When he heard that we’re going to meet the Legendary Jade the Dragon Empress, he sent us to talk to you about a possible collaboration.’

‘What do you say about it?’ Sol prodded.

Everyone turned to Jade who was pushing a bacon-wrapped shrimp into her mouth as Seravee leaned onto her shoulder, sipping wine from the tankard she was holding. Jade chewed thoughtfully before washing the shrimp and bacon down with some beer before answering.

‘Sounds like a great idea. The CWF could do with something different. The question is, should we have it under my company or his? And do we do only normal matches or does he has something special in mind?’

Sol smiled. ‘He said a marathon of normal matches between the wrestlers of L.E.W.D and CWF should do it. It can be a three day event with ten matches on each day.’

‘Little boy Baku wants to invite the CWF to Japan so we can have the event in the L.E.W.D.’ Fonda put in.

Jade was shaking her head. ‘Why not have the event in the CWF? America is a country of pro wrestling and we can draw a lot of wrestling fans. I’m sure we can make more profit if we have it in the CWF.’

'But isn’t the CWF smaller than L.E.W.D?’ Sol pointed out. ‘I know you have full house all the time but if we’re talking about profit, L.E.W.D would be the best place to host the event.’

Jade let out a growl as she slammed the tankard onto the table, the alcohol putting her thinking in a haze. Before she could make a retort, Seravee tugged at her arm and prompted her into looking at her. The green-haired woman shook her head and Jade calmed down. Urg’bina decided to intervene before the festive dinner was ruined.

‘If I can make a suggestion?’ The ogre began, making everyone giving their attention to her. ‘Why not host the event in a neutral place? Like a country that served as a crossroad to the world? It will not only draw wrestling fans in that country but also from neighbouring states.’

‘Like where?’ Asked Fonda.

Urg'bina smiled. ‘I know a few places in Africa or in Europe. They have good wrestling venues there. Almost as good as Japan or America.’

‘And L.E.W.D and CWF will share the profit and because it’s not in America or Japan, both of us will have equal share?’ Jade finished before slamming her tankard onto the table again, but not out of anger. ‘That could work.’ She smiled at Sol and Fonda. ‘So how do we do this? Do I need to talk to Baku or will you two fine ladies be enough?’

Sol smiled easily, relieved the discussion ended without any violence. Well, angry violence. ‘I’m sure we can work something out but maybe at the end of our vacation. Let’s enjoy this little break we have.’

‘Agree!’ Jade grinned and raised her tankard. ‘To a new beginning and friendship between not only the L.E.W.D and CWF but to all of us as well! Merry Christmas!’

‘CHEERS!’ everyone chorussed as they clinked tankards, downing the contents. Midas was smiling as ale flowed down her throat. The thoughts of fighting the legendary Dragon Empress herself sent shivers down her spine. In a good way.

Jade let out a belch as she slammed her tankard down onto the table, reaching out for the keg. ‘So… What do you bitches want to do now?’ She asked as she poured more beer into her tankard, a bit drunk.

‘Maybe we can watch a movie?’ Midas suggested. ‘Or play Twister?’

‘Come on!’ Taryn rolled her eyes. ‘Surely we can think of something more fun.’

‘How about we toast marshmallows and sing carols?’ Fonda suggested.

Urg’bina suddenly chuckled as she stood up, towering above them. ‘I have one idea.’ She turned both heads to Jade and Seravee. ‘Remember that you two owe me a match?’

Jade and Seravee nodded. ‘What about it?’ Seravee asked.

Urg’bina gestured and closed her eyes before a puff of smoke enveloped her, making some at present shrieked in surprise. When the smoke disappeared, it revealed Urg and Bina; their body separated into two beings.

‘Knowing how horny Jade is, let’s wrestle!’ Urg said rolling her head.

Bina cracked her fingers. ‘This is a good chance to show our guests from the L.E.W.D how fierce the wrestlers are in the CWF.’

Everyone gaped at the ogres as they threw off the fur pelt coat, showing their green toned body with hairy vaginas and armpits. Jade chuckled as she stripped off her sweater, becoming nude with the ogres.

