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A Championship Battle

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by daman077c, Jul 13, 2013.

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    This is a story I've been working on the past few days. I haven't posted any new stuff from myself lately, so I thought I would drum up another wrestling battle. Yes, the name of the arena where the Sacramento Kings play is called Sleep Train Arena, lol. I don't think this is anything mind blowing from me; more like par for the course. Might as well stick to what I'm good at...

    The Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California, was rocking and rolling on a Friday night, as the home of the NBA's Sacramento Kings was hosting a special live edition of Ring of Beauty's weekly "Primetime" TV show. Normally the show was taped in a studio in the area, but the two year anniversary of Ring of Beauty's existence was more than enough reason to run somewhere larger. In the arena, the show returns from commercial just before Angela Fong's music hits, bringing her out for the main event. The fans shower the beauty with cheers as a focused Angela strides down the aisle, dressed in a deep, dark blue two piece bikini-like top and pants costume. Rhinestones on the top glitter in the bright lights as she high-fives several fans, a cute smirk on her face. She was to face Beth Phoenix for the Ring of Beauty World title.

    Beth had been running from Angela the past few weeks, ducking and dodging the Canadian at every opportunity. It was sort of with good reasoning - Beth knew what Angela was capable of. It took Angela earning this opportunity, pinning Winter the previous week, to get Beth into the ring with her. Now it was either defend the title, or be stripped. Standing in the center of the ring, ring announcer Jordan Parker introduced Angela as she got closer to the ring.

    "This match is set for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit, and it is for the Ring of Beauty World Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Angela Fong!"

    At the commentary desk next to the ring, Ring of Beauty's TV commentary team, Michael Makabe and Dave Prazak, built up the match at hand. "Well, ladies and gentlemen, this woman is on a roll at the moment," Michael started, referring to Angela. "Tonight she finally gets her shot at Beth Phoenix's Ring of Beauty World Title. You might say Beth has been running from Angela; tonight, however, the running is over."

    "This all came about last week here on Primetime, as Angela Fong took on a returning Winter, with a shot at Beth's World Title on the line," Prazak added.

    As Dave finished his sentence, a highlight video began to play, showing pieces of Angela's aforementioned match against Winter.

    "Battling back and forth, Winter looked to have the match in her grasp with a hook of Angela's tights, but Angela rolled through to get the victory!" Michael's voice narrated the video, showing Winter rolling Angela up with an O'Connor Roll and pulling on Angela's gear for leverage, only for Angela to roll through and hook Winter's gear to gain the pinfall!

    Back live, Angela has a broad smile on her face - she too was watching the video, though her smile turns into a frown as Winter's music blares out of the speakers. It doesn't take long before Winter comes out, a mic in hand, ignoring those who are booing her unexpected intrusion. In the ring, Angela frustratingly crosses her arms, looking perturbed and slightly angry that Winter is making this unannounced appearance.

    "Angela, you and I, and every single one of these people here tonight know that I deserve to be in this match tonight, not you," Winter said, Her eyes locked with Angela's as she walked to the ring. She rolled into the ring as the crowd booed at her talking. Rising to her feet, she stared down the crowd, then Angela, before continuing to speak.

    "Last Friday on "Primetime," you cheated me out of my shot at the Ring of Beauty World Championship. If you were to win tonight, that's what these people would have as a champion: a cheater. And I..." She trailed off as she looked around angrily. "I just can't have that happen." Winter's left arm dropped, still holding the microphone... and then she laid into Angela with a hard slap with her right hand! The slap, however, only angered the Vancouver beauty, who fired back with forearms to the face! Angela's hard blows sent Winter packing to the outside, but Angela was far from done, following her attacker to the outside. The fans cheered wildly, rallying behind the Canadian beauty. They wanted to see Angela beat Winter down again!

