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    [HTML] A Space Sovereign [First release, RPG]

    A Space Sovereign Before talking about the game and the proyect, well, I wanted to thanks to everyone who make this type of games, games that were my inspirations to start with this, my first project. A Space Sovereign is a classic turn RPG ambientated in a futuristic outer space. For now is...
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    Trap/CD BreastPlate Request

    This is my 1st time requesting something hope I don't break any rules. So pretty much a breastplate are "fake breasts". Prefered breast size: 120. Some reference images: So if I knew how to do it, and I have tried, I would make a horizontal black(shadow) line below the boobs, a vertical one...
  3. SS3 Transformation - Vegeta

    SS3 Transformation - Vegeta 1.0

    Interactive Super Saiyan transformation, based on Vegeta of Dragon Ball Z
  4. SS3 Transformation - Goku

    SS3 Transformation - Goku 1.0

    Interactive Super Saiyan transformation, based on Goku of Dragon Ball Z
  5. Stand Alone Bolts

    Stand Alone Bolts 1.0

    Animated electrical discharge around the guy, based on Super Saiyan transformations in Dragon Ball Z
  6. SS3 Hair - Vegeta

    SS3 Hair - Vegeta 1.0

    Spiky blonde hair based on Vegeta's Super Saiyan 3 transformation in Dragon Ball Z
  7. SS3 Hair - Goku

    SS3 Hair - Goku 1.0

    Spiky blonde hair based on Goku's Super Saiyan 3 transformation in Dragon Ball Z
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    Adventure High: RPG/Visual Novel with Mind Control and Transformation

    Hello everyone. I've been working on this game for a few years, and am constantly looking for feedback. Play now free: Adventure High by HypnoChanger Walkthrough: Adventure High: New Walkthrough Patreon: Changer is creating Hypnotic Content | Patreon Premise: You are a freshman at a college...
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    [Beta][Other] Archelementals of Eiss - 2D Sidescroller

    This is an adult psychedelic fighting game with spirits of the natural elements. Choose your character to represent an anthropomorphic version of the different elements. Earth, fire, air, water and more. There are 28 Archelemental spirits to choose from. Take on challenges to unlock goodies...


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