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A Lesson In Endurance - Sakura

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Japaneseruby, Jun 24, 2011.

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    A Lesson In Endurance (Naruto Shippuden)

    Sakura Haruno had been training under Tsunade for close to a year. Most of her friends had continued their training, eventually leaving their teams to perfect their abilities. Rock Lee travelled with Gai, Neji and Hinata were both recieving personal guidance from the Hyuga Clan, Naruto left with Jiraiya (likely to be masterful of the Perversion Arts) and so on. Sometimes Sakura would amuse herself with thoughts of what the feisty blonde vixen was up to... She wasn't even sure why Ino had her curiousity. She hadn't seen her in so long, it is hard to say what she would be doing to pass the time these days. Pushing the thoughts aside, Sakura remained in her room in the early morning, preparing herself for another session of training with Tsunade. The Fifth Hokage had sent a message to the pink-haired kunoichi a few days before informing her that her training this day would be even more difficult than before. Ready for her challenge, she made sure to get plenty of sleep and, as the note strangely suggested, she ate and drank only lightly. Enough to keep her energized, but not enough to really sate her hunger. She wondered why, then recalled similar training from Kakashi. This time, she would be ready for such a taxing training method. She left for Tsunade's office, unaware that she would never really forget this particular training session. As Sakura proceeded through the village, she began to near the Hokage Mansion. However, the kunoichi paused and began to smell something that made her feel somewhat dreamy. She looked around, then noticed a beautiful blonde woman that looked her age holding a purple flower. Sakura moved towards her, feeling drawn to her for some reason. Something familiar about her, perhaps... Or maybe she simply wished to smell the soothing aroma... Or perhaps... Perhaps...


    Sakura slowly became aware of her surroundings, realizing she was walking through the Hokage Mansion. As she walked down a hallway, she quickly realized she was not controlling her own body. She felt shackled within it, in fact. She struggled to regain control, but she was completely helpless. Soon a silky smooth and somewhat seductive voice spoke to her. "Remember this technique, Sakura-chan?" The pink-haired kunoichi's eyes widened. "Ino? You're back? What are you doing to me?! Release me now! I'm strong enough to make you regret doing this, now!" Ino giggled and spoke again, making Sakura feel slightly calmed by the gentle voice that graced her ears so delicately. "I intend to have a little fun with you, Sakura-chan... To help Hokage-sama have a little more intense training prepared for you. After all, I think you want to become stronger, don't you?" Sakura gasped as she entered the main office of Tsunade. Tsunade didn't bother glancing up at her, and Sakura quickly noticed Shizune was not present. She was alone with Tsunade, and Ino had control of her body. "Ino-pig, whatever it is you are going to do, just stop it now!" "But Sakura-chan, this is going to be so much fun. Just watch and enjoy." Sakura approached Tsunade, making the Hokage simply huff in annoyance. "You are late, Sakura. Do not expect today's training to be very pleasant." After getting no response, Tsunade looked up at Sakura as the younger ninja walked around the desk and approached her. To Sakura's absolute horror, she proceeded to slap Tsunade not once, not twice, but three times in rapid succession. With a quick "Ta-ta!" Ino released the jutsu, making the kunoichi watch in terror as Tsunade slowly rose and towered over her. "But... But... Ino... She-" A punch to the stomach sent Sakura flying upwards, smashing against the ceiling then falling to the floor in a heap. As she sat up, Tsunade grabbed her shirt and stood her up before slugging her in the stomach again, making her cough up saliva. The Hokage dropped Sakura to the floor as two female ANBU appeared in the room. "Is everything alright?" Tsunade turned to the two women with a frown, making them both visibly enact the literal meaning of 'shaking in one's boots'. "Take this little piece of shinobi meat to the silent chamber. Prep her for an extended stay. I'll be down soon." The two women nodded and approached Sakura, who groggily got to her hands and knees. "Tsu... nade... Please..." Tsunade gestured for the two ANBU to wait as she grabbed Sakura's shirt and lifted her off the ground, eventually lifting her up into the air by the front of her shirt, Tsunade's fist gripping her pushed against Sakura's neck, making it difficult for her to breathe. "After tonight, you will never be the same. Welcome to the world of the grown-up shinobi." She effortlessly shoved Sakura into the waiting grasp of the ANBU. One held her in a choke hold while the other held her wrists together until she drifted into darkness for the second time that day.