    Outside the ring, Winter had fallen to her knees, rubbing her jaw. Her face turned a shade of red as she looked at some fans, turning in time to see Angela storming towards her. Smartly, Winter cut Angela off as she tried to pull her up to her feet, driving forward and ramming Angela's lower back into the steel ring apron! Angela cried out and slowly melted to her knees, holding her lower back with her right hand. Her face was etched in pain as Winter pulled Angela back up to her feet - and then off, holding her up across her chest. With a twist, Winter swung Angela around... and then down across her knee with a catatonic backbreaker, known as The Final Nail! Angela let out a scream of terrified pain, rolling off Winter's knee and onto her stomach, clutching at her now injured back. Her feet kicked against the ground, as she tried to do everything to shut out the immense pain Winter had caused.

    Meanwhile, Beth's music hit, bringing her to the ring. She was dressed in a purplish-blue one-piece styled costume, which was accented by pink and white lines in areas. A matching purplish-blue tiara, covered in small rhinestones, sat atop her head, while fishnets covered her legs down to her knees. Black kneepads and boots finished her look - one of beauty, but also one of power. The Ring of Beauty World Title was slung over her shoulder, the overhead lights causing it to glimmer and shine brightly. Outside the ring, the referee admonished Winter, who was standing over the wounded Angela, and demanded the vile woman go to the back, or risk suspension. Winter argued incoherently for a moment, but finally gave up as Beth passed her, staring at the champion before slowly slinking to the back. Behind the referee's, Beth picked the injured Angela up and rolled her into the ring to get the match started. The referee quickly followed suit, calling for the bell as he slid into the ring. The match was officially underway.

    Ring of Beauty World Title
    Beth Phoenix© vs. Angela Fong

    With the two ladies in the ring, Beth quickly went on the attack, knocking a rising Angela back down to the mat with a forearm to the kidneys. Moving fast and staying on the attack, Beth picked Angela up in a front-facelock, keeping the Canadian beauty from moving too much. Throwing Angela's left arm over her neck, she heaved Angela into the air for what looked like a traditional vertical suplex... but instead she pivoted, bouncing Angela's legs off the top rope, performing a picture-perfect slingshot suplex! Angela ended up slammed down onto her newly injured back, and immediately she sat up, letting out a deep groan as she favored her back with one hand, her ribs with another. Smirking, Beth sat up, then rolled onto her knees. Reaching down, she quickly rolled Angela down onto her back for a lateral press pin, grinding her left forearm across Gail's face. The referee quickly dropped into position, ready to count. "One...! Two...!"

    Knowing her situation, Angela powered out of the pin attempt, and quickly did her best to attempt to get to the corner, crawling on her hands and knees. Reaching the corner, she then pulled herself up using the ropes, and slowly began to turn around. Undeterred by Angela's kicking out of the pin, Beth went back on the attack, meeting her in the corner to place a pair of stiff kicks snugly into Angela's slender stomach, doubling her over. Grabbing Angela's left wrist, Beth took in a deep breath, then a big step out of the corner, using all of her strength to whip Angela full force into the opposite corner! Angela was sent hurtling across the ring, and with no way to stop, crashed back-first into the turnbuckle at unabated speed! Crying out in pain, Angela flopped to the mat; she was now desperately clutching at her lower back, her right hand seemingly attached to the aching bones and muscles.

    "Come on, Angela," Beth yelled, standing over the hurting Angela. Groans of pain slipped from Angela lips as she struggled to get to a standing base again. Beth was keen to show off her power, which she flexed as she grabbed Angela up with another front-facelock. With another deep breath, Beth heaved her up and into the air with a loud roar, shooting Angela's feet up into the lights! She held Angela elevated in a stalling vertical suplex; the crowd sat in astonishment at Beth's strength, as she held Angela up for at least five to six seconds! Finally leaning back, Beth sent Angela crashing back to the mat, completing the expertly performed suplex. Angela almost immediately arched up, letting out a long, deep cry of pain whilst grabbing at her injured back and ribs. Beth sat up, a cocky smile flashing across her face, before she rolled over to pin Angela with another lateral press. "One...! Two......!"

