1. clawer250

    Blend S: Hideri Kanzaki dynamic hair and costume request

    Hi, I would like to request Hideri from Blend S, hopefully sombody would be willing to do it since its a trap (This is my first request so hopefully i didn't mess up anything)
  2. S

    Trap/CD BreastPlate Request

    This is my 1st time requesting something hope I don't break any rules. So pretty much a breastplate are "fake breasts". Prefered breast size: 120. Some reference images: So if I knew how to do it, and I have tried, I would make a horizontal black(shadow) line below the boobs, a vertical one...
  3. N

    Trap Sonic

    Would anyone be willing enough to make a trap version of Sonic the Hedgehog? I've searched high & low to no avail. I hope these are good enough references. The outfit itself, I can just use the stuff that's already there, [USELESS ATTACHMENTS REMOVED BY A STAFF MEMBER]
  4. C

    Felix Argyle Static Hair 2016-12-04

    Decided to try and make Felix Argyle's (from Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) hair since it seems no one has done it yet. Also this is my first (finished) hair so it's definitely not perfect, but I think it turned out alright. Willing to make improvements if requested and not too...
  5. R

    Ultimate Ryona Scene in Sailor Moon

    Hello All , I had just watched the Original Sailor Moon and saw a nearly perfect ryona Scenario from episode 170 to episode 172 where a Villainess called Nehellenia Trapped 8 Sailor Senshi one by one in couples inside her mirrors and she displayed her gallery of Helpless Superheroines Victims...
  6. R

    Electra woman and Dyna Girl - Episode 04 2016-01-08

    Title : Electra woman and Dyna Girl Episode : Episode 4 Ryona Element : Net trap , Gas Trap Victims : Electra woman , Dyna Girl Electra Woman Dyna Girl Both Superheroines together The superheroines couple gets trapped in Ali baba's net trap and slowly gets lowered in order to be boiled...
  7. M

    Clementine from the walking dead season 2

    Takes place after the ending where Clementine and Kenny leave wellington in season 2 episode 5. Kenny wants to relieve some stress, and Clementine wants to prove that she's not a little girl get the picture. She should be neutral in emotion and the background should be something...