Striped Arm Warmers

Striped Arm Warmers 1.3

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Arm Warmers 1.jpg
Arm Warmers 2.jpg
RGB adjustable striped arm warmers. Both sets of stripes can be adjusted with the two color sliders. Requires sby's 'allalphasliders' mod.

I've been really wanting to make this one for a long time so if you have any suggestions for how to make it better it would be much appreciated.
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Latest updates

  1. Fix

    Fixing an issue with the elbow where the forearm didn't cover up quite enough of the arm.
  2. Left and Right

    Added versions with only the right or left arm clothed.
  3. Lines adjustment

    Updating the lines of the mod to the way I've established them with other mods. Will now be...

Latest reviews

Love it! They look really good, and suit my aforementioned rave girls perfectly!
Very awesome, and I was wondering if there was any way to make this as a vanilla mod
That is sweet. I was hoping for something like this. Thanks a bunch. Now I need to grab the allaphasliders mod and be even more happy :-)
Glad you like it! I think it's my favorite mod so far that I've made.
I love me some rgb armwears.

sidenote, will need my mod 'allalphasliders' to be able to access the second rgb color picker for armwears