    Again Angela kicked out, rolling her shoulder up before the referee counted three. Beth frustratingly pounded on the mat, shaking her head as she tried to figure her challenger out. As Angela sat up, Beth quickly grabbed her arms and pulled backwards, driving her knee into Angela's lower back to complete a seated surfboard. The crowd began to get into the match and behind Angela. Several fans started a measured clap that quickly grew, pumping Angela back up, willing her back into the match-up despite her aching, damaged back. Slowly Angela struggled up to her feet, her arms shaking as she leaned back. With a surge of energy, she pulled her arms forward and threw Beth into a front roll; Beth smoothly stopped on her feet and wildly spun around. Angela grabbed her lower back momentarily, but took the advantage as it was there, rocking Beth with several wild forearms, the crowd cheering her on as she drove Beth back into the corner.

    Angela attempted to whip Beth across the ring, but the champion reversed mid-whip, sending Angela in instead. Angela seemed to have Beth's reversal scouted, and leapt to the middle rope, springing off with a twisting crossbody! Beth, however, had Angela scouted even better, as she caught the beauty, almost with complete ease, in the center of the ring. The crowd let out an "Ohh!" cry at Beth's strength; Angela flailed fruitlessly as the champion casually walked to the center of the ring. Angela was at her mercy. Showing off her strength advantage, Beth raised Angela up, then powered her down with a crushing over the knee backbreaker! Angela screamed in agony as her injured back was painfully wrapped across Beth's knee. The champion wasn't done, however, as she scraped Angela off her knee, using her strength to come back to a standing base, holding Angela across her chest still. Again she lifted, and then slammed Angela down with another over the knee backbreaker; Angela shrieked, frightening the referee, who was beginning to gear for Angela's well-being. The pain Angela was experiencing was indeed excruciating, but Beth still wasn't finished. With a loud roar, she again squatted back up to a standing base, powering Angela up... and then down a third and final time, the crippling backbreaker damaging Angela's back further. The momentum from the maneuver carried Angela off Beth's knee and to the mat, and immediately the dark blue clad beauty clutched at her wounded spine, rolling back and forth on her sides as her back arched. Her face almost seemed to be permanently etched in terrifying pain as she slowly relaxed, rolling onto her stomach. Weak moan after weak moan escaped Angela's lips as meanwhile, a cocky, evil smile flashed across Beth's face, which was glistening with sweat. Slowly she dropped down from her knee, shot the half and covered Angela, hooking the outside leg as she looked to pin the wounded beauty.

    "One......! Two......! No! Two!" the referee screamed as the fans cheered. His hand was mere inches from slapping the mat for three. Angela, somehow, had kicked out, despite all of the damage done to her back. This wasn't just a fight for a championship anymore - this was a fight for survival. Furious, Beth rolled Angela onto her stomach. Beth took the point of her right elbow and dug it into Angela's spine, putting all of her weight into the elbow.

    "Why won't you give up, huh? You want to keep fighting? Huh? You WANT me to break you in half?" Beth was incredulous, enraged by how this "model" woman was somehow able to keep going. In the back of Beth's mind, thoughts of her losing the Ring of Beauty World Title began to creep up. Thoughts she wasn't about to let come to fruition. Thankfully for Beth, Angela was fighting off her back foot, mostly due to Winter's pre-match attack. Beneath Beth's elbow, Angela screamed and squirmed, kicking her feet against the mat. It wasn't a submission, and it wasn't illegal - it was pure, unadulterated pain. Beth twisted, grinded, and then roughly pulled her elbow from the small of Angela's back. To her, this match was over.

    Grabbing a handful of Angela's long black locks, Beth yanked her up to wobbly feet. Her muscular arms slunk around Angela's wounded waistline, clamped down and lifted her up, sinking in a bearhug. Angela cried out, her hands running through her sweat drenched hair. Her eyes were opened wide, then closed shut, then opened again... the waves of pain from Beth tightening the hold was sending mixed messages to Angela's brain. Her hands moved from her hair to Beth's shoulders, pushing down in an attempt to relieve the pain coursing up and down her body. Her struggles, however, only netted more pain, more pressure. Angela cried out again, her arms feebly falling to her sides, seemingly unable to help her anymore. To her credit, Angela refused to submit, and the fans rallied behind her, even as she began to lean backwards. It was a last ditch attempt to alleviate the pain. The referee didn't know what to do.