    A sudden splash of ice water awoke Sakura, soaking her entirely. She coughed and struggled in her bindings, then after a moment realized that she was indeed bound. Looking up, she saw her wrists tied together over her head, a rope connecting her outstretched arms to the ceiling. After slumping and trying to catch her breath, she realized she was clad only in her panties. Sakura sighed weakly and knew where this was headed. She had dreaded this day ever since Shizune warned her about it a few months back. Endurance, the torture lesson. She would be required to suffer any form of torture thrown at her, and not break under it. She looked up at the two women before her. The ANBU from Tsunade's office. The two approached her armed with wooden poles. She smirked weakly and spoke in a quiet voice. "Be gentle, ladies." One ANBU stepped forward and thrust her pole into Sakura's stomach a few times, making her jerk with each blow. "Oough! Ooof! Hoough!" The second ANBU circled behind her and struck Sakura's lower back with her pole three times, making Sakura arch her back and cry out in pain. As she did, the first ANBU slammed her pole against Sakura's lower stomach, making her cough and slump in her bindings. As time passed, Sakura suffered multiple strikes from the ANBU. Her legs, belly, chest, lower and upper back, sometimes even her crotch. Time passed slowly as her body was worked over endlessly. Sakura was finally given a chance to relax as the two ANBU looked over Sakura's body. She took a moment to gaze down at herself, and shockingly enough, she didn't have a single bruise. Nothing to show the brutality of her captors. Whatever the poles were made of, it didn't actually do much to damage the skin. Or maybe they were wrapped in chakra, Sakura couldn't tell at this point. One ANBU whispered to the other, then they nodded and approached Sakura, the pink-haired shinobi bracing for further beatings. However, instead the first ANBU rubbed Sakura's pantied crotch lovingly while the other moved behind her and groped her butt. Unable to resist, Sakura felt herself submitting to the touch of the ANBU women until she heard a whistle, getting the attention of all three women. They saw Tsunade standing in the doorway, her green jacket missing. "I told you two to soften her up, not feel her up. If this were a fanfic, that would be allowable. But it isn't, so get out of here. Go molest some other girl. I'm sure Tenten wouldn't mind getting dominated by other women." The two ANBU picked up their poles and vanished into smoke, making Tsunade roll her eyes and slam the door shut. "Martial artists are so much easier to work with than ninja. What is so difficult with walking out of the room?"

    Tsunade walked up to Sakura and brushed some hair from her face. Sakura looked up at Tsunade with saddened emerald eyes. "Tsunade-sama... I swear... I didn't-" Tsunade silenced her with a finger to her lips. "I know, I know. I am the Hokage, after all. I'm sure I of all people would notice the Mind Body Transfer Technique. Ino has gotten sloppy with it, even if she can use it for more practical purposes." Sakura looked confused for a moment, making Tsunade shrug. "What? I figured this would be the best way to go into this little bit of training." She slugged Sakura in the stomach, making her cough. "Don't you think so? Whenever you want me to stop, just beg me for mercy. I have enough stamina to pound on you for hours and not be tired." She then punched Sakura in the face twice, almost knocking her unconscious in the process. Blood trickled out of Sakura's nose, and Sakura barely managed to keep her eyes open. Tsunade then punched both of her breasts, making them smack into each other repeatedly. As Sakura cried out in pain, the Hokage then grabbed one boob and began to slap it and pinch the nipple until Sakura's cries were reduced to pained whimpers. After treating her other boob in a similar fashion, she then stepped back and put on a pair of black gloves. Sakura tried to turn away but Tsunade held her in place, then began to punch her exposed belly repeatedly with both fists. "Oof! Ooh! Uugh! Uhn! Oof!" Sakura practically bounced in place as the pummeling continued, she didn't know how long it lasted. As Tsunade finished, she grabbed a handful of Sakura's hair and placed her knee between Sakura's legs. She tilted Sakura's head back painfully and brought her face close to the beaten girl's. "Beg. Beg me to stop. You have nothing left." Sakura did not speak. After a moment, she brought her leg up and tried to kick back at Tsunade, who simply pushed her leg away. "Fine. Scream for me." Tsunade lifted one of Sakura's legs after releasing her grip on the young kunoichi's hair. After a moment of silence, Tsunade proceeded to punch Sakura in the crotch repeatedly, making the girl scream in pain with every blow. Soon the punches became knee thrusts as Tsunade lifted and spread both of Sakura's legs, sending a knee into her crotch over and over again. Eventually she stopped and held Sakura's chin up, raking her fingernails across Sakura's belly twice. As Sakura weakly whimpered and moaned, Tsunade then untied Sakura and caught her before she collapsed. Tsunade gently laid Sakura down on her back, spreading her arms and legs. As Sakura laid still, Tsunade took a few steps back, then leapt into the air. Sakura watched as Tsunade descended upon her in what felt like slow motion, until Tsunade's foot came crashing down on Sakura. She wasn't sure where she had been hit, her deafening scream was the last she heard as she passed out from the excruciating pain. Sakura awoke smelling sleeping salts, and saw Tsunade kneeling over her. She smiled and caressed Sakura's cheek, making Sakura almost smile in return. "You passed, Sakura. If I can't break you, no one can. But this has only been the first session. More will come before your training ends." Sakura nodded weakly. "Whatever... It takes... To be strong..." Tsunade helped Sakura sit up, then shot her a playful smirk. "You know, I think you should pay Ino a visit this weekend. Use what I taught you on her. I'll even help you set everything up." A small grin crossed Sakura's lips. "Actually... That sounds... Like fun."


    Notes - Sorry for poofing, my computer crashed and I couldn't use my friend's to post a story. I wanted to do a ryona of a possible "Tsunade beats up Sakura for training" kind of situation, and this is one of the scenarios that popped into mind... Hmm, should I do a second one that has Sakura beating up Ino, perhaps...?
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    Your writing style, save for the chunking of text was very enjoyable! And so self aware as well! Nice. BTW maybe you could work some kicks into the next chapter. Barefoot.

    Just screwing with you. I know requests weren't asked for.

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    You did this a long time ago but I would say do another one with Sakura beating up Ino... or Ino beating up Sakura.