Hiya, i'm IrisLuna. but you can call me Luna.


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Aug 7, 2018
australia, victoria
I'm a bit lost in this particular site as it's format is a bit, well different.
I'm a returning player in Tera, and it's changed a LOT in the time I've been gone, especially in the mods that did/didn't work
I've never constructed a mod before but I am interested to learn the in's and outs of reskins and maybe meshing in the future.
for the meantime I need to work out where to actually get the existing mods I'm after as a base, aka Elin lewds
… what? I'm a closet pervert, look at my profile occupation
anyway, if anybody is willing to take some time out to message me on how the heck I can navigate the basics.
I'm a fast learner, but I need instruction, which I'm finding a severe lack of here
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