    "Angela! ANGELA! DO YOU GIVE UP?" His yells were met with no response from the challenger, other than deep moans of agony. Angela was close to completely passing out, her back a mangled mess of bruised muscles and slipped vertebrae. The referee slapped at Angela's right arm, before lifting it. He let it go... and it fell limply towards Earth. "One!" The referee was counting the Canadian beauty out. Again he lifted Angela's right arm and let it go... and it fell to Earth, seemingly without life. "TWO!" The crowd stomped their feet against the floor of Sleep Train Arena, creating a rumbling that could be heard outside the arena. If Angela didn't respond this third time, this match was over. The referee looked over Angela. Her eyes were shut, her long black hair strewn about and hanging towards the ground. Even as she rested in Beth's crushing grip... she looked beautiful. He lifted Angela's hand one last time, releasing it. It fell three-quarters of the way towards Earth before it snapped forth with life - Angela was not done! The crowd let out a cheer as slowly Angela reared back her right arm. She blasted Beth with it, who loosened the hold enough that Angela's feet touched the ground. She pushed Beth's head back with her left arm and reared back again with her right... and again slammed a punch against Beth's jaw! The second blow was enough to free herself from the bearhug completely... but great damage had certainly been done.

    Slowly Angela collapsed to her knees, hunched over. Her right hand grabbed at her lower back whilst her left hand kept her from falling flat to the canvas, quite possibly to never get up. The crowd had done something to her, though, and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She just knew she wanted to walk away from this match victorious, a new champion ending a tyrants reign. Angela's punches had left the champion reeling, rubbing her jaw against the ropes. Her face had turned a shade of red as she looked at Angela, who was struggling mightily to get to a standing base. How in the hell was she still going? How did that bearhug not crush her spine into a paste? Beth growled, clenching her fists. Angela was going to pay for not giving up. She lunged at Angela as she got fully upright, throwing a wild clothesline, but Angela quickly ducked, sprinting into the ropes and launching herself at Beth with a clothesline of her own! The blow caught Beth right across the chest, and she fell in a heap; she hurriedly scrambled to her feet, flailing wildly as Angela caught Beth with a second clothesline. Beth again crashed to the mat, and rose in time to catch Angela's left leg - but not Angela's right, which soon smacked across her jaw! Beth flopped face-first onto the mat, but quickly stirred. The enzuigiri had knocked Beth through a loop; the opening allowed Angela to climb the turnbuckles to the top, a surge of energy allowing her to push the injuries she'd sustained into the back of her mind. She waited for Beth to climb to her feet and spin around. The champion was in a complete daze, not noticing Angela flying off the top with a picture-perfect crossbody attack! Beth hit the mat hard beneath Angela as the crowd let out another cheer. Angela was on top, and quickly she hooked Beth's left leg, looking for the win. "1......! 2..!" The referee didn't get any further, as Beth was still far too strong, shoving Angela from her body.

    By this point, the crowd was solidly behind Angela's triumphant comeback, willing her on to do more. She grabbed Beth up, lifting the champion to her feet before rocking the stronger woman back into the ropes with several stiff forearms. With a grab of Beth's left wrist, Angela whipped Beth into the ropes. Standing in the center of the ring, Angela bent over, looking for a back body drop... but it was telegraphed. Beth saw it by a country mile, and quickly she caught the beauty with a clubbing overhand blow, right across the kidneys. Angela yelped and fell to her knees, her hands quickly grabbing at her wounded spine. Whatever adrenaline that was allowing her to forget about the immense pain in her lower back was now gone, and that spelled doom for the sexy Canadian.

    "You wanna kick and beat my face in..." Beth grumbled at Angela, grabbing her black hair and pulling her up, bent over. She locked her arms around Angela's waist and lifted her up into the air. The natural curve in Angela's back snugly fit across Beth's shoulder, and quickly the Buffalo native clamped down on a Canadian Backbreaker! "Oh, the irony of this, Angela... a Canadian trapped in a Canadian Backbreaker." She bounced up and down, and Angela thrashed about, screaming in terror as her injured back was being injured further. By now it was taking every ounce of energy to not submit. The referee, already fearing for Angela's well-being, was fearing even more as the sexy woman screamed in pain, unable to free herself from the hold.