‘I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Come on Sera, let’s show these two that humans can beat ogres anytime’

Seravee shrugged before taking off her sweaty, becoming nude as well. The others smiled and began cheering as the combatants stepped onto the table, not caring whether they stepped into the food or not.


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Oct 19, 2015
Christmas Bash 4

Jade roared as she grabbed hold of Urg while Seravee and Bina grappled into each other. As they fought each other, Patty, Tigress, Midas, Taryn, Fonda, and Sol watched the match. Jade and Urg growled as they entered a test of strength, pushing each other back and forth, while Bina grabbed Seravee by her hair and slammed her face into a mince pie.

The buxom green-hair woman gasped as her face was covered in pastry and fruits before being lifted up by Bina. Seravee threw her arm around the ogre’s head and slammed her face into the table in a bull-dog, Bina screamed as gravy coated her face. Jade snarled as she let go of Urg’s hands and punched her twice in the stomach before slamming a knee into her crotch.

Urg gasped at the knee missile into her mound before head-butting Jade in the face, sending her onto her bottoms. She picked up a small bowl of roast potatoes and slammed into onto Jade’s head. Jade growled as mashed potatoes ran down her head, grabbing a sausage. She shoved the sausage into Urg’s hairy vagina, making the ogre moaned lewdly.

Seravee rolled Bina onto her back and grabbed the remaining gravy, pouring all over the ogre’s face and chest. Bina groaned as warm gravy splashed all over her as she felt herself being lifted up. Seravee lifted the ogre onto her shoulders and prepared to slam her onto the table in a fisherman suplex. Before she could do it, Bina reached out and grabbed one of her breasts; pinching and twisting her nipple.

Seravee screamed at the pain in her breasts, allowing Bina to drop onto her feet. The ogre wrapped her arms around Seravee’s waist and lifted her up into the air, slamming her into a plate of shrimps and asparagus in a German suplex. Jade had managed to bring Urg onto her back, sliding the sausage inside and out of her hairy vagina. Urg groaned but remembering the match, she kicked Jade in the face and sending her onto her back.

Midas smiled as she watched the fight, happy that she was in the presence of such wrestling legends. So focussed was her attention that she failed to sense Patty sneaking behind her, a keg of mead in her hands. She giggled as she poured the alcohol all over Midas, who screamed in surprise. Patty giggled as Midas looked down in horror at her mead-soaked sweater.

‘My Christmas sweater!’ She screamed. ‘Patty you bitch!’

Angrily, she tore off her ruined sweater. Soon she was naked displaying her brown toned body with biceps and six-packs, her dark brown nipples were hard and brown hair grew under her armpits and vagina. She tossed her wet clothes aside and glared at her girlfriend. The Irish woman merely chuckled as she too began stripping off her clothes. Soon she was naked displaying her white toned body covered in freckles with biceps and six-packs, her light brown nipples were hard and red hair growing under her armpits and vagina.

‘Come on baby.’ She smiled. ‘Let’s join in the fun.’

Midas growled. ‘Oh it is on now bitch!’

Midas grabbed Patty by her long hair and slammed her face onto the table. She reached out and grabbed a tankard still full of eggnog, pouring it all over her lover. The Irish woman gasped as she was covered in eggnog before slamming her elbow into Midas face, turning around to face her. She wrapped her arm around Midas’ head as she pulled her up onto the table, locking her in a headlock.

Jade groaned as she held her face in pain while Urg grabbed her by the ankles, rolling her onto her stomach. She sat on her back and bent her back in a double Boston crab hold, only letting go of one of Jade’s leg to grab a turkey drumstick bone. Using it as a dildo, Urg shoved the bone into Jade’s vagina while bending her back. Jade screamed in both pain and sexually as she felt the bone inside her vagina and her spine was on the point of breaking.

Seravee moaned as she felt her hair greasy from the bacon and shrimps as Bina lifted her up into the air again before slamming her down onto the table in another German suplex. Bina grinned as she lifted a dazed Seravee into the air to deliver the final German suplex but before she could, Seravee reached down and hooked her finger into Bina’s hairy vagina. The ogre gasped in surprise when she felt Seravee’s finger inside of her, putting the succubus down onto the table.

