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Noble Wedding Dresses 2 by CyborgArmGun

Urshi Dresses that work way better!

  1. CyborgArmGun
    Reworked, and fixed version of Noble Wedding Dress.

    Things Fixed:

    • First person View for ALL dresses, and fans.
    • Ground items Show correctly

    • Textures are optimized and compressed to 1024x1024 for performance rigs.

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Recent Reviews

  1. Empress Honey
    Empress Honey
    Version: 2
    What a delight to find that someone took the time to re-upload these lovely dresses after the mod author's unfortunate choice to hide them because of "stupid messages". *eye-roll* What a child.

    Thank you kind sir or madam! ♥
  2. shitlordz
    Version: 2
    Thanks for reuping (and fixing woo)~!
    I hate authors that have to be such drama queens e__e"
  3. Solora
    Version: 2
    Absolutely stunning! Nice to see that someone's keeping these beautiful dresses alive and up to date! Great job :D!
  4. nefer385
    Version: 2
    I looked high and low for this "lost" gem. Now, to not only find it, but that it has been worked upon and greatly improved, this has truly been a long time waiting!