1. deltadidirac

    Slip Over Time Ch.1 V-01.0 [re-edit] - by DeltadiDirac [Renp'y VN]

    Slip Over Time Ch.1 V 0.1.0 [re-edition] [Renp'y] [VN] (ENG) Released: 2018 Version: V. 0.1.1 Last Update: 27/02/2019 Genre: 2D-CG, Adventure, Sci-Fic, Commedy, Masturbation, Oral, Voyeur, All sex, Anal, Family sex, Family life, Lesbian Censorship: None Game Developer: DeltadiDirac Game...
  2. The Hacker Known As Snow

    Photoshop to Flash scaling incorrectly

    I'm using CS6 on Win7 and I'm remaking an old mod and I'm running into the same problem again. I really hate the solution of scaling the image 106%x105% but am mostly wondering why this happens. This only happens for HER left calf and left thigh if I remember correctly and nothing else in my...
  3. 4dascience

    Saekano Girls (Megumi Ponytail WiP)

    Well folks, here goes nothing. Starting to give making my own custom hairs a try. I first wanted to work on a few girls I liked, but figured I may as well give the Saekano girls a shot if something good comes out of it. I first decided to try and get Megumi down, not only cause she's best girl...