[PC] Wild Life - Open World Adult RPG (Development Thread)


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Sep 25, 2018
September 2018 Public Build: Copy of PatreonBuild09_2018_Public.zip

September 2018 Patreon Build: Patron (10$) Build September 2018 | Adeptus Steve on Patreon

Greetings and welcome,

Im Steve, my team and me are creating Wild Life - an open world adult RPG.

Just recently we have released a new set of demos with lots of new content:
19 Characters, a total of around 80 sex animations between them, a newly designed oasis level and more.
We will be producing regular updated versions of our builds with new features, gameplay improvements or new characters and animations.
We have a wide variety of different characters to interact with such as buff archetypical dudes, fat/ugly ones, a young lad- character, minotaur, wolfman, goatman, lion girl, and some others :)

Content includes Male/Female humans and also Male/Female anthro characters (furry-esque)
Pairings will be M/F F/F M/M for as many characters as possible.
Threesomes are also planned.
The game will have combat, survival elements, crafting, story-driven quests and npc interaction, fully voiced dialogues, awesome landscapes, a variety of characters and enemies and extensive adult content.

I invite you to play our demo builds and take a look for yourself, enjoy: Adeptus Steve is creating Wild Life - An Adult RPG | Patreon

If you have any questions you are welcome to post them here..
Some screenshots of the latest version:








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Apr 16, 2012
Hello, and welcome to Undertow. Thanks for posting about your game. :grin:
If/when you make an update post, please delete any previous updates (excluding your original post). That way, members can quickly get the most recent information about your game.
I've placed several of your images inside 'spoilers' to make the page load faster.

Very respectfully,
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Mar 17, 2017
this looks great. I'm sad about censoring for the public build but I understand. The anthros look great like the one female in the picture.
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