    "Angela! Do you submit?" The referee looked at Angela's sweat drenched face. Her eyes were tightly shut, forcing the referee to look over Angela's body again, observing her for signs of life if she was to fade out again.

    "NO! N- AAAAAH!" Angela's reply to the referee was cut off by Beth bouncing up and down whilst clamping down even tighter on the submission, drawing yet another scream from the woman. Beth's eyes narrowed, listening to Angela refuse to submit.

    "No, eh? We'll see about that..." Beth's words didn't register with Angela. She stepped into the center of the ring, Angela slung on her shoulder and beginning to fade again. Beth's face was twisted in an angry snarl as she looked into the hard camera... and then dropped to her knees, jarring Angela's badly damaged spine with a Canadian Backbreaker Drop! Angela flopped to the canvas and onto her back, arced high. Her eyes were opened wide, her mouth agape as she gasped for air. Her right hand gently pressed against the small of her back. The crowd let out a collective groan as Beth wiped sweat from beneath her tiara and brow, looking over Angela's body. This title defense was taking more out of her than she expected! Reaching down with both hands, Beth flattened Angela back out, hooking her right leg to complete another pin attempt. Already on his knees, the referee counted, his hand slapping the mat.

    "1......! 2......! No! No! Two! Two count!" The crowd let out a loud cheer. Somehow, some way, Angela had kicked out again. Beth's eyes were wide open. The thought of her losing the title, of Angela making a complete, triumphant comeback and winning, crept up in the back of Beth's mind. Frustration was building. She pounded on the mat, yelling incoherently, before jumping to her feet. She backed the referee into the corner, whose face turned white as he looked at the large woman storming towards him.

    "You've gotta be kidding me, ref! You can't tell me she kicked out in time!" Beth was incensed, and the referee begged off, mumbling gibberish back to the champion. All of this was giving Angela a grand chance to recover. The sharp, stabbing pain in her lower back wasn't going to go away, not for a while, but she did her best to shrug it off and pull herself up to her knees. Beth turned around, glaring at Angela. Just as she'd stormed towards the referee, she stormed to Angela. She grabbed the beauty in a front facelock. Torture was on Beth's mind. She was going to make Angela suffer, if she wanted to keep kicking out. Unfortunately for Beth, Angela had other ideas. She pulled Beth down unexpectedly, hooking her own legs with Beth's. The crowd roared as they watched Angela perform a surprise inside cradle, catching the champion napping! The crowd chanted along with the referee as he made his count. "One......! Two......!" The crowd cheered wildly, but their hopes were dashed as the referee frantically jumped to his feet, waving off the timekeeper. Beth had kicked out, and at the last tenth of a second, no less.

    On opposite sides of the ring, the two ladies scrambled to their feet. In it's final stages, this match was going home, and the crowd knew it. With a bellow, Beth wildly charged at Angela, throwing a wild right-handed clothesline. Angela smartly hooked it with her left arm, ducking beneath it and grabbing an inverted facelock, bending Beth backwards. The crowd knew what was coming, and as Angela fell to her chest, they roared wildly. Beth was unceremoniously dropped with the Saki Bomb, Angela's reverse DDT finisher! Beth was out cold, though Angela couldn't quite capitalize. The fall to her chest had jarred her aching back, and so she slowly pulled herself to the champion with her right hand, her other holding the small of her back. Flopping herself onto Beth, Angela weakly hooked Beth's right leg, hoping it would be enough to get herself the win. His eyes open wide, the referee slid into place to count, focused on Beth's shoulders.

