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Camp Game (malleck) version 0.2

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by malleck, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. malleck

    malleck Guest


    Hi everybody. I want to present my game here. Take a look. You can visit my patreon page to read info about game. I won't post partreon link here. You can open it within the game if you want. But first just play the game
    direct link -

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  2. fleet

    fleet Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 16, 2012
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    Okay, being sneaky and having the patreon link within the demo is still linking to your patreon page. I checked your patreon page and it doesn't contain a link back to Undertow as required by our site rules..
    I'm removing the link to your free demo. If you want to post here, abide by the rules (see section entitled I deserve free money). Link to rules is in my siggie.

    fleet (global moderator)
  3. Neonie

    Neonie Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 25, 2010
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    So, I gave the game demo a go and I must say, so far it is quite nice. The start was a bit long winded (walking wise, once you go to the house the long way I kind of wished there was a shortcut ladder that was put down so that after the first time you go to the forest lakehouse you can simply go left without having to go over the bridge each time.

    I was surprised (in a good way) about the non-consent content. It caught me off guard as the first feel of the game was that it would be quite vanilla and just about horny people who love sex and will outright do anything and thus be completely unrealistic (and non-enjoyable for me personally - a bit of realism goes a long way).

    That is NOT the case in your game demo so far. It has that element of realism so that events catch you by surprise and the story line becomes very interesting. It is also the first time I personally played a game that you actually control all the players, this is a cool concept and I really enjoyed it.

    The only negative feedback (aside from the lack of a shortcut back from the forest lakehouse) I have for the demo is sometimes I wish the dialogue sequences would have more choices. Kind of like what you had done with the bottle in the lakehouse (open or not open) and the way you can skip getting the camera and go to the beach anyway (still have to try that path curious to see what happens) and same with the choice of how you mix the sleeping drugs. The consequences so far for each have been equally great.

    For example, I thought if you would select the wrong way for the sleeping drug mixing you would still get her to sleep and she would just wake up mid action. As this was hinted at by the gamemaster. But no instead she simply ended up not taking the drug at all and the entire scene is lost out on. Simply great!!!!

    So yeah, if somehow you have the time/budget/willingness to include more of such great choice paths in the dialogues as well, that would be great. For example:

    When you go to the beach to do the nude photographs the announcer is very strict that you may only take 2 nudes and absolutely no contact. I was expecting there to be dialogue or choices available that the player would want to do for a potential h-scene but that would lead to either a rape or sex/contact scene. Like the guy seemed totally aroused and filled with desire and pissed off. So I half expected something to happen. Obviously this is just an idea and you are the creator of this game and what is in there so far is great, this is just a suggestion

    So yeah, keep up the great work - I look forward to seeing the end product! I am sure you will be able to get some sales out of it too and by the looks of it you already have some support on Patreon as well.