Seravee reached down when she was released and grabbed hold a mince pie, slamming down onto Bina’s head. Then before the ogre could recover, Seravee picked up a roast potato and stuffed it into Bina’s vagina. Seravee continued the assault with a knee missile into Bina’s crotch, sending the potato deeper into her crotch.

Midas groaned as she felt the squeeze of Patty’s arm as she wrapped her arms around her waist, lifting the Irish woman into the air before slamming her feet onto the table in an atomic drop. Patty cried out as she let go of Midas’ head, stumbling forward. Jade, who was still under Urg, growled as she gathered strength in her legs. Then she catapulted the ogre into a keg of beer, splashing beer all over the place.

Urg moaned as she lifted herself out from the keg, a bit tipsy from the extra beer. Jade reached out and grabbed Urg by her pony-tail, pulling her back to the table and she pulled the ogre up onto the table. She turned to look at Seravee who was slapping a moaning Bina in the face.

‘Let’s finish this baby!’ Jade shouted.

Seravee smiled as she grabbed Bina by the wrist. ‘Yeah!’

Both Jade and Seravee Irish whipped Urg and Bina towards each other, making them clashed into each other face-first. The two ogres cried out in pain but before they could fall backwards, Jade and Seravee ran towards them and clotheslined the back of their necks; making the two faces smashed into one another. If that was not enough, Jade and Seravee wrapped their arms around Urg and Bina and lifted them up into the air before slamming their hairy vaginas down hard onto their knees.

‘DOUBLE DRAGON BOMB!’ Jade and Seravee shouted in unison.

The two ogres screamed as they orgasmed all over Jade and Seravee’s knees, their eyes rolling back. They did not feel anything when they were pushed onto their backs, being pinned down by Jade and Seravee. Meanwhile, Midas fell down to one knee and uppercut Patty in her hairy vagina . The Irish woman gasped and her response was to grab a half-eaten turkey drumstick and slammed it into Midas’ face while the others counted out the pin for Jade and Seravee.

‘1… 2… 3!’

Jade and Seravee smiled as they lifted up from the groaning ogres, kissing each other deeply on the lips. They flexed their biceps as they locked lips while Sol and Fonda pulled Urg and Bina off the table, sitting them down before giving Jade and Seravee kisses of dessert; leading them off the table. Midas screamed as she landed on her back, wiping away the gravy on her face. She gasped loudly when Patty slammed an elbow into her hairy vagina. She snarled as she wrapped her legs around Patty’s throat, choking her in a head-scissor.

Patty screamed into Midas’ hairy vagina but before she could even bite it, Midas pulled Patty down into the table and turned the head-scissor into a Drewcifix; making it difficult and painful for Patty to escape. Patty twisted and turned to try to escape from Midas but in the end she tapped on the table. Midas smiled as she pushed Patty off the table, the Irish girl being helped into sitting position by Tigress and her half-sister before giving Midas her kiss of dessert.

Fonda chuckled as she took off her clothing as well, showing her white toned body covered in freckles with biceps and six-packs, her light brown nipples hard and red hair under her vagina an armpits. She was putting on her black wrestling mask on.

‘Come Sol.’ Fonda, Black Cougar, chuckled. ‘Let’s show these youngsters how to do a proper food fight!’

Sol chuckled as she also stripped, showing her brown toned body with biceps and six-packs, her dark brown nipples hard and black hair under her vagina an armpits.


The two older women snarled as they flung their arms around each other necks, trying to grapple one another down to the table. Sol was the first to broke the grapple as she pushed Black Cougar’s head down, locking her in a reverse full-nelson. She searched around until she found a bowl of gravy, slamming Black Cougar right into the gravy in a face-buster.

Black Cougar screamed as her mask was soaked in gravy while Sol pulled her up onto her feet. Before she could launch a lariat into Black Cougar’s throat, the Irish mother growled and kicked Sol in between the legs. Sol screamed as her hands went to her sore crotch while Black Cougar flung her right arm around Sol’s neck. She let out a growl as she bull-dog Sol right into a mince pie.

