1. Baku|Haku

    Rp Recruiting: Marvel Universe Secret Wars

    My name us Uatu, me and my race are known as the watchers. For centuries me and my people have observed over your planet in silence. I've seen what you call heroes over come the greatest obstaclus over and over again, odd stacked agaist them, impossible tasks even for those with their incredible...
  2. R

    Electra woman and Dyna Girl - Episode 04 2016-01-08

    Title : Electra woman and Dyna Girl Episode : Episode 4 Ryona Element : Net trap , Gas Trap Victims : Electra woman , Dyna Girl Electra Woman Dyna Girl Both Superheroines together The superheroines couple gets trapped in Ali baba's net trap and slowly gets lowered in order to be boiled...
  3. R

    Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue - Web War 1.0

    Title : Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Episode : Web War Ryona Element : Spider Web , Cocoon Victims : Dana , Kelsey , Mrs.Fairweather , Several unknown Females The two female rangers , The Beautiful Mrs.Fairweather , another woman from the crew and other unknown women are heavily trapped...
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