    "One......! Two......! Thr- NO! TWO!" Again the referee jumped frantically to his feet. Beth had kicked out, but again, only just. In this case, she'd limply done so, exhausted from exerting her power over Angela, and now from Angela's spurt of offense. Angela's eyes were shut tightly, her fists clenched as she shook her head. She was so close to winning the title, so close to making Beth's nightmare true. Slowly she rose to her feet, her chest heaving. Unlike Beth, who charged and got on the referee's case when Angela dug deep to kick out, Angela wasn't doing the same; instead she climbed the ropes at the corner, climbing to the top rope. She stood tall, waiting for Beth to get up and turn around. Slowly, the champion did exactly that, stumbling around momentarily as she shook out her head. Her eyes grew wide as she spotted Angela, perched on the top rope... and leaping off with a Japanese styled front missile dropkick! Taking in a deep breath, Beth twisted away and to the ropes, leaving Angela to crash heavily onto the canvas - right onto her injured back! The crowd deflated, knowing Angela's comeback, and possibly this match, was over.

    On the mat, Angela let out a deep, long groan of sheer agony, arching up slowly and lulling over onto her left side. Her right hand was attached firmly to her lower back, more pain stabbing at the damaged muscles and vertebrae. Beth continued to stumble around for several moments, palming the side of her head with her right hand. Her face was twisted in a mean snarl, her teeth gritted as she seethed, breathing through them.

    "You girls never learn..." Beth grumbled to herself, storming back to Angela's body. She flattened Angela out onto her stomach, wrapping her arms around Angela's waist. She pulled the beauty into a wheelbarrow position of sorts, before sitting down, Angela's crotch on her own. Removing her arms from Angela's waist, Beth reached forwards, bending Angela's legs forwards before hooking her arms beneath Angela's arms at the elbow. Locking her hands together, Beth had trapped Angela in a nearly inescapable hold - the Glam Stretch - and the pressure was only just building. Yelping in pain, Angela's face soon found itself twisted, as she struggled not to submit. Sadly, she was right in the middle of the ring... and her arms were tied up, as were her legs. Slowly she began to fade. The referee's eyes grew wide again. Was he going to have to call the match, on account that Angela couldn't continue and wouldn't respond?

    Fortunately, he didn't need to, as Beth began to ramp up the pressure on the submission, drawing a long cry of pain from Angela's lips.

    "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh- aaaahhhh... my back..." Angela cried. The pain within her damaged back was finally pushing the beautiful challenger to the brink of her breaking point. Beth smirked, letting out a roar as she pulled back even further. A muffled pop worked its way out of Angela's back, and she screamed, her breaking point finally surpassed.

    "I GIVE UP! I GIVE UP- PLEASE, LET ME GO!" Angela's scream of submission meant the match was finally over. The referee quickly called for the bell, before reaching at Beth's hands, trying to pry the champion off her defeated challenger. It took a moment, but Beth finally released and shoved Angela off of her. Slowly, she rose to her feet, smirking; she lifted her right hand into the air, standing over Angela's body. Beth's hair was all over the place, sweat glistening on her face. On the mat, Angela was crying in pain, kicking her feet against the ring mat. The back of her left hand was pressed against her damaged spine, as she tried to alleviate the pain.

    "Here is your winner, and STILL Ring of Beauty champion, Beth Phoenix!" The crowd booed fervently at the result. Angela Fong had put up a valiant fight, but Winter's pre-match attack had done her in. The referee retrieved the title belt and handed it to Phoenix, before kneeling down next to Angela's injured body. Beth stood tall over Angela again, before slowly rolling from the ring and stumbling back up the entrance way, staring at the ring. Her eyes were fixated on Angela's body, her smirk growing as she watched Angela painfully crawl to the ropes.

    "Well, ladies and gentlemen, you can say all you want about Beth beating Angela tonight, but there's no doubt that Beth got lucky, in having Winter attack Angela before the match." Michael Makabe's commentary filled the air at ringside for a moment.

    "I'm wondering if Beth might have paid Winter to make that attack!" Michael looked at Dave Prazak, who made the remark. He nodded in response.

    "What will be the fallout from this match tonight? Who will be next challenger to the Ring of Beauty World title? Hopefully those questions will be answered next week. Good night, everybody!"

    Off camera, the referee helped Angela roll to the outside. Beth had long since disappeared behind the curtain and into the backstage area. Angela could barely stand on her feet, and the referee threw himself under her left shoulder, helping her walk to the back. If only Winter hadn't made that attack... she'd might have walked away champion.
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