Sol moaned as she swallowed some of the pastry and being pulled up onto her feet by Black Cougar. Black Cougar pushed Sol down and slammed two elbow slams into her back, before putting her in an octopus hold; squeezing the air out from her. Sol cried out as she felt the blood rushing into her head, wrapping an arm around Black Cougar’s leg. Growling, Sol lifted Black Cougar up into the air and slammed her backwards in the remainder of the turkey.

Black Cougar screamed as her back was smeared in turkey gravy and grease, letting go of Sol. Sol rolled onto her knees and climbed on top of Black Cougar, pummelling her breasts with her fists before pinning her down in a matchbook pin. All those watching counted out loud.

‘1… 2…’

Sol gave a disappointed cry when Black Cougar kicked her off her, breaking the pin. Sol growled as she lifted an elbow and slammed it down onto the Irish woman’s hairy vagina, making her scream. Black Cougar groaned as Sol pulled her up onto her feet, ready to lift her up into the air. Before she could, Black Cougar kneed Sol in the stomach; catching her by surprise. Sol let go of Black Cougar and screamed again when Black Cougar tomahawk chopped her across the chest.

Before Sol could strike back, Black Cougar grabbed hold of Sol’s head and slammed her onto the table. She locked her head in a face-lock while bridging, pinning Sol at the same time. Sol groaned as the pain manifest in her head while the others counted out loud.

‘1… 2… 3!’

Black Cougar smiled as she let go of Sol, allowing Jade and Seravee to pull her off the table and feel her body. Then they set her in between Urg and Bina, who began nursing her body, before giving Black Cougar kisses of desserts. While Jade and Seravee made out with Fonda, Taryn and Tigress stepped onto the table, already nude and proudly showing off their toned bodies. Taryn’s nipples were light brown and her armpits and vagina were covered in red pubic hair while Tigress’ nipples were dark brown and black hair grew under her armpits and vagina.

‘Let’s do this India!’ Taryn shouted as she raised her fists.

Tigress grinned, raising her fists as well. ‘I’m going to kick your ass Ireland!’

Tigress and Taryn traded blows, punching each other in the faces, breasts and stomach. Taryn grunted at the latest punch in the face before spearing Tigress in the stomach, slamming her onto a plate of shrimps and asparagus. Tigress grunted as she wrapped her legs around Taryn’s waist, crushing her in a body scissor while slamming her fists into her face.

Taryn groaned at the air being squeezed out from her and the punches in the face before lifting both her fists into the air, slamming them into Tigress’ breasts. The Indian woman gasped out loud as her hold on Taryn weaken, allowing the Irish girl to stand up. She grabbed Tigress by the ankles and spread her legs wide open, stomping on her hairy vagina hard. Tigress groaned out in pain at the abuse of her crotch.

Taryn dropped Tigress’ legs onto the table as she picked up a sausage, shoving it into Tigress’ vagina. Tigress gasped as she shot out, grabbing the turkey carcass and slamming it into Taryn’s face. Taryn screamed in surprise as she fell onto her ass, Tigress reaching out for a half-emptied keg. She lifted it over her head and slammed it down over Taryn, covering her in mead.

As Taryn hiccuped from some of the mead entering her mouth as Tigress pulled the sausage out from her vagina. She held the keg on Taryn as she shoved the same sausage into Taryn’s hairy vagina, rubbing it inside and out of her vagina. Taryn’s moans can be heard from the keg as her vagina was being played roughly by the sausage.

Then a t a sharp gasp, Taryn orgasmed all over the table. Tigress smirked as she pulled the keg off from Taryn, the Irish girl panting as she released her juice. Tigress pulled Taryn onto her feet, slamming her fist into her stomach several times. Taryn can only spit out saliva at every punch she received in the stomach. Then with a growl, Tigress delivered a powerful uppercut into Taryn’s jaws; sending the Irish girl onto her back.

Taryn laid on the table, her eyes closed and her vagina leaking with cum. Tigress smiled as she posed her victory pose while Midas helped Taryn off the table, giving her a short kiss before sitting her next to her half-sister. Then Midas pulled Tigress off the table, kissing her deeply before entering a tongue wrestling match with her.
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