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Aug 3, 2019
A Space Sovereign
Before talking about the game and the proyect, well, I wanted to thanks to everyone who make this type of games, games that were my inspirations to start with this, my first project.
A Space Sovereign is a classic turn RPG ambientated in a futuristic outer space. For now is only a text-based game, but I do plan to include sprites for the battles and conversation screens.
For the game itself, after some unfortunated events you will find yourself in a certain planet, with a brand new ability you never thought you'd have, the ability to transform in the races you encounter. Meet, fight and fuck a vast quantity of alien races, while making your own way in this universe.

The main focus of the project is bringing fresh, new, hot alien races to fuck them creating a compelling story. One where the people waits for the next release to see what their actions brings to them, and also nice, descriptive sex scenes.
How do I plan to do that?, well, the game tracks every decision the player makes.
Did you helped someone for free?
Did you blackmailed that someone to have sex with you because it had no way to pay you for your job?
Everything you do counts (I know that's a pretty cliché phrase, but trust me!). Of course that means that certain NPCs will have differents behaviors depending of how you treat them. But that's not enough, isn't it?, the plan is for the game to have a large quantity of branches. Whatever you do will bring you to new NPCs, new locations, new quests, and of course, different endings for your adventure.

For this first release, the list of content I included is here (Of course I do plan to include every pairing/fetish I can think of)
About the pairings: F/F, M/F, M/M and some futanari also.
For the fetishes, included in some of the 18 scenes that are right now in-game: Vaginal, anal, footjob, oral, exhibitionism, submission, handjob, toys and some ovipositor things.
For the transformation: There is actually 3 races you can transform in, modifying your sex as well as certain characteristics of your character.

That said, if anyone encounters any problem playing or some horrible ortographic error (Which is probable, since english isn't my first language) just leave a comment here and I will resolve it as soon as possible.
If you are interested on the proyect feel free to visit my patreon which link I'll leave below, there is a more extensive post about the project, what and how I plan to do things, schedule for releases, and more detailed information.
Without nothing more to say, thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoy the game!

Patreon: Studio Silny is creating Adult videogames. | Patreon

Download link: A Space Sovereign


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